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  1. 1. Well as it's after the trade deadline we can't do much else...but our team is looking pretty slick on a huge winning streak nowadays so it's great to see. 2. Honestly not huge into wanting to break records, I just wanna be a good blue liner for which ever team wants me. 3. My best season is currently the one going on right now is we're talking about points, but I'd say my best season personally is my first season in D.C. as I finally felt like I was apart of a team with a direction. 4. D.C. BABYYYYY, gotta go for the mix of vets and prime rather than Vancouver if we're talking about now, definitely the Vancouver squad for the future. 5. Definitely Christmas, nothing beats waking up on Christmas day with snow on the ground, Christmas songs blasting with the firelog on the T.V., and opening up stockings and watching shitty Christmas movies. 6. DETROIT BABY ITS OUR YEAR THIS YEAR WITHOUT A DOUBT. *copium*
  2. Welp, there goes my management career, cheers @bigAL
  3. 1. Hopefully Aloe Dear, as it would be really great to see two eventually retiring players connecting for an infamous goal. Or maybe with Kristof Welch 2. Either New York or London, as it seems we have quite the goal-fest when we face them 3. The heart of a grizzly bear to keep him youthful and to give him strength for one more season 4. Probably music generally, but sometimes I'll get in the podcast mood and just crush a ton of episodes in a row. 5. I'm a big fan of My Brother My Brother and Me, literally has me cracking up on the bus to work in pre-covid days where I'd just get stared at while trying to stifle my laughter. Easily 10/10 my favourite podcast and what I'd recommend. 6. English...and only English I'm a bad Canadian and I don't know French, and I tried learning Hungarian but hahahahahahahahahaha god it's awful to try to learn.
  4. Every hockey player's final milestone is not the easiest one to do, as hanging up the skates is both dreadful to do as it's end of a journey that you've worked your entire life up to that point is over as soon as the sentence "I've announced my retirement..." comes out of your mouth in front of the media. However, it can also be quite peaceful as with your body not keeping up with your mind and abilities as it once did can be a very rough experience, and using your money you've earned up to that point to do something more relaxing after hockey can be the start to another journey. When asked about the future of his career, and what he'd do after the VHL, D.C. Dragons defenseman Kristof Welch stated, "Well, I still have quite a few years left in me as I'm still in my prime, but when the time comes to tie the laces one last time, I'll probably go back to Hungary and do what my family does best. Make the best damn pálinka." A Hungarian traditional alcoholic drink, pálinka can be both a pleasant and/or horrifying experience depending on where you are in your night. Taking a shot before having your lunch? Absolutely fine. Taking a shot after quite a few beers? Well, let's just say you might be waking up in what can only be described as an adult diaper in a rundown insane asylum turned hospital. However with the right amount of preparations and tolerance, pálinka can bring enemies together to eventually become friends, make families closer, and make the night all the more better. Now for generations in the Welch family, the father and his son would make pálinka and store it for years until it's been perfected. From any type of fruit, from apple to pear, the best pálinka would be made by the Welch family. However, with Kristof becoming a VHL-bound hockey player and going to another continent, the tradition had to stagnate until his return. "It's time to go back to my roots and continue on the tradition dating back hundreds of years for my family. I'll still give it my all in the best years I have left, but in a weird way I'm kind of looking forward to my after hockey life and do what my forefathers have done for generations." Now while this route is...not the most common for post-retired players, as you'd usually see people stay close to hockey in one aspect or another, whether it's coaching or being an analyst of some sort. But for the journey to end where it began back in Hungary and to take the reins of something that was just put on hold until the future is both commendable to stay true to their roots, as well as having a dash of nostalgia being close to family and doing what you grew up doing alongside hockey. "Either way, whether it's now and in the future, I just want to do what I love to do. Hockey is the now, but I know where my future is going and I can't help but smile."
  5. 1. It'll be really hard to right the ship now as the contenders have made themselves known with Vancouver (how tf), Chicago, and Calgary with New York also close behind. I think we'd need to add one more solid piece offensively or maybe a goalie upgrade is the only things we can do to keep it up at this point. 2. Apparently tank extremely hard and then draft several times in the top 3 lmao 3. Probably Dion Phaneuf as I'm secretly a pylon, just give me awhile to show it. 4. It was good, celebrated thanksgiving for the first time in 4 years so it was lovely to get that feeling again of celebrating it. 5. I'd chuck myself in the sun in heartbeat if i could explore space. 6. You oskars
  6. Looking at the teams in the NA Conference, and as unbiased as possible for those sweet, sweet prediction points, I pinned DC being the top dog of the conference despite being quite top heavy with a relatively low TPE goaltender. And although DC isn't at the top (seriously what the hell Vancouver), I'm beyond ecstatic with how the season is fairing. The addition of Aloe Dear has severely escalated the attempt for a firm playoff push, with Dear pushing for a new career record in goals with 20 goals in 24 games with a previous high of 44 in 72. This added goal-scoring has been extremely needed as in the past it's really just been Groovy Dood vs. the World. This as well as a career year by Jiggly Gumballs being over PPG 24 games into the season with 32 points which is already halfway to their previous career point totals as well as already nearing their goal scoring record means that the tandem between Jiggly + Welch is going to be even more fierce this year. Overall, D.C. is in a really good place right now and I firmly believe in this last great season for these players like Groovy Dood, Aloe Dear, and Jiggly Gumballs, that we could have the run in the post-season that the Dragons have wanted for quite some time.
  7. 1. The extra experience always helps, but with them regressing it really is a make it or break it season for DC. We have a really good chance for a deep run, but one misstep and it could be devastating for the future of the Franchise. 2. We're a top heavy group, so I fully believe our top guys are going to completely and utterly perform out of their minds until season end. 3. I'd have to go with Groovy Dood, Aloe Dear, and it'll be a toss-up between Kristof Welch or Jiggly Gumballs for 3rd place as we're both having really good seasons as defensemen. 4. A friend talked about getting Lasik surgery, and that you had to be awake for the entire procedure including when they basically temporary blinded him. Big nope from me. 5. Somewhere in between, as being in a busy city is pretty anxiety inducing but at the same time being born and raised in a country side town can be utterly boring, but I'd lean towards city. 6. People that take public transit, and when it's really busy and they put their bags or belongings on the seat beside them. Every fiber of my being wants me to slap their groceries all over the metro floor.
  8. G - Markus Emerson Jr @Siddhus
  9. Ya goof, ill keep jiggs over Reinhart then
  10. 1. I mean, staying loss-less is very, very, very hard to continue on that path, but I think the NA conference is a lot weaker than it was last year so we have a good chance to hopefully stay in the top 3 this year. 2. Adding @Renomitsu Not too often you get an absolute stud out of nowhere in Free Agency. Easily makes us more of a contender by adding Aloe Dear. 3. @bigAL will probably take a trip to Europe and get ridiculously hammered@JigglyGumballs will probably pursue his longtime goal of being a full-time weeb. 4. Choirs. I ain't about that "oh they sound so angelic", it sounds wayyyy too creepy for me to hear choirs sing. 5. Eat. I could probably hammer back an entire pizza, plate of sushi, and some chicken wings in a single sitting if I really wanted to, but I rather not turn into the blueberry kid from Willy Wonka. 6. Probably Sushi due to the variety of different types. Gimme that eel one day and then the next some california rolls and then the next some tuna. Mmmmmmm.
  11. D - Reylynn Reinhart @Siddhus
  12. Choosing my player before I could choose me, don't know if I should be angry or happy I went early ;( F - Pistil Stamen @Siddhus You're now OTC
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