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  1. Finally where he belongs. While the humble Paul Atreides picked his mentor Duncan Idaho to be this year's rookie of the year, the swordsmaster of Atreides knew better. It wouldn't be him. He thinks Atreides was just humble enough to not pick himself, but the omniscient future Duke has shown on the ice that he will indeed be the front runner for the award. So while the start was rocky and other rookies scored faster then the House Atreides members, but we are now over halfway of the season and Paul Atreides is finally on top of the rookie leaderboard. Coming of a four po
  2. Still happy i put in my recommendation for you KC and I hope you will find your desired spot over there
  3. So you are basically saying Garcia was the reason Condor sucked his first four seasons
  4. It's a losing season for Moscow, but honestly it is what was planned. If you know you can not go all the way, why not take it easy for a year and call up some rookies to get settled in. And that is exactly what Moscow has been doing. And to be honest, the losing season doesn't even feel this bad. Besides having the least points, there are far worse teams out there in terms of goal differential. With a 93 goals scored and having received 105 goals against, the Menace are actually keeping it tight. For reference: six teams has scored less as the Menace and four teams have more goals
  5. A quiet start for House Atreides Paul Atreides and Duncan Idaho, two of the top selections in the past draft were both excited when they heard they could play together. And in Moscow, the expectations of the duo were high. Having played together in both San Diego and Houston, they were expected to have high chemistry from the start. So both players were expected to hover around the point per game mark by the fans (and perhaps, themselves as well). After 15 games have played, nothing is what they hoped it would be. Paul Atreides scored five goals and got three assists, while Du
  6. The amount of likes really drops as the thread moves on. This clearly isn't working anymore.
  7. Duncan Idaho and Paul Atreides are training very hard to be ready for their debut with the Moscow Menace. But this is not a training like you would see other hockey players do. Paul and Duncan are actually trying to heighten Atreides his reaction speed by practicing in helicopter control. While it is offseason, the both of them reside on the planet Caladan, owned by the House Atreides and at this time a year, the storms are heavy and unpredictable. While Idaho his main duty is to keep the young duke safe, he also needs to make sure he becomes the best version of himself. So these storms were t
  8. My banner is missing, but wouldnt have beaten these anyway, great submissions!