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  1. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to Domg5 in S79 - Fantasy Zone Week 1   
    Payout for S79 week 1 VHL fantasy zone:

    2 TPE @Otto Numminen @dlamb @Mistxh J @16z  
    To claim it on the portal:
    Player update -> Claim uncapped -> Fantasy -> VHL fantasy zone
  2. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to enigmatic in Thadius Sales   
  3. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to v.2 in Canada's WJC Jersey   
  4. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to KC15 in HC Davos Dynamo Press Conference   
    1. We've made some BIG moves since the last time we talked here, bringing in Patrik Laine from Helsinki and acquiring the rights to free agent Gunnar Odinsson. Do you agree with our decision to try to turn things around this season?
    Absolutely!  Let's see what kind of a step forward we can make.  Then we can assess where we are at for next season.
    2. Speaking of Odinsson, what's one thing you'd say to our friend @BOOM about why we're the place to sign over anyone else?
    Speaking as a Frenchman, would have to say the unlimited cheese offered at the team training table.  Now it's all Swiss and no French, but it's still pretty dang good.
    3. I've hinted that there's one more big move on the way this offseason--what do you think it is? Wrong answers only.
    You are trading away that bum, Tessier.  Clearly a bust.
    4. As there's no trivia in the offseason, what do you do instead? Do you do an extra .com task or try reviewing? Do you skip your last 2 TPE entirely?
    I usually review when short 2 TPE.
    5. Today it was announced that bigAL will be taking over as the VHL's third commissioner. How well do you know Al? Do you think he's the right one for the job?
    Played with him in DC.  Awesome choice!
    6. With VHLE GM applications open--would you like to be a VHLE GM? If so, why do you think you'd be a good fit? If not, who would you like to see get a job?
    Not me.  Just was chosen as the new minor league GM of the California Firehawks in the PBE and that will keep my hands full.  How about my pal from the Marlins @Mistxh J
  5. Fire
    Mistxh J got a reaction from v.2 in WJC Team Canada Roster Reveal   
    I can smell the Gold medal !!
  6. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to v.2 in WJC Team Canada Roster Reveal   
    It's finally time... After a bit of a delay I'm pleased to announce this seasons WJC Team Canada roster!

    Left Wingers:
    Miles Johnson @Midnite
    Nicholas Mariani @Mistxh J
    Ryan Li @Ryan Li
    The Seabasstard @Seabass
    Jonathan Ori @ROOKIE745
    Nathaniel Minion @Minion
    Right Wingers:
    Alex Johnston @Alex_J32
    Shane Lazeski @Lazarus
    Nathan Powers @JB123
    Milk Jugs @NerdyCowz
    Poopy Peepants @JardyB10
    Kirby Pandora @PandaBearD25
    Dexter Vaughn @Flames1Fan
    Anime Protagonist @Jericho

    I'd also like to announce our Assistant GM for this seasons tournament:  @JardyB10
    AND our Captains (rolling with 3 A's this year):
    @Minion, @TheCHEESE & @Lazarus!

    Hit the discord link for locker room access!

  7. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to v.2 in S78WJC Team Canada Logo & Jersey Reveal   
    This year, Team Canada looks to reemerge as a force at the World Junior Championship.  As the GM this season I have decided to put as much thought into the meaning behind the logo and jerseys worn as I have been putting into rounding out our roster.  The objective here was to preserve the patriotism of wearing the flag, along with bringing some much needed awareness and light to the reality of the country's history.  Our players uniforms at this years tournament aim to symbolize solidarity with Indigenous communities and encourage people to learn the history of Indigenous people and the legacy and truths of the residential schools in Canada, all while building intercultural understanding, empathy and mutual respect as a nation.  Without further adieu, here is this years Team Canada WJC logo:
    Yes, we're dawning orange instead of red this year.  We are happy to have gotten Nike on board again this season to design us some brand new looks sporting the new logo, here is the result:
    Hope you all enjoy the uniforms and support the decisions made.  Roster announcement coming soon! Keep 'em peeled. 👀
  8. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to Victor in VHLE Franchises Announcement   
    Good day fellow VHLers, future VHLErs, residents of the #hype channel, and everyone else. First of all, thank you to everyone who has voted in the 3 VHLE team polls over the past month or so, everyone who has contributed to the discussions and suggestions around team logos and concepts, and just generally those who have helped make the slow unveiling of the VHLE a very exciting event to be part of.
    A special thank you as well to those who helped out with logo making, especially of course @KaleebtheMighty and @Zetterberg - we may be needing your services again in the near future!
    We had 199 members vote in the final poll, hopefully all for 3 or fewer teams, and we got some interesting results, some expected, some less so. I can reveal that for the most part, we will be able to satisfy the majority of the population.
    @Acydburn and I sat down, considered previous BOG discussions and the results of the vote, and have decided to start the VHLE in S80 with the following 6 franchises. Note that I am not including the logos here as these will be finalised at a later date. I expect most will look like the versions in the final poll linked above, but with some final tweaks and maybe even a different direction will be taken for one or two. It should also be said that these are just the original 6 franchises - there is a very real possibility that the VHLE will one day grow from its starting points and if your favourite team missed out, it might still make an appearance in the future.
    Without further ado then, the 6 founding VHLE franchises will be:
    The Berlin Steel
    The Bratislava Watchmen
    The Cologne Express
    The Paris Revolution
    The Stockholm Vikings
    and of course the Vasteras Iron Eagles
    Final logos will most likely be revealed along with the GM appointments. As for that exciting next stage of the process, look out for the VHLE GM application thread opening up very soon.

  9. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to McKelvie in Team Europe Banner   
    I realized deep into this graphic that Europe has an actual logo... but here u go @Matt thunder

  10. Cheers
    Mistxh J got a reaction from Domg5 in Coming to Prague in S79!   
    Okay... WOW!! Thanks a million for this @Domg5.. you killed it!!
  11. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to Domg5 in Coming to Prague in S79!   
    one of our projected S79 rookie Nicholas Mariani, @Mistxh J Welcome to the pro my friend!

  12. Cheers
    Mistxh J reacted to Devise in S78 Playoff Index/Hub   
    @VHLM GM 
    Just a note here. I got the wording on the playoff seeding incorrect yesterday assuming given it was league wide playoffs that the seeding would carry over from round to round regardless of conference or bracket. While conferences do no matter for who makes the playoffs, the brackets themselves are meant to stay in tact after the first round. Thus, a resim of only Game 7 between Houston and Halifax whereby Houston had to win occurred so I could reset the match ups to be correct for the next round. 
    The Semifinals are now San Diego vs Yukon and Houston vs Minnesota. Apologies for this inconvenience and I will rightfully allow a good window of time here today/tonight for GM's to get lines in with the change in opponents and the update in the index. Thanks. 
  13. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to McKelvie in Miklavz - Bulls   
    I'm super happy with how this turned out, but kind of sad that I don't expect to be in Houston much longer with my jump to the VHL next season. 

  14. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to Deee.Geee in San Diego Marlins Press Conference   
    1. How are you feeling coming towards the end of our regular season?
    Pretty darn great, happy with our numbers but now the important part comes up, playoffs!!!
    2. We tied with Yukon 4-4 this season... What do you think should be a tie breaker? 
    Duuuuueettt 👨‍❤️‍👨
    3. What is your plans for an "End of the Season" extravaganza?
    No idea but I am open to suggestions!
    4. Who is excited for the Play-Offs?
    This guy!
    5. Nicholas Mariani @Mistxh J ended the season as our highest scorer, who is surprised?
    With his kind of pedigree and the team around him? No surprise here
    6. Did you find Waldo?
    Can I please borrow the Marlins satellite, just for a minute
  15. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to Eldredman in San Diego Marlins Press Conference   
    San Diego Marlins Press Conference
    Week ending 27 June 2021
    1. How are you feeling coming towards the end of our regular season?
    2. We tied with Yukon 4-4 this season... What do you think should be a tie breaker? 
    The one where there is a tie - League Voting - Victory Hockey League (vhlforum.com)
    3. What is your plans for an "End of the Season" extravaganza?
    4. Who is excited for the Play-Offs?
    5. Nicholas Mariani @Mistxh J ended the season as our highest scorer, who is surprised?
    6. Did you find Waldo?
  16. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to v.2 in Gobeil - Phantoms   
  17. Love
    Mistxh J reacted to Gaikoku-hito in VHLE Berlin Team Concept   
    @KaleebtheMighty: Why not try the Bears as a concept name with a bear wearing a lederhosen:

    The bear is part of the code of Arms of Berlin so make some sense.
    Even adding naming them: Berlin Betrunken Bears or Berlin Blau Bears
  18. Haha
    Mistxh J reacted to Banackock in Cows Secret   
    Dear Nicholas Sparks,
    I think I found an idea for The Notebook sequel. 
    2004 Gave you The Notebook
    2022 Will give you… The MacBook 
  19. Haha
    Mistxh J reacted to Nykonax in Cows Secret   
    2/10 needs more semi colons
  20. Love
    Mistxh J reacted to MexicanCow123 in Cows Secret   
    (If you know who I am talking about please do not mention their name. Thank You.)
    Hello VHL,
    Today a bring to you something very private that's been going in my life. In English I had to write a narrative essay about a secret of mine and I wanted to share that with all of you. Please give me all the criticism and complements you got and most of all enjoy. Thank you.
    I Have Fallen In Love With Someone Thousands Of Kilometers Away From Me
    Jordan Tonn
        January 11th, 2020, the day that we first spoke. The first day I felt something that I've never felt before. As days, weeks and months continued to pass the feeling never went away. It was a feeling of love that was breaking into my heart. I didn't try to fight it off as it entered, I let the feeling invest in my soul. As we spoke about each other's upbringings we learned that we were about 5,000 kilometers away from each other. The feeling I had of love and calmness slipped away quickly. However, as I looked at the screen, I saw the rest of my life flash before my eyes. 
    Questions started to arise, what if I never get a chance to meet her? What if overnight she removed me from her life? The what-ifs continued to cross my mind. But as the days, weeks, and months continued to pass and with us talking every day the what-ifs started to slip out of my mind. As I laid in bed, I questioned whether we would ever be able to meet and be together physically. Having that question in my mind at times was almost unbearable. I couldn't comprehend the feeling of us never meeting.  
    As I reflect on our relationship I realize that I am the luckiest person alive. Even if we may not be able to meet for a few years, or ever, our relationship has flourished. I couldn't be more thankful. I am forever grateful to have her in my life. She is attentive, caring, considerate, cheerful, forgiving, honest, kind, humorous, and a fantastic listener.
    When my best friend died recently she was there for me. I was in my lowest of lows and she helped me get through it “It’s going to be hard for a while. That's okay. It’s okay to be confused or lost or sad or mad or a mix of everything. It's okay to feel numb even. It’s all normal, take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute you’ll get through it. It will take time. That's okay. Mourning and healing is a process and not a real fun process but a needed one.”  Those words stuck with me through it all. They got me through the treacherous time and without her I'm not sure I would have gotten through it. She brings a copious amount of joy to my life. When she told one of her friends that we were together, the joy and humor that came out made me feel amazing. This is the dialogue:
    “What's up?” 
    “So things happened, good things” 
    “We official again”
    As I read their dialogue to myself over and over I feel so loved and cared for. That people are excited for us. These are just two examples of how loving and caring she is for me, but there is a lifetime of memories ahead of us.
    She is the love of my life. I can't wait for the day that I can meet her. I can't wait to be close to her. My love for her is out of this world. I would walk thousands of kilometers just to be near her. She is the most beautiful person I've ever met and I can't wait for what the future holds. There is hope in the future. There is hope that one day we will see each other face to face. I will always keep that in mind.
  21. Fire
    Mistxh J got a reaction from Domg5 in The VHLE - My Thoughts (Theme Week)   
    With the VHLE being real and coming into effect in only a couple seasons it has easily been one of the biggest talks of the town. With me being a first gen it is hard to weigh in on this type of discussion not knowing how the previous expansions came into play and how they changed the league, but with my short time in the league I can easily see a lot of benefits and some disadvantages. To make it easier I will break it down into the following sections: Benefits, Disadvantages, and Suggestions/The Future. 
    So the biggest benefit this brings to the league in my opinion is the fact that with the 6 new teams it will create 12 new spots for management, therefore giving more people the chance to learn the AGM and GM roles in the league. Already with every job opening there is, the applications flood in by the numbers, which only makes it harder for the decision to be made especially with the quality of people that want to give it a go. The VHLE will also allow the VHLM to be what it was designated for, development; we can now actually focus on growing players and new members instead of constantly going all in one year to get that OP AF team then sucking the next because of trading. So it would be nice to actually focus on only making trades that make sense while still having a roster and developing players at their own pace, just like our beloved PT and Welfare members. In addition, those who live for making the most of their rookie season will probably love the VHLE.. or hate it, but I believe it will be most beneficial when finally entering the big league and actually being capable of getting the point production that everyone wants to see. With that said it also helps our inbetween players, those who dont max earn but do more than PT and welfare, participate in the M and VHLE to shine a little brighter and stand out more, which would bring them more playing time which we all love to have and see. Lastly, adding in another year for a player’s career is SWEET, gives more time to grow and keep playing with your team and friends. 
    Some of the negatives I see coming into play with the VHLE can mostly be revolved around VHL prospects. For those teams who take chances on new members or just pick any member no one knows if they will turn out to be Welfare and PT players, in-betweeners or max earners. Now yes, teams will know with returning players but with real life shit always causing changes in a member’s activity things still remain unpredictable SO with that if VHL teams have those members that earn at slower rates it will suck for those members to make the climb of the VHLM to the VHLE then final the VHL, the progression will be even slower due to the ladder to the big leagues takes more than it does now. Aside from that the only thing I can continue to see build problems is for our max earners of the league.. Those who rise from VHLM to VHL in a season and dominate from day 1, the addition of another league might be annoying and halt them from achieving the same route.

    Suggestions/The Future
    Now although I listed the addition of another year onto our player’s lifetime in the league as a benefit, I think giving the player’s career a 10 season mark will actually benefit more. See already in the M some people like to stay down longer than they have to for many reasons such as the LR, Management, the team itself, a Cup Run, etc. SO what makes us not think it wouldn’t happen in the VHLE? See, those who love making the most of every league will still get limited in their VHL career timeline which is unfortunate as it's where everyone wants to end up. Now obviously it is a suggestion and who am I to know if it is a good idea or not, but I personally think it would be cool. In terms of the future of the league as a whole, there may be some problems with lack of members some season so it might be time to keep the idea of inactive players not playing on rosters a change for future seasons, but the opposite could happen and see a mass growth of players but it is still always a shaking business. On that note the last thing I will mention is in regards to the future of the VHLE, will it remain at 6 six teams, grow into more or will it fold? There could be a lot riding on the VHLE than any of us actually know, hopefully the confirmed experiment turns out to be better than we could imagine. 
    Side note: I don’t know much so don’t rip me to shreds lol, but would love to be corrected or have conversations with anyone who thinks otherwise! 
    Word Count at: 855
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    Mistxh J reacted to FBR in poggers   
  23. Fire
    Mistxh J reacted to Prout in First sig kinda nervous   
    Here you go @Domg5 hope you enjoy!

  24. Haha
    Mistxh J reacted to frescoelmo in The VHLE - My Thoughts (Theme Week)   
    *grabs a fine-tooth comb*
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    Mistxh J reacted to enigmatic in Allez Paris   
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