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  1. 1- everyone deserved a prize, we played incredibly well this season, everyone did their best to upgrade their players and it was a good season 2-The award for the most funny guy 3-Right now I don’t know where he is going to play, im going to be in the draft but I’m really excited 4-Write articles, try to do graphics 5-sushi from far away 6-Montréal
  2. 1- Yukon played well this year but our team has some good young players evolving and playing so well, I think we can get them in 6 games 2- Dawson is having a great momentum right know and with the playoff hype I think he'll continue leading 3- I think seeing Houston getting out early would be a big upset 4-Good luck, it gave him rest and he'll be on fire for the playoffs 5-I have 2 younger brothers 6-I don't have one, I'm not a big music fan
  3. I’d like having team Canada
  4. 1-I think we have everything needed to get in the playoffs and go far in the playoffs, with big chara coming in, it makes our D core better. 2-Just managing to get in the playoffs with Houston, Minnesota and all the others would be really great for me. 3-I think the great would win it, he’s on a really good pace for it. 4-I think it’s a great addition to the team, having new members in can help the team by so much. 5-It would be Michael Phelps, In my free time I do a lot of swimming lessons, and I think i could use his help. 6-Having pucks in the face…
  5. As the Miami marauders welcomed a brand new guy into the team, Vasilyi Grigorev. They went on vacations in Russia , vasilyi’s country. Why Russia? They went over there to discover the food and reinforce the team’s chemistry, they tried pelmeni, Russia’s national dish. They went in Russia also to keep practicing their skills, older players took time to help the rookies in the drills to make them better. They went skying on the elbruz Mountain to do something different, vasilyi tried to teach the guys some Russian but it wasn’t so successful as they we’re m
  6. Player Information Username: Noxalpha Player Name: Vasiliy Grigorev Recruited From: Returning Age: 23 Position: D Height: 77 in. Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Russia Player Page @VHLM GM
  7. 1-It’s a great season start, after being the s75 champions I believe that we still are cup contenders this season 2-They are so pumped up, they believe in their selves and they are working hard every day. 3-He’s motivated a lot and he loves the sport, always with a big smile and playing at 110%. 4-Shootout drill is my favorite one, I get used to breakaways and my reaction time becomes way better with this drill. 5-I would choose the boys, it’s an hockey movie where it’s hard for them to win their games but they never let go and they manage to win their game, I think this mo
  8. As Loic Trepanier finished his first vhlm season with Halifax, playing 7 games recording 3 wins 4 losses with a save % of 0.874 and a GAA of 3.29 while being the backup. The team took the decision not to resign him for another season and he was in the draft class being one of the best goalie available. He ended up being picked by the season 75 champions, the Philadelphia reapers where he will do his first season as a starter goalie. It's going to be a big challenge for him and the team this season because of the super strong draft class this year. Loic said that Philly still has a big
  9. 1-I spent time with my family and relaxed, I tried to stay healthy for the upcoming season playing for my new team 2-I’m keeping the same routine, relaxing before the game, doing some reflexes stuff to get prepared for the games nothing much more 3-Playing for a team that won last season makes me feel comfortable because I know they have a lot of experience and they know how to play 4-Being a new player in this team, I’m trying to know my new teammates better 5-The montreal canadiens are my favourite team, why? Because I’m from montreal and I’m a big fan of Carey price.
  10. 3- staying at home and relaxing with my family, bought my brothers new hockey jerseys 4-He likes fireworks, he thinks it’s beautiful 5-Try to be a little bit more active, writing more articles about him and the league to progress a little bit more 6-I got a jersey of the 2008 winter classic, jersey of maxim Talbot 7-Dont really know, it’s been a tough year, in my family and for everyone else, I just hope everything goes fine 8-I would like to thank everyone for the awesome year you guys gave me, i was really lucky to be a part of this insane team, we had a hard year,
  11. Currently at 111 Loic Trepanier
  12. Thanks to @Domino Drawsfor the nice graphic, I love it!
  13. 1- Try to stay positive and be there to make big saves for the team 2- I think that if we all put enough energy to progress we could be a top 5 team at the end of the year. 3-I do a little meditation between each period in case I have to jump on the ice or to be concentrated in big games. 4-The energy in the locker room is incredible and the guys are all nice to each other. 5-When I'm in a game I just concentrate on the play and I stop listening to the crowd. 6-Lets go Halifax!