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  1. 1. Well we're actually not too far behind the Phantoms and if our prospects develop quickly, I don't see why we can't compete in a couple seasons. 2. He'll break it with 105 points 3. The United, unless you mean NHL, then the Flames 4. in the VHL Henry Tucker and in the NHL Milan Lucic 5. Alone, I have to stay focused before a game 6. I like monkeys so that would be pretty cool.
  2. 1. It's tough, we are a pretty young team but it's still been disappointing. 2. Warsaw 3. Cars and houses, I could use a nice pad in London 4. CCM with the Jofa bucket of course 5. Sleep or watch a movie 6. Pancakes and waffles
  3. 1. I'm moving so I haven't had a lot of time but hopefully it'll be better once I'm settled in. 2. I'll probably check it out. 3. I just want to establish myself in the league and hopefully become a more impact player. 4. I love checking out the drafts and looking at all the future prospects. 5. Lynx, because it's my junior team. 6. Never Forget. I always forget important things like my PIN.
  4. 1. Maybe, but all I'm worried about is finishing the season off strong. 2. I think so, it's time to set us up for the future and let the veterans go for a cup before the end of their career. 3. He's played 54 of 63 games, I think he should get a well deserved break. 4. LW - we have one on the starting roster. 5. Ice Cream. 5. Iced Coffee from Timmies.
  5. 1. Our offence has really picked it up since the beginning of the season so if we can keep that rolling, we'll have a really good chance at getting that spot. 2. Continental Cup 3. You can never go wrong with a balanced game or else we'll end up like the Maple Leafs. 4. Sports movie about the United. 5. Another heart so if one stops I have a back up. 6. Mind reading so I know what the opposing goalie is thinking.
  6. 1. An All star break where there are three lines of forwards and defense. I think it would be better if it was just the best of the best and not one per team like the actual NHL. 2. Maybe more of a backstory for players such as junior team, hometown, favorite VHL player growing up or something that would make each player have some more personality. 3 A short preseason to let younger VHL players and prospects have a chance to play to see how they stack up against the other teams younger players. It could also be tournament style, similar to that of the NBA's summer league. It would allow some good competition for players just starting their careers.
  7. 1. Lot's of tea. 2. Fights. 3. That's definitely going to be tough to recover from. All three are great players but I trust our GM's to find new guys to fill those holes. 4. Sunderbruch is going out with a bang. 5. I'd say go with the hot hand and see if he can continue the success. 6. Home in Canada.
  8. Super nice graphic, I like the texture you gave it which allows the goalie to stand out. It might be a little busy but honestly, that’s getting nitpicky. The text is unique and can be clearly seen. You did a great job with the jersey to match the logo which proves you put a good effort into it. Your work always looks good. 8.5/10
  9. I really like how you took a more unique approach to a graphic which is refreshing to see. I maybe would have liked to see some more elements that relate to the name “Wild” rather than just a lighting bolt. The logo in the background looks good and the text is easy to read. I want to see more of these for other teams. Great job 8/10
  10. 1. I like em and the TPE that comes with them. 2. We're going into a rebuild but I think we'll be competitive in a season or two. 3. Nothing better than some French Toast. 4. Pancakes, they taste better and are easier to make. (French Toast is better than both) 5. I've always liked Friends. 6. I like the smell right after it rains.
  11. I like this graphic. It’s got a cool effect especially if you zoom into it. The background is a little distracting and I find myself starring more at that than the player. The font you chose is readable but basic and maybe could have benefitted with some colour. 6.5/10
  12. I think this graphic is sick. You did a really nice job on the logo swap and I like the subtle change to the uniform. The city in the background is a great touch and makes it look unique and makes it feel a little like a hockey card. You picked a good font but maybe could have been bigger. Overall you killed this graphic. 9/10
  13. 1. We need to generate more offence. We are among the bottom 3 for GF. We're getting a good amount of shots but just not enough are going in. 2. Kevin King is doing really well and has set up many goals. He's also over a point per game and the only one of us at that point right now. 3. I mean it'll take longer for prospects to come up but at least they'll get used to a little more of a competitive league before making the jump into the VHL. 4. If we could acquire a younger player with over 500 TPE like Hex Rose than it could help our chances this season and the future ones. 5. A parrot so you can have someone to talk to when you're feeling lonely. 6. My favorite is probably the acoustic guitar and the worst is defiantly the recorder.
  14. G - Zamboni Driver @STZ
  15. F - Red Lite @Webberj
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