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  1. The Ottawa Lynx came into this season with not much to cheer about after the year they had last year in the VHLM but this year things are looking vastly different. The team is 13-12-1 and is 4th in their division and with the team trending upwards it would not be a surprise if they make the playoffs. All 3 of their topline forwards are in the top 10 in scoring with Theodore Hoffman leading the way with 57 points while The Leaning Tower Of Pisa has 45 and Joshooo with 44. This team is very gifted offensively so it is not hard to believe that they can and will make the playoffs. The team has als
  2. 1. What's your favorite hockey moment (in the VHL OR NHL)? 2. If you could create a VHL team or VHLM team, what would their name be? 3. What VHL/NHL franchise would you delete if you could? 4. Favorite real life players? 5. How did you first get into hockey? 6. Your teammates want to take you to your favorite restaurant for your birthday! Where do they take you? 1. Josho the great making his VHLM debut! 2. The Sault Ste Marie Eagles 3. Florida Panthers 4. Nathan Mackinnon, Cale Makar
  3. 1. What aspect of Hockey (Defense, Stick Handling, etc.) do you think is the most underappreciated? 2. The NHL has the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy for the player who exhibited outstanding sportsmanship. What should the name of that trophy be in the VHL? 3. Who do you think deserves to win the award this year? 4. Who do you think is your team's MVP this season? 5. What is your favorite holiday? 6. If the VHL has an expansion, what city would you like to see get a team? 1. Discipline for sure. 2. I think it should be named the MSP award ( Most Spor
  4. Review: I think this graphic is just awesome! Its super clean, looks great and just overall grabs my attention. The king in the background is for sure the best part. It really blends in perfectly with with the picture and I love the colors that you chose to use for the letters. Overall this is one the best graphics I have seen on here so far. If I were to change anything about it I would just want it to be bigger that way even more attention would be drawn to it but overall amazing!! 9.5/10
  5. About Josho Josho was drafted 6th round by the Ottawa Lynx and it still only 15 games into his first season in the VHLM but has made a big impact for his team so far scoring 23 points in 15 games. He is well on pace to score over a point per game. Josho is looking to lead the Lynx to the playoffs and hopefully make a deep run. He is ranked to go in the top 20 of the upcoming VHL draft and could easily make the jump directly to the VHL but is more likely that he plays another full season in the VHLM after this season. The rest of the season will really prove to everyone if he is ready to m
  6. Review: Wow for your first graphic this is great!! I really like the logo on the shoulders it really pops out! the logo on the front could be a bit smaller but still looks good especially for it being your first attempt at a graphic. The font you chose for your name could be better I do not think it goes very well with the graphic but still for you first time really love it. I would maybe next time try changing the background to something better or even try making it look more like a hockey card, it would really make your graphic pop more I think. Love the socks and even you puttin
  7. 1. I am very excited and grateful to be part of such a great organization! 2. I would love to play for any team in the VHL, all the teams are great but if I had to choose I would love to play for Vancouver, Love the city!! 3. I am looking to build my player with speed and the great scoring abilities. 4. Winning is everything to me so cups for sure. 5. Whatever team I am playing for is my favorite team!! So the Ottawa Lynx's of course!
  8. Josho The Great, forward for the Ottawa Lynx is off to a great start to his rookie year. Selected in the 6th round of the VHLM draft Josho has exceeded expectations thus far this season. For a team that most people didn't give much of a chance to do anything this season the Ottawa Lynx's have been a pleasant surprise. Josho is not leading the team in scoring but in 13 games played he has scored 20 points which is fantastic for a rookie so early in his career. When asked what has been the key to his success he gave all the credit to his team mates. " I would not be where I am so far
  9. 5$ donation reward: 5 TPE Transaction ID: 20502919622837316
  10. It was not the result that the Ottawa Lynx were looking for in their first 2 games. An opening 8-2 loss to the Reapers and then followed that up with 7-4 loss to the Halifax 21st. But it was many firsts for many young players on the Ottawa team. Including 6th round draft pick Josho. Earlier in the season we asked Josho what his expectations were for the upcoming season and he said " I hope I can do every part for my team to be successful and win games". That definitely wasn't the case in game number 1 against the Reapers. The entire Ottawa team looked lost against one of the top teams in the l
  11. Transaction ID: 20502919622837316
  12. Review: I really like this design that you have made. Its simple and straight to the point! It looks like you have not done many graphics just like me but I think it is a really good start! I really like the logo that you have put it but I think it would be better up in the right hand corner but that is just me. I like the font you chose for your name especially it really pops and it draws my attention right to it and I like that! The black background is also nice and simple that is always good because simple is good. By far my favorite part about the graphic is the flames behind
  13. Review: Wow!! These jerseys and logo are just fantastic. I really like the red and grey together I really find it blends very nicely together. The logo to is very nicely done. I really like the sword running through the entire logo and love the red cape and helmet that you added to the logo. It really draws my attention. The logo on the jersey to is pretty near perfect, just everything works so nicely together and overall very clean! Me as a player would be stoked to wear such awesome jerseys. I would love to see what you could do for an alternate jersey I think that would be pret