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  1. This is such a perfect summary of my time in Las Vegas. Crazy that I was the top earner though. Also no promises~
  2. If I'm annoying to Gorlab, then I must be doing something right lol
  3. Awesome work from my VSN crewmates! And an being a Top 10 selection is perfectly fine by me. Can't wait for the draft!
  4. Transaction ID: 20494151876335814 $5 Doubles week
  5. Oh I will cap I have 246 TPE and 8 TPE pending
  6. Well, I know a lot of people have been waiting on this. For the last couple weeks, I have been trying to figure out which path I should take for my player for S76: To go up to the VHL, or to stay down in the VHLM? Many people in the community have told me to go up, citing stats and HoF chances. Many others have told me to stay down to build up TPE and to achieve more in the VHLM. After having many conversations with people on both sides of the coin, I'm ready to announce my decision to the VHL community. VHLM... you are spared a season of dealing with a capped Hex Ros
  7. So uh, Philly with a lottery pick (maybe top pick), in the draft as the defending Champs.