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  1. Duncan Idaho: veteran presence Duncan Idaho is going into the last year of his rookie contract, but for the Moscow Menace he is already considered a veteran. He’s an important part of the team and whenever the Menace want to know about his thoughts, he acts like their Mentat and analyzes the suggested moves. This has lead to him becoming an assistant captain in S78, his sophomore year. GM Spartan announced the following: Needless to say, this felt Duncan with pride. He never wanted to take the spotlight away from his Duke, but if the Moscow management
  2. Transactiereferentie: 20708555110268361 5 uncapped Doubles week
  3. Breakdown of my fantasy team. I have just completed drafting my fantasy team, so it felt like a good subject to write my VHL.com article about. I had the 4th overall selection, so picking in the middle of the rounds each time. So being able to draft the highest scoring forward from last seasons fantasy in Christian Mingle seemed like a no brainer for me. For this season I had decided to go for my three forwards first. I actually had select Jeffrey Pines when it came back to me for the second round of picks, but wasn’t aware he switched to defense. So I switched this pick
  4. @enigmatic only one that has a F pick left. so continuing the draft, feel free to pick yours when you have time @OrbitingDeath (thats me) - D - Bob Tristan @RomanesEuntDomus feel free to select your goalie as enigmatic doesn't need one
  5. G - Sirkants Klamasteris @enigmatic
  6. @Juice feel free to make your picks @enigmatic skipped
  8. Repicking Pines as F - Luke Thornton