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  1. Alright, I think it's fair for me to put my two cents in this. 1. Have I been far less active in the Houston LR? Yes I have, but that's due to increasingly more pressing matters on the IRL side of things and I truly enjoyed being the Houston AGM. 2. Why haven't I spoken about this sooner? Privately to RJ I have in fact. I feel awful that I have egregiously slipped on my duties as AGM, which for the better of the team, is why I chose to step down as it wasn't fair for the players and management that my inactivity was causing issues. To be honest, my activity all around has been slipping
  2. Hello, this is Hex Rose. In the past couple weeks, I have really been having issues balancing both my time in the league and things IRL. This is my official statement that I shall hereby be stepping down as the AGM of the Houston Bulls effective immediately. I genuinely appreciate and thank @rjfryman for the wonderful opportunity learning from him and working with him. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and I hope that maybe in the future I will be able to give my services once more. Good Luck Houston and Thank You.
  3. Seattle Bears forward Hex Rose has begun taking on a larger role in his sophomore campaign. The young player, after only putting up 12 points last season, already has 10 goals and 10 assists halfway through this season. Although when asked to give an interview, while he did oblige, Rose seemed a little... discontent. "To be honest, I need to work harder than I currently am." said Rose. "It's time to get serious and make my 8th overall selection worth something!" What Rose is mentioning is, as of late, his TPE earnings have been dropping significantly over t
  4. 31. May check out the local Dek Hockey scene on Sunday. 34. Chocolate shaped liked wolves, so we can EAT OUR RIVALS HAHAHA 35. A Bear that brings colorful pucks to all 36. A good ol' Easter Ham 37. Came out of a giant egg 38. Surround the houses and then BLOT OUT THE SUN WITH EGGS!
  5. Hello there @Ron Gorgonzola and welcome to the VHL Community! I am Hex Rose, the AGM for the Houston Bulls, and I am here to offer you a 2nd Pair Defenseman spot on the Houston Bulls! We are currently making a push for the playoffs and having a Defenseman like yourself would be a massive part in making that happen! If you want to join, then reply with #HornsUp
  6. HOUSTON BULLS PRESS CONFERENCE 3/22/21-3/28/21 Answer 3 Questions to earn 1 TPE; Answer 6 Questions to earn 2 TPE 1. Not a bad start with a 9-2-1 record to start the season, how are you guys feeling about the team so far? 2. What are your goals for this season? Both on and off the ice 3. I know many of y'all are new to the team, so how are you guys getting along? 4. Is there anything that has surprised you this season? 5. Zamboni is busted at the arena and we need a quick fix to clean the ice, what is your solution? 6. We stop the bus to fill it up with gas during a
  7. 15. Moscow tbh, new GM, got two of the top 3 picks in the draft 16. Definitely, and I think all the jobs went to the right people 20. Hoping for .5 PPG 25. Magnet Schedules 26. Seattle band Alice in Chains singing Man in the Box 28. Getting internet on Friday so that's fun
  8. The Las Vegas Aces original form, an amazing execution and unique color scheme to both the VHLM and VHL. Awesome work!
  9. The app is the reason why I was able to stay so active during my first season in the league. It's a really good one stop shop for Forums, Portal, and Indexes. I think it should not only be continued to be supported, but expanded upon to other platforms.