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  1. 1- I think it ranks us pretty high in the league, we were able to beat Halifax and some other big teams before the new additions so I think it’s going to be way better now 2- I think we’ll be a big threat in the playoffs, we’re pretty solid which means to mean that we’ll be able to beat big teams 3-I think Jared has been the mvp so far, playing really well, good defensive player but also a really good offensive guy 4-I don’t think a lot is going to happen, our team is pretty stacked rn and I don’t think we need more 5-I don’t really no yet, pretty occupied 6-I would c
  2. 1- I like the idea, having this could show who the true leaders are on this team, we have a solid team but we could see who’s working hard to be the best 2-I think we have a lot of chances to get past them in the first round, they have a good team but we are strong enough to surprise them 3-I think we are doing insanely well, we need to work on our scoring chances, we have a lot of shots each game but we are not able to score so I think we should improve on that 4-I just saw someone promoting the vhl hockey league and I love the league, the staff and the teams are amazing
  3. 1-Since I arrived in the team we played insanely well, we had a slow start but we tried different strategies and started winning games and scoring goals 2-I would, seeing what we were able to do against Halifax and other big teams in the league I think we could go far in the playoffs even going to the final would be something realistic 3-I think it’s a good rivalry, they have a good team and that’s going to put some spicy in the season and we’re going to play better to show who’s the best 4-I think the Minnesota storm could be a good rivalry only being one
  4. Noxalpha

    PHI/MIA; S78

    Thanks man, I had a lot of fun!
  5. 1-I am occupied a lot these days so I didn’t follow the draft but I’m pretty sure we selected good players going to help the team a lot like we always did 2-I want him to work on his defensive play and I also want him to push on the attack, I also want him to be there for the new guys and help them develop themselves as fast as they can 3-I think we can do well if we work as a team and if we stay strong 4-I would love to be part of the next championship run but I’ll probably go up in the vhl since then, but if I can help the team to win that’s what I’ll do
  6. Thanks guys it’s an honour for be to be part of this team, I hope we’ll repeat the success our team had the previous year!
  7. 1- The way we played, we all played together and won the cup! 2-Insane, it could not be better 3- Alexander the Great or Sportsboy, they both played really well and helped the team get to the finals and win 4-I am, I don’t know about the fans but I am, changing things can’t be bad, we never what will happen next 5-Hockey 6-Spending time with her
  8. 1- I think we can take the tittle home, we have to work hard and play our best game to win 2-I would play the 21st, I know this team, I played for them and they can challenge us on the finals. 3-I think he is, he is playing his best hockey and that’s why he’s leading but sportsboy has also been really great putting up a lot of points 4-We need to work as a team and it takes a lot of tries to get the good chemistry to win, we had a slow start but we kept working hard and it paid 5-The flash 6-Tim hortons
  9. 1- I think we’re going to do well, we had a nice outcome against them this season but we need to play the best game we ever did because anything can happen 2-With what I saw this season I think we would be able to push for the cup, last year Houston were the favorites and Mexico ended up winning so we never know 3-Of course, they all had an amazing season together played the best game and they are going to be better than the regular season 4- offensively we will have to contain marlini’s IQ for making up plays, he was a machine this year and defensively we will have to watch the
  10. 1) I want the team to win the most games as possible before the end of the season 2)I would say Saskatoon, they have a decent team 3)I would say Jan hlozek, he’s a monster on both ends of the ice 4)Warsaw would be the one 5)Swimming 6)Andrei vasilevskiy, i just hate him
  11. 1) the boys are working really hard, we played a little bit with the lines at the beginning of the season and now it looks like it’s working well 2)Jere suominen as surprised me at the beginning of the season, he was on a pace for a pretty decent season but then he slowed down 3)I think we could, we have a decent team that is able to win everything and we can step up or play and win 4)Staying positive all season long we never know what can happen 5)No not this much 6)Spiders
  12. 1)It’s really frustrating, we have a solid team that should be winning in a more consistant way 2) with the team we have se should make the playoffs and I think we have the team to be able to make the playoffs 3) Upgrade my defensive play way more, we are allowing some goals that shouldn’t happen 4) Jere suominen, he’s my bro 5)I do it’s one of my favourite things 6)I would say sommer ray..
  13. 1- I think we will manage to get the win, we have a pretty decent team after the draft. 2-I think Bonaparte is going to be the leader on our team this year 3-Really important, starting the season with a win gives us a good momentum for the rest of the season 4-I don’t know, I would like to try every team 5-Lemon pie 6-I do, and I like pretty much everything
  14. 1- The picked some great guys, active and upgrading their guys each week, it’s gonna be a good year for us 2-Maybe go get a new defenseman as we lost chara in the draft 3-I would say Mexico city 4-Yes I am, I’m trying to find more efficient ways to claim tpe each week 5-Elite 6-Scuba diving 100%