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  1. Born in 1996, Pippo Coca lived in a seedy neighborhood of Rome. His father was a mechanic and he conveied his passion to his son. When Pippo became a teenager he became friend with other teenagers who loved to do illegal races so he started to race with them. When he was eightteen he was arrested during a race. At the police station he met the son of a police officer who played hockey. A few years later, when he was freed he tried to play hockey and he discovered he loved the sport and he was a good player, too. In 2018 his trainer told him to try to go in a more important championship, the VHLM, so one day, if you are good, you can maybe join also the VHL. Pippo said "how should I do it?" and the trainer said "don't worry, just keep playing like now and offers will arrive." So it happened and from all the offers he choosed to play for Yukon Rush. In that season he scored nine goals and he made five assists in twenty eight games, proving what the trainer said. The next season he was drafted by San Diego Marlins, for the VHLM, and also by Riga reign for the VHL. In that season he scored nineteen goals and twenty nine assists making fourty eight points, he also made the playoffs and he made four points, a goal and three assists. Unfortunately he didn't won the VHLM championship. Now in this season, the season seventy nine, he still plays for the San Diego Marlins and he made seventy eight points, this season he's way better, scoring twenty four goals and fifty four assists. Also in this season he made the playoffs and he made one assists in two games, because as I'm writing this San Diego is still in the playoffs so there is hope to see them winning the cup. I really hope that my player, Pippo Coca, will continue to play as he's doing right now in the VHLM also in the new league, the VHLE also in the VHL. He really also hopes that you readers can enjoy my first ever story and post, if I've made some grammatical errors I'm sorry but english is not my native language. If you have any advise to give me, write in a comment, I'll read it and try to keep better. Words: 408, if I'm not wrong.
  2. 1-I feel great for the team 2-Yes, we are the best, we can do it 3-no, thank you 4-Yukon rush, it's a joke, don't worry 5-The wins 6-Yes, I'm happy for my player
  3. 1-I think it's interesting 2-I hope we will win the championship 3-For wins 4-No, nothing in details 5-A good trainig in defense 6-No
  4. Nice job mate. I like what you did. Good luck with your carreer. In the end this will get a solid 8\10.
  5. 1-Defense 2-hamburger 3-no 4-the second one 5-F1 6-Disagree
  6. 1-yes, obviusly, he's the best 2-yes, I am 3-Team vote 4-Me 5-I like this logo 6-No, white chocolate is bad
  7. 1-Yes, we can do it. JUST DO IT 2-I'm still waiting for some interviews 3-No, I don't like writing 4-Chocolate 5-For the castle. 6-yes, they did it.
  8. 1-the second one 2-I don't know, I'm new 3-yes 4-it was nice 5-sacher cake 6-no, I don't.
  9. Player Information Username: pippo Player Name: Pippo Coca Recruited From: Other (matt thunder) Age: 20 Position: C Height: 70 in. Weight: 150 lbs. Birthplace: Italy Player Page @VHLM GM
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