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  1. 1) Good luck for your futur! 2) I wan't to be on the score sheet more often and I wanna have higher +/- 3)Slapshot! Of course! 4)Welcome to Philadelphia @Kman! 6)I'm drinking water during games and gatorade before games 8 I like goals ,big save ,hits,fights and I also like the ambience of an hockey game.
  2. 6) I'm drinking water during games and gatorade before games
  3. I would love to be the AGM for the Houston Bulls because I would like to be a GM in the future so this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to do it
  4. I love it! If this is really your first graphic, then you're so much better than me! I'm still using canva to make mine I like the smoke at the bottom of the page, it looks like the player is jumping on the ice on oppening night. 9/10
  5. Review: This graphic is very cool! I like that you changed the face of Hedman. Before he was just smiling and now he looks mean and ready to go to war. This graphics is perfect! Now I find mine ugly This deserve a 10/10 -Otto Numminen
  6. Player Information Username: Otto Numminen Player Name: Otto Numminen Recruited From: YouTube Age: 18 Position: C Height: 74 in. Weight: 196 lbs. Birthplace: Sweden Player Page @VHLM GM