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  1. For real for real , super happy to be in Moscow and get drafted by Spartan after how much he’s helped me already in vhl and really being one of the main reasons I max earn now, thank you sporktin!
  2. Nice graphic. I like the concept of the VhL video game instead of NHL that’s cool great idea. This graphic is good. And I know it was meant to be a simple graphic because it’s for a cover of the game, maybe just find a render who is a little less blurry that might make it look better but overall for what you were going for 8/10. Great job would love to see more with this concept!
  3. Great job on these I appreciate the fact that you can see that you put effort into the graphics. I personally like the first one the best because of the text because it looks the best and is the easiest to read. Overall great job keep up the good work. 8.5/10