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  1. All those votes in the end for omg... Maybe the town thought it was holding an election, and was voting for omg to be it's mayor?
  2. Could Gus be trolling us? I seriously am so confused by this.
  3. Mafia had consig for 3 nights, so there is a remote possibility flex could be arso. But more likely they are just making it up.
  4. Vet has powerful attack, so not many alive things would survive that
  5. I blocked Berocka, who id assume is the PM. Seems like Hatter didn't get the hint that he was supposed to go on alert last night. @MMFLEXcan you post your will? @Domg5anyone in your trap? @jhatty8 can you post your will as well? You never even specified which TP. WHO IS OUR AMNE???? IT IS REALLY BUGGING ME THAT YOU ARENT TELLING US.
  6. Wait maybe I do want you to investigate hatter, lol. I'm confusing myself
  7. No id say investigate Sixers @16z
  8. But everyone is claiming town except you. Not like they are really hiding.
  9. I am confused. Everyone has claimed, and nobody claimed to be amnesiac turned investigator
  10. Please give us all your nightly results
  11. Also @Berockahasnt given results I believe.
  12. @Advantagecan seance if you are lying, so I think we can move on. Would be great if @MattyIceand @Sixersfan594could show up