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  1. Appreciate the well wishes, I just don't think this is for me and I don't want to string anyone along.
  2. Any more questions from anyone? Gotta get them TPEs.
  3. Nah it's going to Red Lite sorry ya'll.
  4. I don't know how I missed this before. Or maybe I just chose not to respond so I could review it later? I don't remember. I appreciate the mention! I also think your "way too early" predictions are turning out to be pretty accurate. Great formatting and poignant info for anyone speculating who to draft. Great job! 10/10 Also, glad you bumped this to claim tpe. Hopefully anyone else who missed it will catch it the second.. third? time around.
  5. Dude this was a blast to read. You can take Mexico I believe in you! Congrats to the team and best of luck in the playoffs. Great formatting to keep it entertaining and visually interesting, good pics. 10/10
  6. 1. How do you keep on earning after if you get the job? Frankly I don't know. To that effect I actually declined the opportunity, but mostly because I don't think I'm going to have the necessary free time starting off in 2021. Perhaps a bit later I'll be able to contribute a bit more; but for now I'm keeping my output necessities low enough to actually make sure I can meet them. 2. Thoughts on mississauga this season? I guess we made the playoffs? It's really quiet around here, and cold. Haha. But no, really, if nothing else at least I get a lot of ice time even if our
  7. 1. I just learned the concept of someone's "main", and it made me really curious: what's your main sim league? Well, VHL. The only other time I gave any sort of attention to anything like this before was a few years ago regarding football, but it was way too in depth and daunting and I don't think I've ever thought about that again until now. 2. Is your main league the same as your first league? If no, why'd you switch? See above, but sorta. VHL is the first headlong experience I've given any effort into. The concept of running multiple characters between various sites li
  8. Well, another week comes and goes and we just don't see fit to post a presser. I guess the wind is just out of our sails in Mississauga, I'm unsure, but I am currently leading the monthly TPE charts and I don't want a pesky thing like waiting around bar me from continuing that trend. I've gotten some notice from some few folks, a job offer, and been notified that I am actually on some (Well regarded!) teams' radars. Now, truly, I didn't expect a bit of that, and I definitely didn't expect... Well, any of this, when I downloaded some random sports management simulator game on my phone a month o
  9. The render on the player is real blurry, but the logo placement and distortion is good. The background is fine as a stock picture frame, I suppose, but the post effects, what are they? Skid marks? Ice? Snow? Artifacts? Dirt? I really can't tell, but it's visually interesting nonetheless. I like the ideas presented but the text work is just.. Baffling. What is going on here? Like I'm not trying to step on your artistic stylings but I just really have no firm grasp on what effect you were trying to achieve by splitting the text in teal and white. I understand you rightly assumed the text needs a
  10. Thanks for the heads up. What was the purpose of the change for inactivity? That's the heart of the paragraphs, anyway.
  11. Getting out from under the shackles of the norm is literally what being creative is about. I know nothing about this game, but the logo is recognizable in what I assume is a very limiting format. I'm positive you put some time into it as well as I assume this is something like pixel art? Super cool. Good way to branch out. 10/10
  12. You could have padded out those 100 or so words by including the Mississauga Hounds.
  13. The current VHLM maximum Career Length is 3 years. Most highly active players will grow out of the VHLM with their First Gens within the first two seasons, definitely by the end of the second with even a moderate pace for their TPE. Even with no additional TPE the very least a player should be claiming is 6 tpe a week, meaning any given player should max out of the vhlm within the timeframe of three vhlm seasons, or more specifically 41-42 weeks. Of course, that's 250 flat tpe absent the tpe allotted upon player generation, so it will generally take about three quarters of that time. In my cas