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  1. 1. The 21st institute an initiative to ensure players are bilingual, what other language do you learn? Japanese, and Chinese to read manga 2. Bryn is back with the beans! He's opened an all-bean themed restaurant, what recipe suggestions do you give him? chill 3. So far we've been mostly a middle of the pack team, sitting in 4th, but with playoff and cup aspirations that might not be good enough. How are you feeling, do you think we're still cup hopefuls? as long as players keep updating thier men we can make it 4. Someone stole your (team provided) boat! Who on the team d
  2. hello and welcome back to creed rant my biweekly rants about my guy and everything about the vhl/vhlm. so this week we will be talking about agm hunt for assassin and mabey the gm hunt for him as well also taking about how close is creed coming up to the vhl for the dc dragons so with all that lets get right into it. so first is the creed applying for the agm spot of houston. last week creed applied to be the agm of Houston his goal is to go from agm to gm of a team in the future and the agm spot for Houston seems like the right spot at this time for him as he just came into the league back in
  3. Welcome back everyone to my weekly article creed update and news this week i have updated my guy as i get closer to coming up to the vhl and being a player for the dc dragons also in other news this week ive applied to be agm of Houston and ive also applied to be the gm of Philadelphia as i hope im accepted to be either one as to become a agm or a gm if i start as an agm i will start my path to becoming a gm of a team someday. but with that news out of the way lets get into my updates as always ive updated my guy as his tpa score right now is a 231 and if you need to know the rest
  4. im all in if i dont get the agm spot for houston
  5. 1. We lead the league in penalty minutes right now, and it’s not really close. How are we feeling about that? Intentionally making other teams fear us, or just poor discipline? i have some what involved with that as i either get 2 pim per game or not i fear it is my dicspline stat should i upgrade my discpline to make sure i dont cause more pens 2. Nova Scotia Community College has requested that you give a speech on something you’re an expert about, what do you speak about? video games and computers 3. Bryn Yrwy begins gifting you one can of beans every day, how do you handle t
  6. what would of happened if the dragons did win last season would the trades be diffrent and would free agency be different lets start with the first one with trades after winning the cup. the Dragons would need to start trading for players but would be difficult with the win of the current cup now from my understanding @Enorama does not use many draft picks so he would probably trade away a lot of his draft picks for either young talent who is constantly active or vets who are far from retiring and are active. He would also probley trade his 24th overall pick to pick someone up thus creed never
  7. I'd like to apply for agm of Houston. I know it wont be easy but i will do my best to help the gm acquire players and make smart trades as the team is looking for a agm if I'm accepted this is my small step to becoming a gm of one team someday as I've thrown my hat into every gm/agm spot for I will work hard to prove that i can make a good gm someday.
  8. so today when this is posted is the trade deadline so i haven't been traded that's good. But I have been helping my team in VHLM as best I can and every day I'm getting closer to my 250 mark to be called up to the VHL to play with my VHL drafted team the D.C. Dragons. With the season coming closer to the end i give you my weekly update and news now gonna be rewritten every week so that way this does not get stale and can be claimed every week. So with this out of the way i give you my updated stats from last week my current tpa score is 211 with my overall stats being.
  9. claiming my article 500 words
  10. 1. The 21st Community Outreach Team wants you to decide on the next community fundraiser the team sponsors, what do you pick? JDRF Juvinile diabetes reaserch foundation 2. rory decides to give up his role as a GM to become admiral of a pirate fleet, and all of use are made captains of boats in the fleet. How do you run your new ship in your new career as a pirate captain? head back to the vhl and just raid every player on teams to make our team better. 3. If not Halifax, what team do you think you would like to play for in the VHLM? i have no problem with Halifax but i
  11. I love it great work on it proud and happy to see my name included
  12. I'm interested in the position of agm of Mexico city. i will do my best to scout the best players in the vhl/vhlm to make a winning team
  13. hello and welcome to my new weekly articles from the orignal creed draft updates/news since the draft is over and i was drafted 24th overall in the vhl draft by the dragons and drafted 27th overall in the vhlm draft by Halifax. As this along with not only my tpe will update everyone every week about my goals for the season, what to expect out of me, stats, and tpe levels so to start out is to give everyone my stats for this past week in this past week I've made improvements to my player his current stats are as follows. GP=30 G=5 A=18 P=23 +/- = 5 SHT=49 PIM=14 HIT=32 S
  14. even though this is an april fools i would say what about me and @Spartan Pittsburgh expansion team
  15. 1. We're in a playoff spot! Just as our captain predicted, we're in this! What's been going right to get us here, and can we sustain it? team work and yes i think we can matain it if we keep working hard and doing what we need to do and upgrade our players. 2. We recently added @williamircto upgrade our goaltending, is there any other position you think we could improve? ill keep a look out at let the gm know right away 3. What team rituals has your player helped to start this season? Do they feel like they honestly help the team, or it is more to focus themselves to m