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  1. 1-I don't really know I suck at giving a new name to a team but maybe my hometown team the Shawinigan Cataractes in the VHLM. Also, I would love to be the gm of my team 2- Chicken Wings by a mile! 3- We have to play like we did earlier this season and having a winning streak would be great. 4-Yeah I love it! I also like that there are not that much goals scored per games like the VHLM so the goalie can have good stats. 5-Xavier Boomberry is killing it with a .930% so he's defenitely the number 1 6-Yeah let's win the cup!
  2. 1-We have to play as good as the game we won so we have to stay aggresive and score goals like we did. 2-It helps us win game 3-2 or 4-3 so we can win games even if we score less goals than other team does. 3- Points. My guy is currently 1st i the league and I'm happy about it! 4-My player is killing it this year but I don't want to say me. I think the best player is Xavier Boomberry. He has the best goalie stats in the league by far and He has only lost 2 games in regulation. 5- I don't know, but we also gave the least amount of goals by quite a lot so it doesn't bother me. 6-We have to play the same game as we did on the last winning streak
  3. 1- We had to start winning more than 1 game per sim... and we did it! A 3-0 sim puts us tie for 2nd in the league. 2- It was ok but not great. I expected more than a .500% record but there isn't much a difference between last of the league and 1st so we just had to bounce back. 3- It feels great! I am proud to be here and I love this place. 4- IDK. We didn't played a lot of games and rivalities usually start in a playoff serie so I can't tell right now. 5- Constancy. We win one, we lose one. We never had a winning streak and we have to have one to have a chance at winning the cup. 6- We can't. His chicken nuggets are unstoppable.
  4. I am interested and I would rather be contacted on discord
  5. When I saw you tagged me: Wait I got an VHLE first Then I see I got tagged because I lost a faceoff
  6. 1- I was so happy to be drafted by Rome. We got easily the best AGM of the league and I am sure our GM is as good. 2- Win the cup and leading the league in scoring. I would have something to flex about: I was the 1st MVP player of the VHLE. 3- Win the cup nothing else will be acceptable. 4- Everything is fine rn. We need no change. 5- IDK. Maybe the Vikings because I played for them in thw little tournament earlier in S79 and they are my hometown team (If we don't count the Nighthawks). 6-The team logo if it's not there but I'm not really an emote guy.
  7. Sign up. I missed the post last year and I absolutely want to do it this year.
  8. 1- It sucks, I wanted to go back to back and when I saw the result of game 5 I couldn't believe it but it was a great year and I loved to play with my teamates. 2- Yeah I had them to win it this year (if I remember correcly) and they did it! 3- I want to play in the newest league and get drafted ( I am not sure if I will be drafted or pick up in FA but I hope to be drafted that is more impressive) 4- If I have some time I am 100% writting an article or doing a graphic only issue is that my english isn't perfect and I suck at doing graphic so it can be difficult for me to do both. If not, I can claim welfare and bying free week but I am always doing presser or trivia when they are there. 5- I played for Skotholm (not sure I spell that right sorry) for the little tournament that they had and I loved the team so this team can be an option but I would love to be drafted by any team. 6- IDK. Maybe 2-3 years? Probabely 2 because of the new gm that we have
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