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  1. Review: I like the use of layering and special effects. It works well with the theme. The radiation waves look cool with the image. Awesome job! Score: 9/10 –TheOGShark
  2. Review: I love the format used for the image. The logos integrate really well with the rest of the image. The McDavid shading could use some fine touching. Awesome job though! Score: 9.5/10 –TheOGShark
  3. 1. We can make the playoffs. Just barely though. 2. It's too early to call any team cup champs. 3. I think so. That would be cool if that happens. 4. I think you would disappear because you eat more than you would use for energy to grow. 5. I think so. I don't really want to think about it though. 6. Horse the size of a cat. It is much more pleasing to the eye. Horses are better anyway.
  4. Review: Super cool graphic! The graphic looks really good with the theme and the blend of the image as a whole. The font works well with the theme. I don't see anything that needs improvement. Score: 10/10 –TheOGShark
  5. 1. I'm not sure. If we want a high draft pick, we should tank but if we want to go for it, we should go for a playoff spot. 2. Eh, it is probably just the curse of the sim engine. 3. I don't see any Reigner get a hot second half of the season. Maybe next season though. 4. Tiktok is so annoying. The dances are so cheesy. 5. The GM and AGM of our team and Elias Pettersson because it would be interesting how it would turn out. 6. I am not sure. Maybe some sort of fragrance from one of the stores or something like that.
  6. Review: Good graphic! The text should be solid colour text while the background should be the gradient. Work on the editing of the jersies and the logo cover up. It will take practice. Keep up the good work. Score: 5/10 –TheOGShark
  7. Review: Awesome graphic! I love the mix of the Jets and your VHL team. The logo actually was integrated quite nicely into the jersey. The font looks good with the rest of the image and fits with the theme. Score: 9/10 –TheOGShark
  8. Review: Decent graphic. The font could be more bolder. The goalie can be traced better. The cartoonish goalie sticks look good in the graphic though. Nice job! Score: 6/10 –TheOGShark
  9. 1. I am doing pretty well in my position in the 4th line and have a plus one. 2. I am not sure actually. I'm thinking Warsaw. 3. I think that it would be Zod. Kneeling before him. 4. I am not sure. I can't decide. 5. I do both. 6. It is a paradox that cannot be solved. I'd say it would be the egg because it doesn't specify what kind of egg it is.
  10. 1. The best part is that you can participate in other VHL events such as Victory ProAm and World Juniors. The worst part is that it takes so long to do it. 2. I spend time playing NHL 21 with the boys or offline. 3. I don't know honestly. I am new in the VHL so I am not sure yet. 4. ok is the most useless word. 5. I would prank you guys by sending you guys spam messages on the chats. 6. No. It is fine. People do it all the time. Just try not to do it again though.
  11. Joseph Sharkton Joseph Sharkton is a player that you could count on the rush, passing pucks to his teammates, dangling past the defenders to the net, and/or sniping pucks pass the goaltender. He played in the first and second lines when he was signed in waivers by the rebuilding Minnesota Storm in Season 75. He shocked the world by putting up 74 points in 70 games promising the VHL scouts a late round steal in the draft. He eventually was drafted 38th Overall in the VHL draft to the Riga Reign without a draft interview with the team and was drafted 32nd Overall in the VHLM draft to
  12. Review: I like the gradient used for the flames in the images. I don't have much to say to do anything different. The flames fit with the theme that the team has. Awesome graphic! Score: 10/10 -TheOGShark
  13. Review: This graphic is one of the most clean and appealing graphics I've ever seen. The choice of the players and the framing of the images are perfectly structured. The font is perfect for the type of graphic you are going for. Awesome job! Score: 10/10 -TheOGShark