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  1. Last night was huge for Team Asia as they saw their four draft eligible players be taken in the first two rounds! A huge congratulations to these players as well as anyone else who was drafted! Best of luck in the VHL! @Alex_J32 @ThatsGreissy @SamTwoSix @CrazyCaityCat
  2. We're thrilled to have you on Team Asia! I'm thoroughly impressed with not only your play on the ice stealing a point from Team World but how active you are in the LR! Keep up the hard work and you'll be going places!
  3. With the WJC starting today, Team Asia has set its eyes on what will no doubt be an uphill battle as they plan to repeat as medalists. Their first 2 games being against gold medal hopefuls Team Canada this will surely be their first major test to see where they are at as a team before they go up against Team World in game #3. I have decided to take some time to introduce each member of Team Asia in depth. Starting us off we have… Evgeni Shevkov (C) @Syzygy: One of the few returning players from last year's team where Shevkov earned a silver medal, Shevkov hopes to r
  4. Today I have the great pleasure to introduce the leadership group that will lead Asia as we hope to replicate our success from season 76! These individuals were voted by their peers, GM, and AGM to wear the C and As for Asia. Without further ado, the S77 captain and assistant captains for Team Asia! Captain - Andrew Bowman (G) @BrutalBoost Alternate Captain - Vasiliy Grigorev (D) @Noxalpha Alternate Captain - Nicholas Mariani (LW) @Mistxh J
  5. PRESS CONFERENCE: Week of May 16th, 2021 (You don't have to answer every single one, just answer 6 for 2 TPE) 1) With the playoffs being over and the Miami Marauders coming out on top, what are your thoughts on how the playoffs turned out? 2) If you're going to be in the VHLM or VHL draft, where do you think you'll be picked? 3) With the VHLM Draft lottery coming up, what are your thoughts on the outcome? 4) Are you looking forward to the VHL draft? Why or why not? 5) With it being the offseason, what are you looking forward to most a
  6. These are the 2 best reviews I have ever read. That is all.
  7. Figured I'd give him a chance to win...
  8. Before I get started here I just want to say Thank you to both the WJC commissioners @bigAL and @rjfryman for putting this whole thing together and I am sure that we're in for one of the best tournaments yet! I would also like to introduce my AGM @fromtheinside. Without further to do I would like to introduce the S77 WJC TEAM ASIA! Congratulations to everyone who made the team, I cannot wait to work with each and every one of you. You will be informed of your roles in the Discord channel which will be linked below. Please DM or tag me once you're in so I can assig
  9. Team Asia coming in HOT with the first jersey reveal for the S77 WJC!