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  1. i fixed the stick and cleaned up the edges around DK and a couple other clean ups.
  2. lol i know i need to fix the stick, yikes.
  3. For me, figuring out how to separate the background from the pic/image was a big deal. Lots to improve upon but better than any of the others I've made to date. Would like some reviews if possible.... Thanks for your time.
  4. 1. We've now added Darth Kaprizov @Darth Kaprizov to round out the forward group, do you have any words for Kaprizov to welcome them to the team? Welcome Darth 2. Following the theme week last week, is there any place in particular that you would like to play in the VHLE of all the possibilities? (The correct answer is Istanbul) Istanbul 3. Is your player's build turning out the way you wanted? i think so. still baffled why DEF/Postioning is more important than skating.... you can't play your position if you can't skate. 4. What is you
  5. Taking a look at the Top 10 goal scores, season to date in the VHLM. New players to the league could use this as insight when deciding if they want to build a goal scoring player. Congrats to everyone in the Top 10 as you are having a solid season! Here's to hoping for healthy debate around what makes DF more important to score a goal than SK?
  6. 1. Would you want to play in the VHLE or would you rather skip and go straight to the VHL? VHLE is prob my next destination 2. What are your goals before your career is over? To be the most traded player in the history of the VHL 3. Hardest part about adjusting to the league? getting my 2 tpe for trivia... lol 4. Favourite way to exercise besides hockey? Riding my bike for about 10 miles a day. 5. You are now in charge of music in the room...what's on the playlist? i'm going with Slipk
  7. Wi Wi For Darth Kaprizov I posted this in the wrong spot before. Below is the message i received from Maximus. Posting in the correct spot now. Thank you. Reason To receive the theme week doubles, you must complete a point task on the theme. Your post is on theme, but you must create it in the Point task Graphics thread for it to count. https://vhlforum.com/forum/108-graphicsvideos/ Please create a post there with your content and then resubmit you claim.
  8. +10 For 100 TPE for Darth Kaprizov
  9. Hé, à quelle période abandonnons-nous? L
  10. Darth Kaprizov Please reduce Checking from 48 to 40
  11. 1. Who is our team's MVP so far this season? Stonie, Watson Stonebridge, he's on pace for a 100pt season. Even after his breakout in Season 77, he's making more of an impact this season. 2. If you could pick an ideal time for sims to be posted each and every day, what time would it be? Noon'er Central Standard Time US 3. What do you think the trade deadline will look like for us? I like wheeling and dealing so I say make a trade and pick up multiple early picks for S79. 4. What is the best part of having Advantage as a GM? He's a sal
  12. Nice work! Maybe grab a random number from the draft, say maybe # 34 and see how those players pan out.