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  1. This is a "Goodbye" graphic I made for our beloved captain Braxton Hunter who is leaving to play for Prague in the VHL, next season. I asked him for permission to make this! (Will claim later)
  2. Name: Declan Wolf Age: 18 Nationality: Germany/Poland Born: Slubice, Poland Height: 187cm (6'2'') Weight: 91kg (202lbs) VHL Draft Ranking: 2nd-3rd rounder S76 Stats: (Saskatoon Wild) Strengths: Goal scoring: Declan Wolf has always been known as not only a dangerous sniper, but also in general a dangerous goal scorer and that's what he's best at. He can snipe the puck in the net from long range or close range. He can deke his way around the defenders and deke the goaltender. He can score from anywhere on the ice. He also knows every way
  3. Declan Wolf (#29, left) hugging his teammate after scoring a goal. Declan Wolf and the Saskatoon Wild were left without a playoff spot despite doing very well at the end of the season, including a three-game win streak to end the season off. As many would guess, the team is disapointed after not making the playoffs after a close race and a really good looking chance to get in, but the atmosphere within the team is better than ever.
  4. I was first sad that you were leaving and now I'm sad that you didn't :DD Well, you'll be there next year!
  5. 1. I really don't know, but I'd hope to be back here at Sasky. It's up to the GMs though. I'd love to be drafted by any EU team or specifically Prague 2. The fact that I even got picked up by the team. I've really enjoyed my time here and our locker room is amazing! 3. Probably not, haven't really paid attention to the rest of the league. 4. I don't know, like I said I haven't paid attention to the league apart from us. 5. I think I will, but not sure. 6. No, but I'd love to. My family just doesn't have enough money for it
  6. MrShark


    How I'm feeling after a good push to make the playoffs where we fell just short.
  7. 24GP | 7G | 3A | 10P | -8 | 36S | 6 PIM | 30H | 4SB | 1GWG | 4PPG | 0SHG
  8. 1. I think the pickups definitely help the team and at the moment we aren't very far from the playoffs, so I think it's possible for us to make it if we get on a roll! 2. We just have to keep playing consistent and good hockey and do our best and I think eventually we'll get going. 3. Nothing more than before. I think I've played an all around solid game so far and I want to continue that. 4. I think we'll get atleast 30 wins. 5. I hope so. You need a lot of dedication and patience to become a legend and I'm not sure I got those. Well, we'll see
  9. Declan Wolf has had a hard life and has fought through to pursue his dream. He grew up with a poor family in the German countryside alongside his brother Nikita. His family was really poor and isolated from everything and everyone, and so he didn't have enough money to play hockey, though he had always loved it. It took Declan 3 hours to go to school every day, and there were many hockey rinks on the way there, as well as one in his school and there were always kids playing on those. He didn't have many friends, so, he spent almost all of his free time playing hockey at his school with his bro
  10. 1. What are your thoughts on the Wild's season so far? As a new player I personally don't have much experience yet, but from the two games I have played I think we as a team played well and I think the team is trending upwards and will only get better. 2. Who do you think will end the season with more goals, Gabriel Johnson or Braxton Hunter? Well first off it would've been me if I would've played the whole year, (that's a joke btw) but I don't know much about Johnson or Hunter (or really anyone) yet, so I'll just say Hunter, because he has more right now an
  11. Declan Wolf recently joined the VHLM's Saskatoon Wild and in his first game for the team he scored his first goal. Here's a graphic I decided to make of him holding his first VHLM goal puck.
  12. Reporter: "Hello, Declan and thanks for making time for this interview. You have recently joined the VHLM's Saskatoon Wild, congratulations! What are your early impressions of the team?" Declan Wolf: "Well, first off, thanks for having me here for this interview. Now, I think it's a great team for me and suits me well. It's a team that's at the bottom of the league but a team that has had a lot of success in the past, and I'd much rather play on a well-known team that is not doing well, so I can help the team get better and also stand out more, so VHL teams are going to be looking at me