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  1. 1. As someone who was just signed by the Rush, I am so far quite happy with my decision to accept the offer. 2. *All the Ottawa picks holy heck* 3. I'm definitely expecting us to be near the top of the league for Cup contenders this season. 4. So what I got, show that I am the best team player on the ice. 5. Ottawa, Yukon, Houston, and Minnesota are all very tempting options for this at the current moment... 6. As someone with the nickname "Crow", I oddly feel beckoned and yet frightened by this answer quite a bit
  2. Hello VHL... This little birdie is about to begin making a big splash. Travelling all the way from Munich in Germany, I seem to have landed in the VHL at quite the moment, especially for a Euro product. The addition of the VHLE and even Cologne as a part of the league brought so much joy to me. Although don't let my excitement for the "E" fool you, I'm here to have success at ALL levels of the VHL system. There is so much I want to accomplish, but at the same time, I don't care about player awards. If I win one, great, heck even fantastic. Although I'm here to win Cups, Gold, Rings, etc. Then that means that I know I helped my TEAM to great success. My first stop on this journey will be very far from home, but a place with great history. I definitely feel the Rush, Yukon. I'll show you what this crow can do on the ice for the team. 167 Words
  3. #FeelTheRush I wanted something fresh, but also somewhere where I can play my role and do my part on a Cup contending team At this stage, I don't honestly care about the minutes, I care about making sure each minute counts
  4. Player Information Username: Hex Universe Player Name: Magnus Corvo Recruited From: Returning Age: 23 Position: RW Height: 72 in. Weight: 225 lbs. Birthplace: Germany Player Page @VHLM GM
  5. Sorry that I have been radio silent But to say life has been hell and hectic the last month+ is an understatement. I think it's for the best that Hex Rose retires. But, this isn't goodbye, in fact, maybe the future is closer than one suspects
  6. Las Vegas Aces Press Conference Answer these questions for 2 Capped TPE To claim: Capped TPE -> Press Conferences and link your response to this weeks presser 8/2-8/8 1. The Aces are four points out of a playoff spot, what needs to improve the most so we can reach the postseason? 2. Is there reasoning behind your player number of choice? What is it if you have a reason? 3. How have you been enjoying your trek through the VHLM this season at a player level? 4. Las Vegas is having a mid-season team potluck, what do you bring for the meal? 5. What's your favorite memory from being in school? 6. Do you collect anything or want to collect anything? And what do you collect?
  7. Happy Birthday to this beautiful league!
  8. Pff I can barely hold an AGM job for more than a season... (What, never said we couldn't flame ourselves)
  9. Throwing my hat into the ring
  10. What a crazy, wild ride it has been for me so far... Coming from humble and even rough beginnings growing up and working past mental issues to reach the VHL system. It's kinda strange knowing that I am now getting out of the "new" player tag essentially and am now considered a veteran. Seeing the new stars of tomorrow coming in and beginning to make an impact. WHAT HAS HAPPENED... My time in both the VHLM and VHL has been nothing short of amazing, from both the experience of playing to the many wonderful members of the community I have met along the way. I came in quite honestly not knowing what the hell I was doing lol. I just knew I wanted to make my presence felt and known. I wanted to accomplish as much as possible. In that time I became a sought after First Gen prospect, to a Top 10 VHL draft pick, to now veteran of an incredible Seattle Bears team with a Cup ring already on my hand. I have gotten to play with some of the best this league has to offer and I've always taken the opportunity to play as much as possible. I've been truly blessed as a player and I can't wait for what the future has in store. WHAT I'VE LEARNED... From my experiences over the last four seasons since I entered the system, I've learned quite a number of things from some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected members in the league. As a player, we all want to be the biggest star in the league, but we also need to understand that it's likely not gonna happen. What I've learned is embrace the role that you are in, no matter how small it may be. Those little roles could mean a massive difference in your future and for the better. Take any shot you can to make your presence felt, because others will take notice no matter what. Give it your all, and never back down from something new and/or challenging. HELPING THE NEXT GENERATION... Now, at the time of writing this, there is only one player younger than me on the Seattle Bears, and that is Nixon Caldwell, a S77 draftee. We talk on occasion and I really started to realize that I am going from a rookie player to a veteran from these conversations with him. Helping him with things here or there has been really good for me and I've enjoyed seeing how he has applied my advice to him over this season. It was similar advice to what was given to me when I was a rookie. This is what made me realize that I am now a veteran in this amazing, crazy league. (461 Words)
  11. LAS VEGAS ACES PRESS CONFERENCE Answer these 6 questions for 2 Capped TPE. To claim link your response and go to "Claim Capped" -> "Press Conference". You can claim this PC for this week or next week. 1. It's now the off-season, what have each of y'all been doing as of late? 2. The Yukon Rush won the Founder's Cup! How did they celebrate their achievement? 3. The VHLE has it's teams! Which team are you most excited for? 4. Will you be trying out for any upcoming VHLE job openings? 5. The Las Vegas Aces just got a new corporate sponsor, which business is it? 6. What is your goal as a player for the upcoming S79 campaign?
  12. 9.7/10 This newest version of your Paris Revolution logo is definitely at the top of my list for logo choices now. Just wow! The color choices and where each color is placed is absolutely perfect. I do think the face could be touched up just a bit, but otherwise outstanding work once again Kaleeb!
  13. 7/10 I do like the helmet design and a nice callback to a previous logo, but am not a fan of monochrome logos in general. That, and also being a roundel, definitely loses some points in my books. Although that's more on the original logo that is being callbacked to instead of your work. The helmet design on it's own could actually be a solid, original logo if you add full color to it.
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