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  1. 1. The mindset won't change going into the second round of the playoffs 2. Honestly, I don't really know who to choose 3. He most certainly can 4. I would say Seattle can win it 5. It is way better than the old one for sure 6. Cereal is not a soup because it just isn't the same thing at all
  2. 1. It feels awesome to see our hard work pay off in the end 2. Everyone improved but I would say Tobias Reinhart improved the most overall 3. No but we need to keep the same mindset that we have 4. Probably Montreal, Quebec 5. I would say Calgary's logo is my favourite 6. Pulp Fiction is my favourite so far
  3. 1. I didn't expect us to this right off the start 2. Yes but I would like to be scoring a bit more 3. Our goalie because he is killing it 4. More offense to the team 5. Training and spending time with family 6. A steak or pizza
  4. 1. I feel that the team next season will do way better next season 2. Workout and train for a couple hours then watch hockey games on TV 3. 98 because number 99 and 97 were/are taken by two great NHL players and I want to be the next superstar 4. I picked my position because some of the best players play at center 5. I think that Druss Deathwalker will have the best VHL career 6. No and I think that Houston will beat Mexico in 6 games
  5. 1. We could have been better defensively as a whole 2. I should be back next season 3. Probably Minnesota 4. Home if possible 5. The drafts will help us be better for next season 6. Either Disneyland or Rome
  6. 1. I believe that we can because we are constantly getting better 2. I think that we need to improve our defense 3. I am happy with performance because I'm almost a point per game and the one thing that I want to improve is my defense 4. No I don't have any 5. Martin St-Louis 6. My favourite moment so far is being drafted
  7. 1. Well I think they will bring in a new dimension to the team 2. I just keep to the Hounds 3. I feel like we weren't working right but it is starting to click in same direction 4. For me the Hounds MVP so far would be our goalie Luke Spinelli (Lspinelli) 5. I will try to score more goals for the team 6. The career I would have gone into if I couldn't be hockey player would be a baseball player
  8. 1. I feel excited to play for Mississauga and help with the rebuild 2. Yeah, so that I can shake off the rust from the off-season 3. Not really but I feel that the team will be okay 4. I would say that my strength is scoring 5. What I need to improve would be defense 6. Disney World or the Caribbean's
  9. 1) My favourite Christmas movie is the first Home Alone movie 2) I would say that the go to Christmas dinner is probably a fondue or turkey 3) To be honest it could have been a bit better but I think that in Season 76, my player would have grown and be a bit better than this season 4) I would say that my player under achieved in my eyes because my goal was for my player to produce a least 10 points but I'm still happy that my player produced some points 5) I don't really have a big fear of something 6) I would probably go back to 2015 when everything was perfect for m
  10. 1) I feel like management know what they are doing so I trust that they will make the right choices for the team 2) I would say that Cow is like Mr. Mime because he expresses himself a lot by using emojis rather saying it 3) My favorite member of the MCU is Spider-Man because people don't know his real identity 4) The sports that I follow the is hockey and American football. My favorite teams are the Montreal Canadiens and the Kansas City Chiefs. I would say that the Rush are like the Edmonton Oilers because both are very talented but aren't producing results as they expected
  11. 1) I would say that our biggest factor is that we don't score a lot of goals and to turn it around is to score more goals. 2) I would choose the Founder's Cup because I would rather see the team have success. 3) Philly is more lethal than the other teams because they have more depth. 4) I found out about the VHL from a youtuber and what I like about it is how nice the community is. 5) I play NHL Legacy Edition when I'm not on VHL. 6) I say Cow doesn't what good pizza is. Pineapple does not even have the right to be on a pizza because it ruins the fla
  12. 1) We started off in the right direction and we will probably make the playoffs 2) I think it's too early to tell but that doesn't mean that they won't repeat what happened to Halifax 21st in the playoffs last season 3) Kloxified because he help us win some important games early on 4) I would focus more on defense, passing and scoring so that I can help the team both offensively and defensively. 5) Probably Round 2 or 3 and it doesn't really matter what team I go to 6) I usually spend time with my family
  13. Player Information Username: Spartakiller2 Player Name: Guy Lambert Recruited From: YouTube Age: 18 Position: C Height: 68 in. Weight: 150 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM