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  1. I would love to be apart of this! Canada would be preferred but any other nation is fine with me!
  2. Very nice work with that Puck and stick emoji gives it a nice funny feel but the Main text could be in a way better area and increase the text box size, Aswell as the stats could be put into a corner to look better. 5/10
  3. Great work! I love the backdrop the glow really helps the player to stand out. The text could be a better font for this and the render on the player could be better. Great work overall! 6/10
  4. Hope you like this! Include feedback please!
  5. VHLM Roundup Week #5 By Lilpfigher Entering playoff season here time to get our picks, odds and predictions out I'm still saying Miami is going to win the cup, odds are in my favor. Anyways the best odds we have are for the bulls I would put them at around +2200, Soda at +850 and Miami at +123. With Soda taking a nice series sweep against the lynx it sets them up to see who they will go up against in the Quarter finals. As well we have some sad news out of Helsinki from the titans, The AGM will be stepping down after the playoffs o7 to them. This draft class is looking pretty weak bu
  6. im good with any team hope to beef up my resume
  7. Odds are slim but im gonna throw my name into the hat Pro, Not a NHL21 GM Con, ?
  8. i am looking for you

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  9. 1. Hes my VHL gm got to watch what I say. Just kidding, Great guy he will be able to do alot on the back end for yall 2. Possibly RNG and that sweet thing called TPE will come into play for sure here 3. #Generalchatgang 4. No you better watch out for us here at soda you have been warned very warned 5. what the heck is this question 5. Sweet AND salty for president!
  10. Taking thads advice to share it here
  11. Very nice work love the NHL gaming vibe from the player! Next time lighten the text to a solid white and have the stauts in one area and shrink down the overall area. Other than that I got nothing to say great work fellow storm! 8.6/10
  12. Good work overall a solid 7.5/10 but a few things. Use white text stands out and makes it more bold Try to limit the blank space on the graphic. Keep it up!