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  1. From the Toronto Sports Newspaper written by Hale James: Armani Calamari has had quite a busy week. He was drafted with the 18th pick by the Toronto Legion and then was notified that he was drafted in the 8th round by the Vasteras Iron Eagles. Despite the surprise that he was drafted so late, Armani does not seem to be worrying too much about it. He is currently planning on getting on a plane towards Sweden, but we managed to get this statement from him: "Honestly the VHLE draft results did not bother me too much. I was actually talking to my dad while we ate some waffles when I was notified. I am just excited for the opportunity to play for a new team in a brand new league. After I get done in Sweden I can head back to Toronto to show my stuff to the Legion faithful. It's all extremely exciting" The hype surrounding the European league is definitely exciting and we will hopefully be able to provide updates from Armani's performance in the E. And hey, if he loves waffles, Sweden is full of them and is famous for it. We wish Armani a lot of luck in his upcoming games in Europe!
  2. Armani Calamari was walking around nervously as he stands backstage at the VHL Draft in New York. He was predicted to go ether late first round or early second round in the draft and the end of the first round just happened. He knew that him being chosen in the first round was unlikely but it was still a bit disappointing. But ether way the wait has been hard so he decided to sneak off to the lobby for a drink from the vending machine. As he was drinking a newly bought Dr.Pepper his phone goes off almost making him drop it. "H-hello you have reached Armani Calamari and yes that is my real name before you ask" he answers as he starts to fast walk back towards backstage "Well we know Armani. This is Peace, the GM of the Toronto Legion" the voice answers as Armani immediately started to pick up the pace "and we are about to choose you with the next pick. How do you feel about that?" "Playing for my home town? Not having to move to far for more then a year or two? I'd be exstatic! Let's do it!" "Perfect but wait does it sound like you are running?" "Well I got thirsty and sneaked off to get a drink from the lobby. I know that I should have just gotten someone else to get me one, but I was bored" "Oh we understand! But you better get to the stage and take a deep breath to relax. Welcome home Armani" Armani smiles as he reaches the backstage area. He relaxes and breathes in and out as the Commissioner comes out to announce the pick. "With the 17th pick in the VHL draft, the Toronto Legion selects....Armani Calamari, Center from the Philadelphia Reapers and the country of Canada!" Armani walks onto the stage and takes the Legion hat. He takes a picture with the Commissioner while holding a Legion jersey. He was still a bit out of breath but luckily was not sweating as he headed back to backstage to talk with some of the media reporters. "So Armani was the Legion the team you were really hoping for?" One reporter asks "Well I love living in Toronto so the opportunity to keep doing that is great, but honestly I did not really have any true preference." Armani admitted honestly "I just love playing hockey and wherever I am chosen to play I will play in happily" "So I understand that you will be playing in the VHLE next season. How long do you plan on staying in Europe?" "Maybe a season or two but honestly I do not have any idea. I will just play in it for as long as I can before it is time for me to move up" "What will you be doing with your contract money first?" "Oh that's easy: Getting my dad a new car! His old one is falling apart" After finally getting away from all the reporters Armani just stares at his new Legion hat with his thoughts going crazy. But he knew one thing for sure: things are about to get busy.
  3. 1. Yeah up to the point where I was drafted 2. I think they seem promising overall even though I don't know the users you chose that well yet 3. Well you chose me so that is pretty good from the start 4. Other then me I honestly do not know 5. Yeah I will, probably for just a season 6. Absolutely I am ready for it
  4. Armani is coming home to Toronto after he finishes his time in the E

  5. Tomorrow at 8 Armani's future is decided 

  6. This is a bit of a headache on mobile but thanks!
  7. Time to look forward to the draft

  8. Armani still has games to play now in the WJC

  9. From the Toronto Sports Newspaper, written by Hale James: In a slightly surprising announcement, Armani Calamari will be playing for Team Asia in the WJC. The team has said that a shortage of players from the host country has led them to grab a few players from different nations. Armani is surprised but seems to be eager to have an opportunity to play in Asia. Quote the man himself: "It is pretty exciting to get another opportunity to show off my abilities. I just hope that the language barrier is not to bad there and that we can get communication done easily. I am surprised that I was chosen by a team that is halfway across the world, but I personally see it as no issue and I will love to see what the world looks like even more then I already have. I am excited to see how the fans there as I understand they can be very respectful." More info on Team Asia's uniforms and logo will probably come out as time goes on, so there is a lot of excitement surrounding the WJC. I know I am supposed to be unbiased but I will admit that seeing a Toronto man getting so much attention is pretty fun.
  10. Yesterday was amazing for me

  11. 1. Honestly that is hard to say. Maybe we could have done more testing but it's tough to figure out 4. The VHLE most likely because I'm not slowing down my earning 5. I'm extremely excited! I think I can be a late first round or early second talent 6. I'd rather win a title every time because it makes the whole team happy 8. I love dogs a lot more but I do not hate cats 9. Ireland or Japan. If i have to stay in the US then Nashville
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