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  1. 1. The team as a whole has put a lot of effort into achieving TPE and we’ve bonded together perfectly. 2. My player loves to listen to some late 2000’s rap (Kanye and some Jay Z) 3. McDavid. He has incredible passing skills, can score the puck, and can skate extremely well. 4. It’s a tie between the rest of the league for worst logo and we have the best logo by far. No questions about it. 5. I feel like I’ve bonded with all of my forwards, as I’ve been able to playmake exceptionally well lately. 6. When I was real young, I dressed up as a pea pod one time.
  2. 1. I am satisfied with the selections and I think that they will lead us to becoming a better team overall. 2. I’ve played pretty well this season and I've taken a large step in becoming a better player. 3. I try to stay on top of my game every week and I’m happy to see 2 of my teammates being recognized for their hard work. 4. It’s better than I expected, specifically because I didn’t know the competition that we would be facing. Now that I look at the scores and standings, each team is loaded with talent and it’s a tight race for the playoffs. 5. I would take the team out to Wendy’s to take that big W. 6. It’s been great so far. Nothing to complain about.
  3. 1. I think that this will be a tight race, but things are looking up for this team. 2. My player is strongest in his playmaking abilities and scoring. 3. My player needs to work on his defensive play and his leadership. 4. Red, cuz red is evil. 5. The weakest guy because why not start off easy. 6. To get hit by a truck.
  4. 1. It’s awesome to play for a gm that I’m familiar with and I know what is expected. 2. I’m looking forward to making a late push in the playoffs and possibly taking it all. 3. I think my player will adjust perfectly because of my familiarity with the gm. 4. My expectations are to win the championship and be top 10 in points. 5. no questions 6. Right here because I can continue my success under a gm that I know and that has been successful in his recent years.
  5. Thanks for all the support, help, and encouragement man! This was a great team and a great year.
  6. The 18 year old, Timothy Brown's speed and offensive attack can cause teams to fear him. His nasty dekes and spin moves leave defenders swirling around like a ballerina. His 2 way play leaves opponents with no defensive awareness and absolutely no offensive attack when Brown is on the ice. Timothy possesses speed that allows him to blow by defenders and attack the net. With his scoring ability, it is easy for him to put one in the net once he gets by the opposition. Not only is he an offensive threat, but he is an exceptional defender. His poke checks scare away his opponents and no one can get by him. He specializes in keeping the opposition to the outside of the defensive zone, so they can't get any pressure. He's very good at keeping the puck down low and doesn't allow the opponent to get the puck to his defenseman. At 5'11", 165 pounds, he is a scrawny player, but make no mistake. Brown is a feisty player that is willing to put a hurting on his opponents with his heavy hits. Brown averages around 220 hits per year, leaving forwards focusing on skating away from him. Last year, Brown stepped up his game, potting 41 goals and 49 assists. His sweet saucer passes leave defenders speechless and the puck almost always finishes in the net. Each year, he improves on his shot taking, this year His power play threat continued last year as he recorded five power play goals. His one weak spot in his game is his discipline, as he received 132 PIM last year. Ever since S73, Timothy hasn't had too much success in the playoffs, only playing 8 games and scoring 3 points. He hopes that this year he can lead his team to a successful regular season and go farther in the VHL Playoffs. Everyone will be waiting to see what he does this year as he continues to improve day in and day out. It'll be exciting to see what he does this year with the big contract that he was given. With a large contract given to him for a year, worth $5 M, he will look to make his team proud. In the beginning of his career, he struggled trying to find a home to play the game he loves dearly, but it seems that he has found his place in Seattle with the Bears. Since S73's playoff performance, the Bears haven't finished in great form. Timothy will try to use his skating and scoring ability to push his team to the playoffs and further. At only 18 years old, Timothy has such a bright future in the VHL. He is already a top notch winger in the league and in a few years, he may progress into one of the best forwards in the league, maybe the best. The sky is the limit for him and at his young age, we will only continue to get better and better with practice.
  7. Player Information Username: Lochlan Chisholm Player Name: Lochlan Chisholm Recruited From: YouTube Age: 21 Position: LW Height: 74 in. Weight: 203 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM
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