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  1. That Great Draft Feeling! Most of you have had this experience. Your first season is usually over and now you are excited which team will draft you. At first comes one interview, then second, third and sometimes more. I think, I´ve answered to four interviews. You did your best in responses and then you can enjoy every moment, every second with which is draft nearer and nearer. And it is finally here! Probably you have seen the draft to some huge and famous league. If yes, you can imagine that entire atmosphere. Big hall with podium at the beginning and with many tables for GMs and chai
  2. 1. Cup celebrations. That atmospehre is something huge. 2. Eagles. I am not sure how if there are eagles, but I love this animal as a symbol of sport club, because it is very brave, royal and maesteso. Something which need every successful sport team. 3. Haha, that is funny question. I have never thought about it. Maybe Arizona, It isn't very popular team for fans, so maybe Coyotes. 4. My favorite question. Goalie: Barry Brust / NHL Active- Ben Bishop Dman: Cam Barker / NHL Active- Filip Hronek Forward: Crosby 5. When world championships was in Slovakia i
  3. Yesss Josho, you are our best player so faaar, I wish you all the best in the next career years.
  4. I have made my hockey card. I worked with mytradingcards.com I hope you will like it.
  5. 1. Terrible form in the begining of the season is much better than in the play off. We need to play as team and we will be better with each single game. 2. Not now, but next two or three trades will show us, if it is really so bad as it looks. 3. I am not very creative in things like this, so I haven't any idea. I think all is wokring great. 4. Rookie is only player, who has been drafted this year? If yes, the D Hulk Hogan Jr. looks great. His first season after draft and he is in active roster. 5. I think, the first important goal for us is p
  6. Yessss, new era, well said! Lets for wins!
  7. Barry

    My Gameday

    My gameday Most of players have som rituals before games. And most of them never tell to you, how it closer looks like. I don´t have any concretely ritual like specific music or something like that, but I have very strictly scheduled game day. If something does not go according plan, it would be see on my play. So this is how it looks like: Morning: I can not sleep well before match, because every single game is a huge response for me as a goalie who makes a 60, maybe 70 percent of team success. This is why I always get up at 7 AM. At first, I go to the toilet to d
  8. 1.No starts for me in play offs are showing me I need be much better. Now I am mainly a fan or cheerleader :-))) But Jacob is going well, so I am happy when team is winning. 2. GM´s work has fascinated me since my 10. I am playing some hockey managers and I really enjoy it. Now I need to know more the VHL to be great at it and sometimes at the future I can try it. 3. Ok, maybe it will be nice to try. Probably no this year, but I hope I will do a podcasts in the future. Now isn´t the right time to thinking about the name, but it must be something simple, easy to remember. 4. I
  9. 1. Great, They were solid preparation for stronger opponents in the next rounds. I am happy we have beaten them so soon. 2. That Defensive play. You know it. Each goalie loves games, when defense makes his job easier. In play off are theese games more common than in the regular season., 3.I haven´t looked to them yet, but I think it is our obligation to beat Marlins. 4. Be ready for us! We are going to steal you that cup! haha. Nice season, but it is time go to vacation for you 5. Haha. You´ve catched me! Duno when it was sent, but I wasn´t looking to messages, which wer
  10. 1.All of Christmas meals like carp, potatoes salat and cabbage soup. Christmas Tree at home and Holy mass at 24:00. 2. I am always happy from that potatoes salat, we have it only in few time per year. 3.Nice dream. It will be great to have white Christmas. One of our traditions is:,, When is snow on st. Catharine´s day, there will be no snow at Christmas and if it is no snow on that day, there will be snow on Christmas. We haven´t snow on st. Catharine´s day, so there is still chance for white Christmas :-))) 4. All of traditional movies in Slovakia (which you are probably not f
  11. 1. I think, we are great team and some changes will be not very positive aspect on team moral. We´ll win the league with this team. 2. Yeah, every trade, which makes us stronger is good. I am ok with Hjalmarsson. 3.I prepare myself very hard for every game, differences are only in videos with opponents gameplay 4. I am sceptical to this. I´ll wait at first it will be really helpfull. What is better, stop the Covid, but catch another ( maybe worse ) illnes or catch Covid and after few days will be back? I am not sure, but maybe the second option. So I am going to wait what th
  12. Barry Taffe- From Slovak league to VHLM Barry Taffe is a young goalie, who started his career in Slovakia. At first he did athletics, but after two years, he became a hockey player. Was Barry always in the net? ,, No, I started as a forward at first. I loved scoring goals and something like ,,stay at home was´´ difficult task for me. When trainer put me to the defense, I was going still behind the opponent´s net.´´ So, why is Barry a goaltender now? ,, There was some change in my life. I've no Idea what and when concretely it was, but I am sure that change once came. From really ta