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  1. 1. charaZardd7 (Jonas Schweinsteiger) @CharaZardd7
  2. I mean, i may be alittle biased cause its me, but this graphic is seriously sick! I know you put alot of effort into your graphics an it clearly pays off. Love the multiple layers blended into one smooth image. Fonts pretty sick too! great work! easy 10/10
  3. Hey! Great idea making an alternative rulebook! seems like you put a lot of thought into the content and organization of the article. Definitely agree with making AGM a paid job, the do work too! solid 10/10
  4. PRESS CONFERENCE 1. With the VHL draft nearing, what round/pick do you think your player will go? 2. Now that the season is coming to a close, what do you think your players greatest strength has been? 3. Where has your player improved the most since the beginning of the season? 4. What has been your fondest memory of your time with the Kings organization? 5. Do you feel your player is ready for the VHL? Explain in one or more sentences. 6. What is one thing you plan on working on with your player during the off-season to get him/her in shape fo
  5. Overview Despite the on-going lacklustre performance by the Mexico City Kings, there is no doubt that Bastian Greiss is destined for greatness. Previous to the addition of Bastian Greiss to the Kings roster, the kings had only managed to procure 2 wins; since Greiss’s addition the Kings have managed to put up another 11 wins. While Greiss is still new to the league, he has managed to find his footing quick. He is currently being interviewed by VHL teams pre-draft and everyone’s eyes are on him as the 2nd highest goalie in the current pre-draft rankings. Greiss has been continuously
  6. I suppose this review is alittle biased because its of me, but I love it! Its creative and has a very simple, yet clean look. Love the large font put in the background leaving Bastian more room to shine haha. Good choice of render. The logo is attached seamlessly leaving a very clean look. Solid 10/10
  7. Love this Graphic, the logos are blended into the jerseys seamlessly, giving this graphic a very clean look. I love that this graphic isnt overpowered with too many effects. The font choice is great an airs well with the overall vibe of the graphic. Solid 10/10! Great work dude...
  8. Welcome to the first episode of GREISSY’S CORNER. It’s only fitting that for the first episode I tell you a bit about what GREISSY’S CORNER is before we get into the action. Every week or two I will be posting a media spot that focuses on issues and league related topics and then diving into them a bit deeper. Some things GREISSY’S CORNER will include are: • Player and personnel interviews • Player breakdowns • League drama and antics • Game analysis • And much more! This is new to me, and I haven’t historically been a great writer or story teller
  9. Still very new, this is my first time trying the software so im still trying to learn....... Dont judge too harshly
  10. Press Conference (Answer for 2 capped TPE) 1. Since the addition of Bastian Greiss to the roster, as a team we’ve been able to secure 6 wins in the last week. Is this a fluke or do you think we can keep the momentum going and get a few more? 2. In your opinion, what could your GM and AGM do to make your time in Mexico more fun and enjoyable? 3. What is one strength and one weakness you’ve noticed with your player in this season so far? 4. If you were to be drafted into the VHL next season, what team would you want to be drafted to and why? 5. Our team i
  11. Hey, im trying to get a new sig but i cant really make graphics so i could use some help! if anyone wants to donate some time to make me a sig i would be super thankful!! Player: Bastian Greiss #29, Mexico City Kings Render: Thomas Greiss but its not a huge deal if its someone else **** if possible, ive been wanting a full body pic that shows pads and stuff, not super important if its not possible! Thanks in Advance!!
  12. My Opinion on shrinking the VHLM I know what your thinking, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SHRINK THE VHLM........ Well, hear me out, I think i have a good point. The point of this league and how its set up is to have as realistic of a sim as possible, in order to have a realistic sim, you need to have realistic roster sizes. Taking a quick look at teams around the VHLM, most have very tiny rosters.... My team included with only 7 players including myself. I think this is an issue for one main reason, TPE. If you look at TPE its pretty simple, the more you have invested in your