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  1. 1.) Im hopeful 2.) relaxing then working out then ice training 3.) 4 (it was my grandfathers number) 4.) to help the team 5.) Spinelli 6.) no, mexico
  2. ATST

    Two New GMs

    lets go @Advantage and @InstantRockstar G fucking G bois
  3. I can't remember of I applied for Malmo. But yeah. Here hoping lots of great choices ❤
  4. GG @HylandsCouldnet have happened to a better person. Much love you will do amazing
  5. 1) I'm on the site and Discord all day anyway, I am a stay at home dad. Always have Discord on my phone active incase I am not at laptop for whatever reason. point is im always around, lurking and a ping away. 2) who doesn't 2fa? im 2fa and respond to all pings. 3) 29, thirty in may. does that make me old? 4) I hold no jobs, I promise. i can be available in MST no problem and put in 8+ hours that's a guarantee. I have Mod experience on Inivisonfree and JCink so I have forum and ACP Knowledge. I have actually done both for a job recruitment drive years ago. so we grav
  6. 1.) team cohestion. we had some lines that worked, some that didnt. thats hockey 2.) I have no idea, unless im traded I should be 3.) Yukon 4.) Going Home if I can 5.) im not. im not in it 6.) Disneyland
  7. Regardless of the OP there needs to be a change. we all agree on that I think. but when people are giving legitimate ideas all we get back is "we dont trust" or "old people = busy/cant" and none of those are helpful to trying to ease this situation. it comes off as deflecting. I get it wont happen right away but a simple "hey we are taking the ideas to heart" instead of pushing them off might go a long way. that's all I'm coming from.
  8. that was mostly talking about Jericho's argeuments. i read what you said and I get it. Team View is ass.
  9. neither does the Old man cant cause reason argument. just saying