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  1. F - Groovy Dood @Moon_50 your turn
  2. Press conference - Week Ending September 26 (Answer all 6 for 2 TPE) 1. The S80 VHL draft wrapped up last night, what are your thoughts on Warsaw's picks? 2. What will S80 look like for Warsaw? We had our draft and a couple free agency signings so we do have a core. 3. The S79 Awards also happened last night, any surprises? Is there someone who should have won an award that didn't? (link for awards recap) 4. The VHLE expansion draft goes on tonight. Which VHLE team do you want to win the draft (is your favourite if you have one)? 5. A sad day for Warsaw as 6 season long veteran Aloe Dear tested the free agency and ended up signing with the D.C. Dragons. Any thoughts on Dear and their great career so far? 6. Most important question: How was your weekend?
  3. 1. I knew it was going to happened. Didn’t think Miami would throw a 3-1 series. 2. Yeah Malmo has a really built team. BOOM’s player had a great squad to help them go off. 3. VHL rookie season. 4. Write articles. 5. Cologne seems cool to me. 6. In the VHLM it could take as little as a season to be a contender again.
  4. As the new GM for the Team USA WJC squad, I am absolutely pumped to finally land my first GM job and work with STHS (even if it is just a tournament). I have been trying to land a GM spot for a little while now and hopefully this job can open some doors in the future for myself. Being a Canadian it hurts a bit to have to lead the Americans to victory but I do not mind really, still excited to start. I feel like the team I selected is a solid group lead by forward Taylor Mourning, defenceman Erlantz Jokinen, and goaltender Xavier Booberry. I feel as if the depth in my forwards is deep along with two really strong goaltenders with Booberry and Chiester IX. The defenceman on this team are good but would in my eyes be our weakest link. Another weak part to our team is the lack of centers. Deke Rike is the only natural centerman I picked up as the wingers for the USA are very strong. This means I will need to place two wingers on the faceoff dots but I doubt it will make a big difference. Not too sure how USA will stack up against the competition but I do believe we have a top 3 squad. USA does not have a big history of winning this tournament but it has been done 6 times if I am not mistaken so hopefully I can make it 7.
  5. Thanks for the great review I definitely should take into consideration for long-term futures as that would make more sense. Still in the VHLM team building mindset lol
  6. Lol accidently posted before finishing
  7. Graphic made by @Zetterberg Welcome to the S79 Team USA WJC Roster Reveal! If you are tagged that means your player has been chosen to represent USA in the upcoming tournament! I chose players that I think would work well together and members behind them that are active throughout the VHL. Get hyped! The tournament kicks off sooner than you think! Forwards Aldwin Craig @Eldredman Taylor Mourning @scoop Tyler Steel @tylerwest Donny Carter @TheNeonShaman Deke Rike @JCV Gregory Bates @Tyler John Baard @Birdman Vinny Detroit @dasboot Luke Pastrnak @GoldGear88 Defence Donne Taliferro @Wally Erlantz Jokinen @jRuutu Sting Chameleon @Hybrid1486 Link Zhang @WHY_Bolts Goalies Xavier Booberry @CowboyinAmerica Orion D H Chiester IX @Donno100 Discord Link if you need it: https://discord.gg/JnxprjJ
  8. Press conference - Week Ending September 19 (Answer all 6 for 2 TPE) 1. After a tough loss in game 7 to Malmo, how do you feel about our performance throughout these playoffs? 2. What could we have done differently to advance to the Finals? 3. Between Malmo and Seattle, who will take home the Continental Cup this season? (Malmo is up 3-1) 4. What are your player's plans for this offseason? 5. Overall what are your thoughts on Warsaw's and your player's S79? 6. The NFL's week 1 just started, have you been watching all the games this weekend?
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