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  1. that guy on the bottom right looks pretty gosh dang good if you ask me
  2. to quote DaBaby, "let's go!"
  3. Praise be There is literally nothing that I can criticize here. Like... nothing. The colors, the swap, the background... everything is on point. 10/10
  4. I really love the style! The jersey swap is nicely done, very clean- and the logo looks quite natural as well. I like the text as well, but I feel like this graphic needs a bit more jazzing up. Maybe add some stocks along with the background to make the render stand out a little more. 8/10, keep it up
  5. 1. No, we are the best team ever of all time and we will win everything that there is to win for all eternity 2. The power of the beans that Bryn bestowed upon me 3. Billiam the Boat 4. Halifax 21st's Kyle Glass bb 5. Not sure. Only two have scouted me so far, so either Malmo or Seattle. 6. I don't really pay attention to the food, I just inhale it like the human vacuum I am
  6. As the title states, for @Vkobe-v In retrospect I coulda done a lot more with the graphic, but I like this style so I'll prolly make more in the future
  7. Well... we're here! After a whole freaking season, we're here. The grandest stage. Where the best teams in the VHLM go to duke it out for the Cup. The playoffs! It truly is a great time. I'm extremely excited to get my first playoff opportunity in my first ever season. It's been a whirlwind of a year with the Boat Gang, but I couldn't think of a better team to go into the postseason with. From getting drafted extremely late, to earning the Alternate Captain honor before even playing a game, to now... it feels like such a long time. We've all grown as a team, and as peo
  8. 1. I mean yeah we're in Canada so the obvious choice is French... but lmao nah probably something like Spanish that I could use whenever I go back home 2. None because beans are weird and sometimes wacky 3. I feel like with a can-do attitude we can make it all the way. We just can't lose confidence in ourselves along the way- no matter how tough times are. 4. Lmao joke's on them, I actually bought a personal boat just in case my team provided boat was broken or stolen. I'd pursue the thief with great poise as we traversed the open sea. And then I'd probably
  9. I can't believe it. Nine more games until the end of the season. Nine more games until the playoffs are actually a thing. I'm ecstatic! My season has really turned out great and I'm proud to serve as the Alternate Captain of the Halifax 21st. My season may not have been a top notch, Rookie of the Year performance, But hey, it was something! Halifax has treated me well. I really have enjoyed my stay here, and I'm looking forward to coming back next year. But I'm also SUPER FUCKING HYPED FOR THE DRAFT! While I know I'll likely fall out of the first round, ah, fuck it. I
  10. Brock Hampton: Music Producer Extraordinare? Pictured Above: Michael Jordan jamming to Brock's sweet tunes, circa 2069 By Musicman McHockeypuck, Music and Sports Journalist Brock Hampton is a name that many in the VHLM know. Brock is a rookie center for the one and only #BOATGANG (also known as the Halifax 21st). Now, Brock has stated on numerous occasions that he is proud of his rebound from mediocrity. After a rough start to the season, he notably consulted team captain Hadrian for some advice (see here). After a long conversation, Brock had an epiphany. He
  11. 1. My answer is simple. FEAR THE BOAT GANG. DO NOT GET IN OUR WAY OR YOU WILL FACE THE WRATH or something. I don't know, I'm very non-confrontational. But yeah. Fear the #BoatGang. 2. Probably something relating to Music Production. I fell in love with it after a brutal injury in high school forced me to miss a lot of playing time. 3. While I am flattered by the beans, I am allergic. So no beans for me, sorry Bryn! 4. I had a rough start to the year but I am happy with my results as the season has progressed. I think I've done well, based on what I've earned