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  1. 1- I think it ranks us pretty high in the league, we were able to beat Halifax and some other big teams before the new additions so I think it’s going to be way better now 2- I think we’ll be a big threat in the playoffs, we’re pretty solid which means to mean that we’ll be able to beat big teams 3-I think Jared has been the mvp so far, playing really well, good defensive player but also a really good offensive guy 4-I don’t think a lot is going to happen, our team is pretty stacked rn and I don’t think we need more 5-I don’t really no yet, pretty occupied 6-I would compare him to a Cale makar, he’s a good defenseman with good offensive abilities able to score and move the puck really well 7-Im pretty sure Owen power is going to be a Buffalo sabres next year 8-No not happening 9- I would go to Italy, the pasta country
  2. 1- I like the idea, having this could show who the true leaders are on this team, we have a solid team but we could see who’s working hard to be the best 2-I think we have a lot of chances to get past them in the first round, they have a good team but we are strong enough to surprise them 3-I think we are doing insanely well, we need to work on our scoring chances, we have a lot of shots each game but we are not able to score so I think we should improve on that 4-I just saw someone promoting the vhl hockey league and I love the league, the staff and the teams are amazing 5-Being a defenseman I would love doing the hardest slap shot contest or try to score on the save streak 6-I would love seeing a team in Paris it’s a city I love and it’s amazing, I think they would have a really great potential 7-They are doing really great, I’m a big habs fan, they were down 1-3 after 4 games and now it’s a 3-3 series heading in game 7 tonight, they are playing in the leaf’s head rn which can help them win the decisive game tonight 8-I prefer going to the restaurant, it’s fun having a nice diner with your friends having a good time 9-Working, being a life guard it’s really nice being outside the whole summer, making new friends it’s a lot of fun
  3. 1-Since I arrived in the team we played insanely well, we had a slow start but we tried different strategies and started winning games and scoring goals 2-I would, seeing what we were able to do against Halifax and other big teams in the league I think we could go far in the playoffs even going to the final would be something realistic 3-I think it’s a good rivalry, they have a good team and that’s going to put some spicy in the season and we’re going to play better to show who’s the best 4-I think the Minnesota storm could be a good rivalry only being one point behind them we can get some important points and beat them 5-I am, compared to last year my player stepped up his game and started scoring more goals and getting a lot of assists per game but I also have a solid team playing alongside 6-Right now it is f1 2020 7-Right now it is hills from the weekend, the best in this song is amazing
  4. Noxalpha

    PHI/MIA; S78

    Thanks man, I had a lot of fun!
  5. 1-I am occupied a lot these days so I didn’t follow the draft but I’m pretty sure we selected good players going to help the team a lot like we always did 2-I want him to work on his defensive play and I also want him to push on the attack, I also want him to be there for the new guys and help them develop themselves as fast as they can 3-I think we can do well if we work as a team and if we stay strong 4-I would love to be part of the next championship run but I’ll probably go up in the vhl since then, but if I can help the team to win that’s what I’ll do 5-Montreal Canadians 6-I don’t have one
  6. Thanks guys it’s an honour for be to be part of this team, I hope we’ll repeat the success our team had the previous year!
  7. 1- The way we played, we all played together and won the cup! 2-Insane, it could not be better 3- Alexander the Great or Sportsboy, they both played really well and helped the team get to the finals and win 4-I am, I don’t know about the fans but I am, changing things can’t be bad, we never what will happen next 5-Hockey 6-Spending time with her
  8. 1- I think we can take the tittle home, we have to work hard and play our best game to win 2-I would play the 21st, I know this team, I played for them and they can challenge us on the finals. 3-I think he is, he is playing his best hockey and that’s why he’s leading but sportsboy has also been really great putting up a lot of points 4-We need to work as a team and it takes a lot of tries to get the good chemistry to win, we had a slow start but we kept working hard and it paid 5-The flash 6-Tim hortons
  9. 1- I think we’re going to do well, we had a nice outcome against them this season but we need to play the best game we ever did because anything can happen 2-With what I saw this season I think we would be able to push for the cup, last year Houston were the favorites and Mexico ended up winning so we never know 3-Of course, they all had an amazing season together played the best game and they are going to be better than the regular season 4- offensively we will have to contain marlini’s IQ for making up plays, he was a machine this year and defensively we will have to watch the Loch Ness monster, he’s the best defenseman in the league for me with an insane offensive thinking 5-I love olives 6-No clearly not
  10. 1) I want the team to win the most games as possible before the end of the season 2)I would say Saskatoon, they have a decent team 3)I would say Jan hlozek, he’s a monster on both ends of the ice 4)Warsaw would be the one 5)Swimming 6)Andrei vasilevskiy, i just hate him
  11. 1) the boys are working really hard, we played a little bit with the lines at the beginning of the season and now it looks like it’s working well 2)Jere suominen as surprised me at the beginning of the season, he was on a pace for a pretty decent season but then he slowed down 3)I think we could, we have a decent team that is able to win everything and we can step up or play and win 4)Staying positive all season long we never know what can happen 5)No not this much 6)Spiders
  12. 1)It’s really frustrating, we have a solid team that should be winning in a more consistant way 2) with the team we have se should make the playoffs and I think we have the team to be able to make the playoffs 3) Upgrade my defensive play way more, we are allowing some goals that shouldn’t happen 4) Jere suominen, he’s my bro 5)I do it’s one of my favourite things 6)I would say sommer ray..
  13. 1- I think we will manage to get the win, we have a pretty decent team after the draft. 2-I think Bonaparte is going to be the leader on our team this year 3-Really important, starting the season with a win gives us a good momentum for the rest of the season 4-I don’t know, I would like to try every team 5-Lemon pie 6-I do, and I like pretty much everything
  14. 1- The picked some great guys, active and upgrading their guys each week, it’s gonna be a good year for us 2-Maybe go get a new defenseman as we lost chara in the draft 3-I would say Mexico city 4-Yes I am, I’m trying to find more efficient ways to claim tpe each week 5-Elite 6-Scuba diving 100%
  15. 1- Mexico had a great season, at first I thought Houston would end winning the championship but Mexico surprised everyone 2-Get as much tpe as possible 3-Really confident, the new people knows how to manage a team and they’ll do an amazing job 4-Of course, they have good young players evolving, they’re going to have the momentum from last season and do great 5-Wake up at 8am, 1h jogging, breakfast and hockey for the rest of the day 6-A small shark
  16. 1- everyone deserved a prize, we played incredibly well this season, everyone did their best to upgrade their players and it was a good season 2-The award for the most funny guy 3-Right now I don’t know where he is going to play, im going to be in the draft but I’m really excited 4-Write articles, try to do graphics 5-sushi from far away 6-Montréal
  17. 1- Yukon played well this year but our team has some good young players evolving and playing so well, I think we can get them in 6 games 2- Dawson is having a great momentum right know and with the playoff hype I think he'll continue leading 3- I think seeing Houston getting out early would be a big upset 4-Good luck, it gave him rest and he'll be on fire for the playoffs 5-I have 2 younger brothers 6-I don't have one, I'm not a big music fan
  18. I’d like having team Canada
  19. 1-I think we have everything needed to get in the playoffs and go far in the playoffs, with big chara coming in, it makes our D core better. 2-Just managing to get in the playoffs with Houston, Minnesota and all the others would be really great for me. 3-I think the great would win it, he’s on a really good pace for it. 4-I think it’s a great addition to the team, having new members in can help the team by so much. 5-It would be Michael Phelps, In my free time I do a lot of swimming lessons, and I think i could use his help. 6-Having pucks in the face…
  20. As the Miami marauders welcomed a brand new guy into the team, Vasilyi Grigorev. They went on vacations in Russia , vasilyi’s country. Why Russia? They went over there to discover the food and reinforce the team’s chemistry, they tried pelmeni, Russia’s national dish. They went in Russia also to keep practicing their skills, older players took time to help the rookies in the drills to make them better. They went skying on the elbruz Mountain to do something different, vasilyi tried to teach the guys some Russian but it wasn’t so successful as they we’re messing every word he was trying to teach them. Ricer had some success with a couple of words like кошка which means cat by the way Ricer, do you love cats? Or it’s just like that? They came back really hyped to continue their season and stay in the playoff run, they are having such a good momentum right now and they don’t want to break it.
  21. Player Information Username: Noxalpha Player Name: Vasiliy Grigorev Recruited From: Returning Age: 23 Position: D Height: 77 in. Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Russia Player Page @VHLM GM
  22. 1-It’s a great season start, after being the s75 champions I believe that we still are cup contenders this season 2-They are so pumped up, they believe in their selves and they are working hard every day. 3-He’s motivated a lot and he loves the sport, always with a big smile and playing at 110%. 4-Shootout drill is my favorite one, I get used to breakaways and my reaction time becomes way better with this drill. 5-I would choose the boys, it’s an hockey movie where it’s hard for them to win their games but they never let go and they manage to win their game, I think this movie represents us pretty well. 6-Big speakers to hype the team before the games, and after big wins to stay in a good mood.
  23. As Loic Trepanier finished his first vhlm season with Halifax, playing 7 games recording 3 wins 4 losses with a save % of 0.874 and a GAA of 3.29 while being the backup. The team took the decision not to resign him for another season and he was in the draft class being one of the best goalie available. He ended up being picked by the season 75 champions, the Philadelphia reapers where he will do his first season as a starter goalie. It's going to be a big challenge for him and the team this season because of the super strong draft class this year. Loic said that Philly still has a big team capable of getting wins and get a playoff spot again. He believes that this team will help him evolve faster and become a great goltender for the future. The organization of this team has been very nice to me, helping me and answering to all my questions. While being picked by Philly in the vhlm, he got drafted by the season 74 vhl champions, the Vancouver wolves being a young prospect for the team. He will have time to evolve before getting into the big league.
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