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  1. Every year again, it's quite wonderfull how this keeps happening
  2. Since I have my own thread, we cant forget about you. Happy biryhday aswell @BOOM
  3. 1. Well we had quite the draft on Sunday night, how do you feel about the players the Bulls have selected? Hey I am one of them, how can I not be excited about the draft 2. How well do you think the Bulls will do this season? Do you think we will make the playoffs, finals, or even win it all? I hope we will win it all, my last players all won a cup in the minors too. Lets not change that now. 3. What are your goals for your player in S76? Going for any awards, amount of TPE, etc.? Team success and earn as much as possible. 4. As many
  4. G - Jean Pierre Camus F - Robin Winter @Rayzor_7
  5. F - Benny Graves D - Latrell Mitchell @Rayzor_7 back to you
  6. But please explain who that guy is for the Nighthawks, as I swear it's not Condor Adrienne wearing the C somehow
  7. @Mike skipped, been 14 hours, please pick at any time @Esso2264 back to you
  8. Love it ♡♡♡♡ Thanks alot to everyone in Malmo these eight seasons!
  9. Since its seperate picks, @Acydburn is skipped for his first but still otc for 11 more...
  10. @Mike skipped, make your pick whenever you can @Acydburn your otc for the next 12 hours, you can pick twice