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  1. A signature of a player of their choosing, last year it brought in some money, so i'll put it up again
  2. G - Papa Emeritus @Doomsday remains on the clock
  3. 1. With the VHL Draft complete, Nico Pearce joins the team. He's expected to enter the line-up right away. How do you think this kid will do his first season? 200 points, anything less is a failure for Nico 2. Are there any VHL Drafted Prospects you think would have been a good fit in Moscow that didn't end up here? I honestly have not paid attention to who is out there, but would have liked to see Frostbeard with us. 3. Our other picks Preobrazhensky (15), Bernier (33), Charlie (42), Skambraks (47)and Moss (63); do you think we hit any hidden gems that will make the Menace roster at some point in their career? I think all of them could make the roster if they keep active and focus on the goal. 4. With captain Stein being shipped off to DC, we have an open vacancy for the job. Who will be the next Moscow Captain? It's me, it was announced already! 5. Why does Spartan always ship his captain off, will this happen to the next player? It's me, I'm doomed! 6. How is everyone feeling leading into the last week of November? We are entering a stressful time of year; how is everyone doing on a personal level? Tired mostly and in quarantaine as my oldest tested positive, fun times
  4. 3 out of the 4 Moscow captains have been traded I believe. I'm doomed (but still honored wearing the C for this team). Thanks!
  5. thanks for the vote gustav, honored to share this award with you
  6. @Doomsday12 hours passed, please pick when you can @qripllyou are otc
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