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  1. Wait wat since when did i do this good? And .24 points in da lead lmao
  2. Very well written and interesting to read. I really like how you both added pictures and gifs to make the media spot better. 9/10
  3. Very well written especially with the interviews and intriguing to read. I absolutely love the pictures with jersey swaps which makes the media spot a lot better. 10/10
  4. Vat

    For Vat

    Sick! Thanks for the sig!
  5. The date is January 25th at approximately midnight, at this time you would think that most of the Europeans would have already gone to bed and maybe have gone into sleeping mode so they can wake up the next day with plenty of sleep. but that is not what I did, I was browsing the play store for some hockey simulation games to have a good time (this is also when I found the VHL), after downloading the VHL game I decided to make a player and did not expect much to happen after that, about 2-5 min later I got a notification that I had been offered a contract, Juice ( @Juice) the AGM of M
  6. i would like to apply for this position
  7. 1) We're 32-3, 10 points up on the rest of the VHLM. Are we going to hold onto that and remain the #1 seed? If we continue like this there is no way that we would not remain the first seed. 2) What do we need to do as a team to hoist the Founders Cup at season's end? We have the players and the TPE so the only thing we could do better is to update every week. 3) Name 1 thing you're happy with about your performance this year and 1 you think needs work. I am really happy with my point producage this season but i still feel like it coul
  8. really liked how you both added interviews and pictures. Well written and intresting to read 8.5/10
  9. Loved the info about every team and how you ranked all of their positions. Well explained on every team. 10/10
  10. Today I will be trying to guess what the teams in the VHLM will end up at the end of the season depending on where they are now, I will also list their most noteworthy trade. Note that it has not even been a full two weeks since the season started and a trade may change where they will end up whether it is for the good or bad, I will also try to be as impartial as possible. Mexico Current ranking: 12th Expected ranking 12th Not a question about this one, as of right now (Friday) they have 2 wins in a total of 24 games played which gives them 4 points.
  11. I would like to put my name out there if an updater is needed, i have way too much free time and i quite frankly don't know what to do with my free time
  12. First time reading a post draft lick or bust from before and looking forward for more media spots like this. Well written and formatted and no apparent grammar mistakes 9.5/10