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  1. Not bad, this has a great look to it, nice sideways logoswap pretty hard to do, the background is nice and vibrant but it just goes to black so fast a darkerish gradient there would be a bit better. The text is nice, mabye on the red text you could add a black or white glow, but overall good work. 7.5/10
  2. Bro, this is clean. The logo swap is spot on even with that little wrinke effect, the colors are clean, text perfectly blends in on the side. I love this and wish I had the skill to do this, Overall best gfx ive seen in awhile so your in desserving of the 69/420 (10/10)
  3. 1. Not bad, losses can get to me sometimes but other than that its great. 2. A light at the end the tunnel for sure after we lost a few games to the,. 3. MIAMI! They are still using one from along while, since green gaming was in the minors. 4. Decent, Penguins 4 Life. 5. Yeah its pretty crazy and will be a nice break from chaotic life. 6. What... no... Who even thought it is a soup, contact me i just want to talk (;
  4. red is starting in his first game tn...

    1. Red
    2. Lilpfigher


      @Redmy new player red gaming green gaming retired

  5. VHL Roundup Week 1 Welcome welcome, yes, Its your favorite person Lilp here bringing you a new edition of VHL Roundup, We will restart from edition #1 as it has been a long while, Anyways onto the news. Tonight, we start the season with some simulations going down, rookies making there debut and vetrans going into there final season are all on the ice tonight for the season debut. Also, with a multi-team Alumni Green Gaming retiring, his brother just got drafted into the VHLM in the eighth round and pick eighty one, So not to impressive concidaring when green gaming went 27 overall in the VHLM draft. The big differnce is, Red is a goalie also taking lessons from the old VHLM prospect Horizon Dawn, never made it but he had the big skills. Also going around, we have gotten a new leauge the VHLE, with some old teams returning but also new franchices coming. This has also made so many new GM's and AGM's join the leauge, giving people more experiance. And before we wrap up this roundup, shoutout to the Vancouver Wolves on winning the cup finals, giving Green a ring on his final season to end it on a high note. That will conclude this edition of the VHL Roundup, my newsfeed may be a bit rusty as it has been awhile but bear with me for a few articles and we will be back in buisness in no time. Anyways, This has been YOUR VHL Roundup. Word count 253
  6. This Weeks Presser ---------------------- 1. Alot of new faces arround, How are you feeling about the bulls this year? 2. With the season right around the corner what are some goals for your player? 3. If you havnt been drafted into the VHLE/L yet, what team are you hoping to get drafted by? GET TO KNOW YOU! 4. What is your go-to POST game meal 5. Does your player have any pre game routine? 6. Bauer, CCM, Warrior or Other for favorite hockey brand.
  7. Decent graphic, also it is your first one AND made in paint so already I can cut you some slack, The one face is sort of just thrown there and left blurry not really alot of context on the expression.It just felt like a PNG image from google with some text and a copypaste stick. For that I give you a 5/10
  8. Overall, the player is amazing and its a clean logo swap, game of thrones refrence is also cool,For me, the top text could be a bit better as it appears a bit blurry, and if the text colors were a bit lighter it would be perfect, 7/10.
  9. Congrats guys, wish i was still there with yall, mabye RG will be with u there one day
  10. FIRST GFX in a few months sooo
  11. Player Information Username: Lilpfigher Player Name: Red Gaming Recruited From: Returning Age: 16 Position: G Height: 72 in. Weight: 179 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM
  12. Retiring GG, Starting Red Gaming

  13. the return of green gaming

  14. Back into VHL, Discord sorted out!

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      Seems like everyone is having discord issues these days

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