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  1. Review: Such a unique idea! I like that you chose to do it easier for newer players. It gives new players a chance to search for answers and learn new things about the league they may not have found out on their own. I wonder if you could also make this into a word doc or PDF and that would improve the quality/ease for printing it out. Either way, such a good idea 10/10!
  2. Review: Your graphic is really good. I really like the colors you picked and the font. My favorite part is the outline around the words and the player, added great 3D depth to a 2D picture. My only negative comment is that it seems very blurry, if there is some way to improve the quality of the picture that’d be great. Overall 9/10, great work.
  3. Review: Ooooh this graphic is very dramatic and I really love the colors. Your lightning filled green background really matches the players jersey very well. Your photoshop is pretty good. I do think you could pick a more dramatic font for the players name though. The font doesn't really make the name pop like it could be. Good work, 8/10!
  4. Review: I think your graphic was very creative for the vacation theme week. The image is clear, the photoshop is done well, and it made me chuckle. I feel like you could make a few of these images with dialogue, making a kind of comic strip of what happened before and after this photo. My only critique is to maybe add an outline to the speech bubble, so it stands out more. Great work, 9/10!
  5. My heart dropped for a second there... I appreciate you reading this and your kind words!
  6. Thank you EldredMan! I’m looking forward to playing D&D for reals tho
  7. The Loch Ness Monster and the Dreaded Camping Trip with the San Diego Marlins The Loch Ness Monster has always been somewhat of a loner. With her family dead for 180 million years and her deep disgust for human beings, it had been a long time since she traveled or went on vacation with anyone. Towards the end of Nessie’s first season playing in the VHL for the San Diego Marlins, the General Manger @thadthrasher and Assistant to the General Manager @Spence King told the team that there would be a trip, that there would be bonding, and Nessie would have to go. Nessie hated this idea
  8. Review: This is so great and makes me want to try making a magazine cover! I love the colors you chose, the fonts, all the details, and just all the layers/details you put into it. The only thing that is kind of off is the title. I understand you were probably trying to put the emphasis on "VHL", but I think it could look better if "hockey" was the same size. Great work! I would give it a 9/10.
  9. Review: This graphic for theme week was very creative! Most people have been choosing the beach, so I like that you thought outside the box and did Disney for your player's vacation. I think your player photoshopped in was done very well, and you matched the coloration perfectly. The only thing I saw that could have made it even better would be to maybe use a better picture of the player. Minnie and Mickey look super clear but the player looks more pixilated/grainy just not as clear and crisp image quality. Great work, 8/10.