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Status Updates posted by WildfireMicro

  1. Armani is coming home to Toronto after he finishes his time in the E

  2. Tomorrow at 8 Armani's future is decided 

  3. Getting more attention 

  4. Time to look forward to the draft

  5. Armani still has games to play now in the WJC

  6. Yesterday was amazing for me

  7. Another day closer to the draft

  8. Hope everyone had a great weekend 

  9. College football season baby!

  10. Happy Friday everyone!

  11. Try to remember where you came from sometimes 

  12. Most likely Armani's last game in a Philly uniform has passed

  13. I need to get back up. Taking a break from tasks but I'll be back. Claiming Welfare and practice for a while 

  14. Daily reminder that it is OK to like a peice of media even if others don't

  15. I didn't sleep until late I was watching a SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Beta64 video with my dog in my lap

    1. Hogan


      ooh brother brother you gotta get that sleep


  16. By the way my pfp and my background are both old retired NHL logos I found cool 

  17. Eyes on the present and looking forward to the future 

  18. Still might grind out some VHL.com articles

  19. Taking a break from media spots for a few weeks

  20. New week new possibilities 

  21. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

  22. I'll answer my first draft interview after work 

  23. One step at a time 

  24. Today feels great

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