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  1. Saskatoon Wild defenseman Jan Hlozek has been snapped on vacation in Croatia as he awaits to find out where he'll fall in the draft order of both the VHL and VHLM drafts. The Topolna-born blueliner was spotted in the historic city of Split along with four friends, believed to be ex-teammates from his time as a junior player in the Czech Republic. One reporter who noticed Hlozek, approached him and asked what his thoughts were on the upcoming drafts. "I can't wait to find out where I'll go. It's exciting, as we don't have these sorts of things in the European
  2. Questions for week ending March 7 1. How has your offseason gone so far? 2. How are you preparing for the upcoming VHL/VHLM drafts, have teams been talking with you? 3. Do you have any preference where you could be drafted? 4. What are you hoping to achieve next season? 5. What is your favourite exercise that gets you ready for the new season? 6. Where would your ideal location be for an off-season holiday?
  3. I feel left out. Edit, I wanted to write "sn.ubbed" without the period but the automatic edit was certainly a surprise.
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    I appreciate your kind words and I will make sure my profile picture game lives up to your high standards for the rest of my career.
  5. Great job on this, was a blast playing with you and your brother this season.
  6. VHL.com Saskatoon's Hlozek Heads Home for the Offseason Having not made the VHLM playoffs in S76, the Saskatoon Wild ended their campaign with an end-of-season presser to sign off a positive but frustrating campaign. The Wild finished fifth in the Western Conference, although closed out the season with three straight wins to keep spirits high going into the break. As players tidied up their stalls and said their goodbyes, for what may be the final time, both players and staff stressed that the strides made by certain players was the most encouraging pa
  7. Name: Jan Hlozek Nationality: Czech Height: 5'11'' Weight: 185lbs Age: 24 VHLM Drafted: None Current VCHS S77 Draft Ranking: 21st TPE: 176 S76 Team - Saskatoon Wild S76 Stats - 72GP 13G 46A 59P -5 96PIMS 116SoG 146H 93SB Czech defenseman Jan Hlozek is one of several under-the-radar players who started the VHLM season off slow before developing into their own. As the blueliner heads into both the VHLM and VHL drafts this off-season, here's a rundown of what you can expect everytime Hlozek hits the ice. Scoring in bunch
  8. There will be no postseason hockey in Saskatoon this time round, as the Wild missed the VHLM Playoffs SASKATOON, (February 22) – The Saskatoon Wild closed out the S76 regular season with three straight wins over recent days, but it still wasn’t enough to help the team reach the playoffs, but despite the team missing out on the postseason, players and management alike are looking to take the positives from the ongoing rebuild. The Wild closed out the season with a 29-39-4 record, good enough for fifth place in the Western Conference. However, things could have been much
  9. Transaction 20539206022702309 S76. Doubles Week 5 Uncapped TPE 1M Player Store
  10. 1. I'm in both drafts, so its going to be an interesting one. I've still got loads of unfinished business in Saskatoon and loved my time here. And from the VHL teams, I mean I'd love to play at home in Prague. 2. My play steadily got better through the year so I'm looking forward to taking that forward. 3. Nah, don't really care who wins in the VHLM. They're just holding the cup this year before they give it over to the Wild. 4. It will be difficult to bet against Moscow, to be honest. 5. This is my first time around, so I'm still learning about
  11. Jan Hlozek, a rookie defenseman for the Saskatoon Wild, made headlines in Canada after scoring a 49-second hattrick in Thursday's game against the San Diego Marlins. The Czech blueliner, who has 49 points in 67 games during his first VHLM campaign, lit the lamp at 02:12, 02:22, and 03:01 in the first period of a 7-2 win for the Wild. Saskatoon's top scorer, Braxton Hunter, assisted on all three goals. Hlozek would go on to score a fourth goal in the 15th minute of the opening frame. The Wild still sit in fifth place of the Western Conference, a position they have held f