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  1. 1. Well the new shape of the team is well directed! 2. Lexi Glass is an outstanding player right now. 3. I think that youth never hurts to score. 4. I find the Bruins' one very beautiful 5. Phantom Prague. 6. We still have time
  2. Agito

    Games: 1-15

    Moscow Go Moscow
  3. D - Robin Galante Nilsson @youloser1337
  4. 1. The Peaces have always had a good history in the VHL! I think he will be a good asset for Moscow. I hope to learn from him and his experience, I often watched moments where he played during his season at MIN, 117 points? at 21 years old? That's very very good! He was the threat of storm, he could very well be the next threat of Moscow. 2. I honestly think Patric Twist could have made it but he doesn't seem to be very active as a player. 3. I did not have the chance to know them yet but if they were dreamed by Moscow! It is that they are in good way of construction. 4. Well, Idaho would be for me the ideal candidate, he's going for his fifth season with Moscow! I heard that there was a lot of exchange between the former captains, I was told about a curse, personally I don't believe in it, I've never been too much of a curse, I think rather that we have to trust the process. 5. Sometimes there are exchanges so we have no control. 6. Personally I'm fine for my part.
  5. Congratulations to all the winners!
  6. I have the red wolf tattooed on my heart! But do you hear that noise? It's the sound of the red wolves coming in force against the two new teams!
  7. Thank you for this season! Hope to talk to you again soon! "THE GOAL OF LIFE IS NOT THE HOPE OF BECOMING PERFECT,IT IS THE WILL TO BE BETTER AND BETTER." Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. Agito

    BRA/ROM; S81

    Oh yeah first trade for the VHLE !
  9. Good evening, I am Agito, AGM of the mercenaries team and I propose you a press conference allowing you to win 2 TPE 1. What do you think of the team for which you have been selected to participate in the World Cup? 2. Do you already have an idea of which team will win the title for this tournament? 3. Among the players present in the tournament? For you, who would be your rival? 4. Do you find that you have a good start to the tournament? 5. Do you think you have a good team in this tournament? 6. If you could be a General Manager of one of the tournament teams! What would you do?
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