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  1. I love the concept.. the whole 'day of the dead' vibe is sick i would just say that im not 100% sold on the crown but thats just my opinion
  2. Idk if this will help but im half italian...
  3. Sure hope its a good one for SDM !
  4. Damn wish i was able to participate in this Sick idea tho super creativity and love getting the members more involved!! Big props guys love the work
  5. I mean it does to me dont get me wrong but i agree with some how it looks or gives the impression of a native american chief you know?
  6. Okok got it.. didnt know teams paid for their logos tho.. thats pretty cool
  7. Only being in the league a month idk how much my say would have an impact on this topic but i agree.. Mexico City should go through a tiny rebranding, i think it should go through a name and logo change. I think if we bring a closer resemblance to its Aztec history it is commonly known for i think it would give the team a stronger meaning
  8. You didnt win any war... or did you already forget that you are gonna get a pie to the face?
  9. I volunteer for San Diego, i always participate in the fantasy zone and pretty active in my LR so not a problem for me lol
  10. been holding that number 3 spot from the beginning... super hyped! and @BrutalBoost you better watch out.. im closing in haha