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  1. 2. Practice makes perfect is the saying, and I'll stand by it. Having a brand new training facility would be amazing for the team. 3. Nope. That man is unstoppable. 7. Makes perfect sense. We've gone on a hot streak recently and we have so much talent on the team, no trade would make sense. 8. Not at all. I have no clue what I will do, but maybe being a commentator could be fun. 9. We are already winning a bunch of games now, I think if we start losing we gotta make sure to maybe mix up the lines but I think we'll have a big climb up the standings ahead of us. 10. It's been phenomenal. I've had an absolute blast with this team and being on the first ever Bratislava Watchmen lineup, let alone being one of the first assistant captains is so cool. 11. 100%, that was my choice after all.
  2. This is a very nice graphic. The text works well both font and color wise, maybe have the first name a bit bigger or a bit more legible but that's just me. You got a admirable jersey and logo swap, flawless except for the small hurricanes logo on the goalie helmet, but now I'm just nitpicking. All around a very good graphic. 9.5/10
  3. The Watchmen have a lineup of stars, and that's reflected by many of the team's players being at the top of the league in some sort of category, but just how good has this lineup been, and who's not performing like the others? (listed by number of points on 10/3) Jakub Brozik The captain of the Bratislava Watchmen has performed exceptionally this season. He leads the entire league in points with 45 (17 goals, 28 assists) in 24 games. He also is 10th in shots, tied for 2nd in +/-, and is 6th in game winning goals. He has been the leading force for the Watchmen, and does not look to be slowing down. There is so much to like about this season and he is definitely an early season favorite for some awards. Donny Carter Carter has been sort of a surprise performer for the Watchmen as he was picked in the 8th round of the VHLE draft, but has also performed very well. Carter is 9th in the league with 34 points (15 goals, 19 assists) in 24 games. He also is 7th in shots, and is one of 6 players in the VHLE with a hattrick. Definitely a breakout season after being average or just above average in the minors. Carter has been back and forth between the top two lines and has produced on both. He was named assistant captain for the team as well. Jannik Nylen The first pick of the VHLE draft for the Watchmen has not disappointed this season. Nylen has been an absolute force on the back end, and much of the success the Watchmen have had can be attributed to Nylen in at least one way. He has 33 points (6 goals, 27 assists) in 24 games this season, has the second most points among defencemen, is 4th in blocked shots, and is 3rd in the league for +/-. When he is on the ice, you can expect not just stellar defence but genuine offensive chances all through his shift, powering the Watchmen offence from the back end. Bratislava can probably expect to see Nylen put up some monster numbers for a defenceman, probably challenging for an award by the end of the season. Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson The 1st line center for the Watchmen, Blloyoiderson has been extremely good. With 28 points (10 goals, 18 assists) in 24 games, he has held down the middle of the ice and helped the top line to be as successful as it is. Blloyoiderson leads the league in +/- and also joins Donny Carter as one of 6 players in the league with a hattrick. He has had a very solid and consistent season and that very well could continue. Sven Eightnine A rock on defense, Eightnine has 24 points (11 goals, 13 assists) in 24 games, rounding out the list of players who are point per game for Bratislava. He is 9th in points for a defenceman throughout the league, and among the top or even the top defenceman in goals. He has a booming shot and is fantastic on the powerplay for the Watchmen. John Baard John Baard has been a consistent second line presence for the Watchmen, and he is oh so close to being point per game with 23 points (10 goals, 13 assists) in 24 games. He can definitely hit that point per game mark with a little bit of a push, may it be from a lineup change or if he just starts hitting a bunch of shots. He is a talented player, and a crucial part to the Watchmen offensive core. Pippo Coca The 2nd line center for the Watchmen, Coca has put up a very steady 20 points (5 goals, 15 assists) in 24 games. Though he hasn't put up insane numbers, he has done very well in the second line center position, and he is a very good setup man for Bratislava. If the lines get shaken up, expect Coca to directly benefit from it. Logain Ablar A skilled winger, Ablar has had more of a quiet season then some might have expected, but that doesn't mean it's anywhere near over. He still has a respectable 17 points (9 goals, 8 assists) in 24 games with Bratislava, and there is still 2/3 of the season left for him to start producing amazing numbers. Tony Adams The most defensive defenseman you can find on this team, Adams has a great 17 points (8 goals, 9 assists) in 24 games. But where he really shines is in the defensive stats. He is 2nd in the league in +/-, 3rd in blocked shots, 5th in hits, and also an unfortunate 5th in penalty minutes. He is a bruising defenseman who also has some offensive talent. Without Adams, the team would not have the second best goal differential in the league, and he will continue to be a top backstop for the Watchmen this season. New Player Player has been a solid depth defenseman in the league, not putting up high point totals with 8 points (1 goal, 7 assists) in 16 games with the team. He's not relied on for points though, and he provides depth for the defensive position for Bratislava. Brendan Marner The final skater on the list, Marner has had a very slow season with only 4 points (0 goals, 4 assists) in 24 games. He does help provide depth though, and he has a very sheltered role on the team, so the limited numbers are more because of being low on the depth chart then anything. Alex Parise The first goalie on the team, Parise has played 13 out of 24 games for the Watchmen. Even though he has a 5-5-2 record, he has a very good 0.927 save percentage, which shows how close a lot of the games have been for the team this season. He is a very talented goalie and sits at 3rd in the league for save percentage and 4th for goals against on average. Definitely keeps his team in it until the end, Bratislava is lucky to have him. Orion D H Chiester IX Chiester has played in 12 out of 24 games and has the same record as Parise (5-5-2). He is the second half of a 1A 1B tandem, and is also very good in net. He is 7th in the league in save percentage and goals against on average. A respectable position, and for Bratislava to have him and Parise is very good for the team. Summary Even though the Watchmen sit at dead last, they are by no means the worst team in the league. It's been a battle for them, and Bratislava has the 2nd best goal differential in the league for a reason. The issue is winning close games, which is something they are struggling to do. Most of their losses have been by 1 goal, with 4 overtime losses to boot. Once the perfect chemistry has been found and the team starts clicking, the Watchmen will quickly rise to the top of the very close standings, as they have one of, if not the most talented roster in the VHLE. Word Count: 1196 For Weeks of 10/10 and 10/24
  4. 1. Sign someone new? I'm not sure, I feel like we've tried a bunch of line combos and just gotten really unlucky with one goal losses. 2. If I were guessing maybe a superstition or a religion. Doesn't have to be related to the game. He can do him though, no issue there. 3. He's been a fantastic teammate. Very talented player and very fun to play with. 4. I mean it hits the nail right on the hammer. I like it. 5. Nothing! They did nothing illegal and it sounds like it's just some young guys having a good time, I wish they invited me! 6. 3-4 eggs, some bacon, 3 slices of toast, a few cups of OJ, and some corned beef hash. Game prep is just go through a classic routine. My only superstition is to do everything the same once I get to the rink, and sometimes even before I get there, such as taking the same route every day.
  5. 1. It got to the point where me and a few others had lunch with a few of their players. The politeness never lasted long though, as we beat them a lot. 2. I wish my fellow captains good scoring and fun times this year. Also me, I would like good scoring and fun times. 3. I got no clue, if anyone else knows I am interested to hear. 4. It's sometimes hard to practice against him, he's just so dominant all over the ice. I'm very lucky to be on a line with him and I feel like the chemistry our line has got is starting to make us dominant. 5. I think keeping both of them on their toes is best but if someone just absolutely goes off with a streak of shutouts then obviously we ride the hot streak. Competition is good for goalies. 6. I've seen him doing a few, on day one he was doing them and I was a bit confused about it, but now I see the results and don't question it anymore.
  6. *show's theme song plays as the picture fades out of a commercial and back onto the studio, where Joe Smith is sitting across from Donny Carter* Smith: Hello everyone and welcome back to tonight's show! Now we have with us a frequent guest, Donny Carter, now a VHLE player. Donny, how are you feeling about last night's draft? Carter: Well Joe first and foremost thanks for having me! And second, I'm honestly so happy. I wanted to play with someone who I knew, and I ended up getting drafted by Bratislava. I was excited and now it turns out that a teammate and good friend from my Houston days John Baard is on the team, so I'm really excited to get to play with him again. Smith: I am definitely excited to see you two play together again, there was a great season for you guys in Houston, do you think you'll have the same success you had there with the Watchmen? Carter: I think it's a huge season for us in Bratislava, it's the first ever one for the VHLE, meaning whatever team wins is the first ever champion. I think we have a pretty good and slightly underrated team of young players. We definitely have a shot and I'm hoping to have a really good season for the Watchmen. Smith: That's right, and I'm excited to see how the season goes. How is the locker room looking for the team so far? Carter: Honestly it's really fun. The players this year are going to be helping management to find things for the team like suggestions for team music or something like that. It's pretty cool. Smith: Would the Chicken Dance be an option? *looks at the camera with a smile that's way too big for the joke he made.* Carter: *rolls his eyes and looks at Smith with a face that says "dude".* Well Joe we are the Watchmen. So probably not the chicken dance. Smith: *realises how bad the joke was and clears his throat.* Anyways, you actually had your first few games as a team recently. How has it been playing with John Baard again? Carter: It has been an absolute blast! Our team has been high scoring in a win and an overtime loss, and the chemistry me and Baardo had in Houston never left, we've been putting up goals left and right! Smith: You haven't scored yet for the Watchmen but you still lead the team in points with 5 assists! Is this a pace you think you can stay consistent on? Carter: It definitely is, I'm just putting passes to really good players who can finish well. I have over 10 shots in 2 games and no goals, so my shooting is something to work on, but I think my passes are on point and I'm hoping I only get better. Obviously a lot of the credit goes to the guys scoring on the passes though. Good passes are just that until the good shot turns a pass into an assist. So I think I definitely can keep doing this well. Smith: Well Donny I love the spirit and can't wait to see how you do as the first ever VHLE season moves forward. Best of luck my friend! Carter: Thanks for having me on the show Joe! *show fades to commercial with the show's theme song* For week of 9/26 Word Count: 564
  7. 1. I think seeing the first two games, we will be a high scoring team, in winning and in losing, but the high scoring will greatly help us to win more. I think we already have good chemistry, which will definitely be big. 3. I mean any sponsor is a good sponsor, I see no issue with it! 4. Well I know Baardo from Houston, and even though we only played half a season I saw how good he was. It's early in the season but I would not be surprised if he lives up to that title. 5. I think I possibly can, it's a torrid pace so it would be a bit tough but honestly if the chemistry stays this good then I think I can keep it up. 6. Definitely! If we have two very good goaltenders then both deserve playing time! 11. 100% Baardo, he's an absolute beast on the ice.
  8. 2. Have fun in the M, you are only going up from here! 5. Growing as a player and getting ready for the E. 6. I'll say I have no clue for the E, in the VHL I'll say Riga, and in the M I'll say whichever team gets hit the least hard by players moving to the E. 7. I have no clue, probably just whoever is highest rated. 8. Yeah I'll have to disagree with you here. Chocolate is the best. 9. The Berlin Steel to join Kaleeb in the VHLE. That would be fun.
  9. This is a really nice graphic. The jersey color and logo swaps especially are very clean. It's hard to tell that there was even a change. The font and color choice for the text is very nice and it pops without it being too loud or distracting. You did great with the player choice as well. 10/10
  10. Review: It's a pretty good looking graphic. The background you chose is very nice, and the logo and player are both integrated into the graphic well, so the one issue I have has to do with the text. It's very hard to read, and doesn't really pop. At the very least, you might want to add some stroke to the text to make it pop. To go further maybe a different gradient. I'll give this a 7/10
  11. 3. It's gonna be that new GM of the Reapers. There's just something that says they are gonna win this upcoming season. 4. VHLE 6. Championship easy. 7. Boston Bruins 100% 8. I've got two kittens so cat. 9. An amusement park or something.
  12. I'm definitely up to be an AGM and stay a part of the locker room!
  13. *show's theme song plays as the camera fades from black to show Joe Smith sitting across from Donny Carter* Smith: Welcome back everyone, I am pleased to be here with frequent guest, Philadelphia Reapers forward Donny Carter! Donny how're you doing on this fine afternoon? Carter: Well Joe I'm doing better than I was last week. Smith: Good to hear it. For folks at home who don't know, the Reapers were swept in the first round of the playoffs in a tough loss after a great regular season. Carter: It hurt to see and I'm also sad to not play on that line any more, as I think all three of us won't be in the M next season. Smith: That second line was fun to watch I'll tell you that, you three were tied for the Reapers scoring leaders in the playoffs. Carter: Yeah we had some fun times together, and I wish them the best in the E. Smith: Even though the playoffs didn't go great, the regular season went fantastic for you! You had 34 goals and 81 points on the Bulls and Reapers this season in just 73 games. Definitely a breakout season in my book. Carter: I appreciate the slight pumping of my tires here Joe, I really had a lot of fun this season, and being more laid back really helped me to have a good season. The locker room was also a big part of it. After I got to Philly, the guys were fantastic and I had an amazing time in that locker room. Honestly I don't think there's another room in the M that's as good as Philly's was this season. Smith: Any stories you got for us? Carter: Ah, had some pranks, some team bowling, normal stuff like that is all I can mention live Joe. Smith: Ha ha, that's alright Donny. Now looking forward into next season, what do you think will be going on for you then? Carter: Well I'll be transitioning into the VHLE, and I'm honestly hoping to get drafted by Istanbul, that's where my GM this season in the Reapers will be going next season, and I really liked how he did things, so I think that could be a fun team to go to. Smith: I am looking forward to see that draft play out, but before it there's a tournament where all the players eligible for the VHLE are split evenly between the 6 teams. You have been put on Rome. How excited are you for that, as your performance will determine your place in the draft. Carter: I'm kinda nervous, but also excited, I had a pretty good season so I'm hoping I can carry that into this tournament and show these GMs what I'm capable of. Smith: I'm also very excited to see how you perform in the upcoming tournament, one last thing Donny before we wrap this up. Who is your prediction to win the cup? Carter: In the M? *Smith nods* Well I'm gonna say Mexico City because any team that can beat us I'm thinking will win the league. Smith: *laughs* That's a good answer, and unfortunately that's all the time we've got for today. Donny thank you so much for hanging out today, and good luck in the tournament. Carter: Thanks as always Joe, see you next time! *show's theme song plays as the camera fades to commercials* Word Count: 571 For Week of 9-5-21
  14. Pretty solid post here. I like the concept here, and maybe what you could do is make the graphic a bit more about the player over the team logo. Because it seems like the focus is the big logo. Also when you do that logo swap, something you could do to make it more cohesive is blur the edges where it meets the jersey to make the logo fit better. Good graphic though. Rating: 6.5/10
  15. This graphic definitely looks like it was done quickly, and it has potential. My main issue with it is that there was no jersey swap even attempted, and you can see the Maple Leafs logo on both the jersey and the fans jerseys in the back. You put the Hounds logo on there, but it kind of looks weird having the Hounds text right under the name. The font you used is good, and it has a good start. If you were to put more time into it I think it could look great. Rating: 5/10
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