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  1. Review of the first three weeks I have been in the VHL. Three weeks have gone by since I first joined the VHL and it has been a pretty good time I must say. Everything has been rolling smoothly so I thought why not give a recap on my time here so far. A lot of people reading this are probably veterans to this forum so it might be nice to hear about a fresh start from a new player. Joining the League I joined the VHL after watching a YouTube ad and thought it looked interesting. It was also probably 3 in the morning and I was wide awake and bored. I created m
  2. I have recruited @Xalen11 and @PistolP , both have passed 100 TPE Please quote to confirm
  3. 1. Has this season gone as you would've hoped for your player? This season has been pretty decent for my player. I didn’t have high expectations coming into the season so I think it’s alright. 2. For Season 79 draftees, have you received any interviews yet from VHL teams? For drafted players, what do you hope to accomplish in the VHL with your team, and when do you think you'll go up? I have received one interview so far, pretty cool and exciting stuff. 3. What's been the best part of the VHL (game overall) for you so far?
  4. Ah you're probably right, guess my second player will be the one lol
  5. My thoughts on the VHLE as a S79 first generation player As a new member to the VHL community, I think it would be nice for older players to see what a first generation player thinks of the new league, the VHLE. I have not been around for long and do not know everything about the system, so I am writing this pretty open minded to the concept of the new league. First off, I love the concept of a new middle class type of league. I think this brings more competition to the entire community. I also really like how it is based in Europe. Canadian teams and leagues are all I
  6. This reminds me a bit of the Sarnia Sting in the OHL. Good name, sounds natural. The graphic is good too I like the three players jersey swaps and the effects. 9/10
  7. I really like the logo on the chest and the shoulders that say iron. The effects, text, VHLE logo all look really good this graphic is awesome. Berlin Iron would be a cool team in my opinion. 9/10
  8. 1. Theme week is upon us, and this season's theme is the VHLE. What do you plan on doing, either an article or graphic, etc.? This is a great opportunity to get 6 capped TPE as well as 6 uncapped for 1 point task! I plan to do an article. Was thinking of making one from my player’s POV most likely. 2. We have lost our playoff spot to Mexico City -- for now. Do you think we could make an unexpected run this year if we secure a spot down the stretch? I think we can make it, everyone’s grinding the tpe and getting better every week. 3. This week is a
  9. 1. Just yesterday, we sent two very good players, defender Kirby Pandora and center Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson to Halifax for a 1st, 2nd, and 4th round pick. Thoughts on this trade? It’s definitely sad to see teammates get traded away, but it’s all apart of the business. This year especially we aren’t a founder’s cup team so I think getting those draft picks was a good move for the future. 2. We lost to Philly today, 3-1, but did beat Mexico City, 5-3. Some games our offensive game shines, while others our defense prevails. What aspect, offense or defense, has been better ove
  10. Happy pride month! I never really put much thought into pride month until my sister came out a couple years ago. Didn’t realize what she goes through and how hard it can be to express herself without people criticizing her for who she is. Ever since society started opening up to the LGBTQ community she has been able to be her true self and finally have a community she can connect with. I’m so proud of her and I hope everyone feels loved and appreciated always.
  11. This Graphic is perfect just because you used the Jets. But the Titans colours fit well with it so that's good. I like the fuzzy affect you used over it too. I don't see anything wrong with this graphic I like it. 10/10
  12. Little late but here they are.
  13. Dang Q this is nice! The editing is good you would think this is from a real life draft. Even got your real draft round and number in there too which is good. Kept the Graphic super HD and sharp looking and I love it. 10/10
  14. ajwllmsn


    I love this, super unique to what I’ve seen from other graphics. I don’t know how a black and white graphic pops so much with the few other colours but it does. Great job! 10/10