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  1. 1. Favourite candy? i'm not a big fan of candy, i do like Reeses PBC's though! 2. Favourite post game meal? i'm going Beer and Wings 3. Best thing to do in Cologne that isn't hockey? pick up the ladies! 4. Unsung hero of team? I'd say there are two, David Davis and the Defensemen. We've been in just about every game we've lost and thats a testament to those dudes. We've had a hard time getting the offense to click consistently but we'll find our way eventually. 5. Nathaniel Minion was named captain of the team. What does he bring to the table that sets himself apart? he's been hot lately moving into the top 10 in scoring. Congrats to him. 6. Dream car that you'll buy when you get that VHL contract? hmmmm..... i'm gonna buy a Ford Taurus i think.
  2. впечатляющий, самый впечатляющий
  3. 1. How do you think the inaugural week for the VHLE has gone for Cologne? - Opening week was a good start, we were in first place2. What were the key things you worked on in the offseason in preparation for the VHLE? - Skating, edge work and sniping3. How do you think the season will play out for Cologne? - The season will be up and down. each team in the new league is trying to find their legs and feel each other out. 4. Who is your favorite player to sit by in the locker room? - Zelko, he's such a solid dude5. What do you think the team could do to improve on the solid start to the season? - crank up the offense, we need more scoring from the top line as well as all of the lines. 6. What’s one thing you could do to help the team? - keep being positive and helping the younger guys along!
  4. 1. You get to represent the first iteration of the VHLE's Cologne Express. How does it feel to be on the Inaugural team? -The team is great, the locker room is cool, the jersey's are sweet, love it, couldn't be happier. 2. Given all the tremendous leadership throughout the locker room, who do you think should be Team Captain? -Whoever management deems as worthy! 3. The Cologne Express have a lot of history in the league, as a former participant in the VHL, do you think that kind of history puts a little bit more pressure on you to perform? -I like the pressure to preform. brings out the best in most players 4. Of any player selected in the VHLE Draft, who would you like to steal for the Cologne Express and why? -I really like our squad, on paper we have a real chance to compete for a chip this season, but we need to put the work in on the ice to make it happen. I know trades are part of the game so if we bring someone else in, they need to be a good addition and active in our locker room. 5. Who will be the biggest steal of the VHLE Inaugural Draft? -I think grabbing Duncan Montana as free agent pick up immediately after the draft was stellar. He lead the VHLM in points for S79. Also, Mikey Markov in the 14th round is crazy too. 6. Who will be the biggest bust of the VHLE Inaugural Draft? - Prob me... STHS has a thing, well.... LFG COLOGNE!!!!!!!
  5. 1. With the off-season beginning, who was our team MVP this past season? Tsarov or Bates 2. With a majority of the team moving on to the VHLE, is there anything you would like to say to the players leaving, or if you are leaving is there anything you would like to say to the players who are staying with the Reapers? Best of luck to everyone, it was a fun ride in Philly, once a Reaper, always a Reaper 3. The draft is coming up this week, although we do not have many picks is there anyone who you would like us to draft? Gretzky 4. What did you think of Miami and Malmo winning the Founder's and Continental cups respectively? I'm surprised Miami won, MIS was so loaded IMO. 5. What's one thing you're focusing on this off-season? 12 oz Curls 6. In a way to early prediction what team do you think will be the S80 VHLM, VHLE, and VHL Champion? VHLM - Minnesota VHLE - Cologne VHL - HC Davos 7. Ottawa has the first overall pick in the upcoming VHLM draft, who do you think they take. The best player available 8. Controversial Opinion: Vanilla milkshakes are better than chocolate. FALSE! 9. If you could play for any team in the VHLE what team would it be? The team which offers the best contract...ha
  6. 1. The first round did not go the way we wanted as we got swept in the first round by Mexico, What do you think we should have done differently? turn all the settings to 5 for offense and to 5 for defense on the pk, because why not. 2. Who will win the Founder's Cup out of the 4 remaining teams? Still think it's MIS to lose. having a hard time fathoming Miami, a team we trounced at the beginning of the season, is now 1 game away from the finals. 3. With the recent announcement naming 6 new VHLM GMs, Which of the new GMs do you think will win a Founder's Cup first? hard to say, depends who has draft picks and who has the most coming back as rostered players for S80 4. What league will you be playing in next season? VHLE 5. Are you excited to be drafted in a couple of weeks? What round do you think you'll go in? first, hopefully top 10 6. Would you rather win an individual award next season or a league championship? BOTH 7. Which NHL team has improved the most this off season? Dallas, Carolina, Detroit and unfortunately, Chicago 8. Are you a dog or cat person? Dog 9. If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go? Savanah GA, such a cool little town with great restaurants.
  7. 1. Here we go! Round one of the playoffs! What team do you think wins each series (MIS vs. SDM, SSK vs. HFX, MIA vs. LVA, MEX vs. PHI)? Well... im' a little late to the party on this. Went golfing with some buddies for a long weekend and didn't check email or log into anything. So I will go MIS, SSK, LVA & PHI (i thought we were going to win but got swept.....yikes) 2. What player do you think will emerge as our MVP during the playoffs? Tsarov 3. Mexico's success depends on their goalie Bastian Greiss, how can we beat them early and often? turn everything to 5 on Offense 4. How do you think your player faired in the regular season? about what i expected playing most of the season with 250 tpe. i thought i'd finish in top 10 for scoring and i did... 5. What is your player's favourite pre-game meal? fried chicken 6. What was your favourite VHLM city to visit this season? Miami of course 7. What VHL team are you cheering for in the playoffs? no more cheering for now. bummed about the sweep. 8. What's your favourite TV series? don't have one right now. is nfl football considered a series once the season starts? 9. Marvel or DC? neither
  8. 1. With playoffs only 12 games away we're in a close battle with Miami and Mexico for the third seed, what will seperate us from these two strong teams? I think our locker room should bond us together during crunch time this season. 2. Are you happy with your regular season so far? Team wise, yes, the 15game win streak was killer, Personally, kinda bummed i wasn't able to sustain an avg of 2pts per game to keep pace with Duncan Montana for the points lead. Once the 15 game streak ended, my offense hasn't been as consistent. Time to look in the mirror. 3. Who's play on the team has impressed you the most this season? For a Rookie, Red Menace has really stepped it up this year and has earned the right to play more games. 4. What team of Miami, Mexico, and Las Vegas do you want to play in the first round? don't matter, we can play em both at the same time for all i care. 5. Mississauga has set themselves up as the clear favourites, do you think we have what it takes to beat them in a 7 game series? YES! 6. What VHL team has impressed you the most this season? HC DYNAMO of course! For sure not Calgary, those hosers traded me for a bag of pucks. 7. What is your favourite pre-game meal? square cut pizza 8. Are Tacos a sandwich? if no,does that mean a hotdog is a taco? tacos are a donut and donut is a hot dog or something like that.... 9. Controversial opinion: McDonalds coffee is better than Tim Horton's coffee. who the the hell is tim horton?
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