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  1. F - Christian Mingle @KaleebtheMighty your turn.
  2. Press Conference Week ending 9/26 1. How do you feel about the new players this team has picked up in the draft? 2. What does this team have to do in order to win the Continental Cup? 3. Are you happy with this team's management right now? And is there anything you would change? 4. What is the biggest weakness in this team's lineup? 5. Who are the top 5 players in the league in your opinion? 6. Who is the better adviser, Moon or Zetterberg?
  3. Week 9/20 - 9/26 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 1. What are your thoughts on the new players this team got this draft? 2. What does this team need to do in order to have a shot at winning the Founder's Cup (VHLM Championship) 3. What are you doing to prepare for the start of the season? 4. Who do you think is going to play the biggest role this season? 5. What is your dream car? 6. If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?
  4. Moon_50


    Review: Pros: The player cut is really nice, i don't really see any flaws in it. The writing is super readable the colours you chose are very good. The background you chose i really like its not too distracting and taking away from the actual player and writing. Cons: Maybe you could've made the writing a bit larger but its not bad how it is. Overall this is a awesome graphic! I would definitely have to give this a 9/10 as i don't give 10s that often.
  5. My Review: Pros: The writing is very readable and stands out. The moon is definitely a good add-on its something i haven't seen before in a graphic. The background colour is nice and helps the writing pop. Cons: the Player cut isn't bad but i notice there is a bit cut out on the jersey its self. The moon is a nice touch but maybe you could've moved it up and to the right a bit. The logo and player seem to be floating so maybe just move those down a little. Overall its a pretty clean graphic just a little bland with a couple flaws. Overall i would give it a 6/10
  6. Press Conference Week 3 9/13 - 9/19 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 1. With the team being in 2nd place what do we need to do to push for that top spot? 2. What do you think the Pros and Cons are about your play style? 3. Is there anything you would do differently if you were running this tournament? 4. Are you doing better or worse than expected? 5. What is your Favourite Hobby? 6. What is the most catchy song?
  7. Week 9/13 - 9/19 Answer 6 questions to claim 2 TPE 1. What are your thoughts on the new GM and AGM? 2. What are your expectations for your player next season? 3. What do you think the Management should work on this off season? Answer 4A if you played in the VHLM if not answer 4B. 4A. What was one highlight from your player last season? 4B. What was one highlight from Junior Leagues? 5. What is your favourite song ATM? 6. Do you prefer Road Trips or Flying?
  8. Nils Godlander, Age 19, Right Winger from Sweden. Nils started playing hockey at a young age. Nils first got into hockey after going to a open rink with his father and saw some kids playing hockey, after that Nils was very interested in hockey. Nils began to watch hockey on TV for hours upon hours, Nils father ended up buying him a hockey net and stick so he could begin playing hockey in the drive way at their house. After a few weeks of Nils playing hockey in the driveway his father took him back to the rink and brought a puck and stick this time, as soon as Nils stepped on the ice he was skating and puck handling like a natural, after that skating session Nils father went and signed Nils up for a hockey training camp for U12 kids. U12 training camp. During the training camp coaches were very impressed how Nils was doing for being new to hockey. Nils did 4 weeks of the training camp, after those 4 weeks the coaches had a chat with Nils father and told him it would be a great idea to sign Nils up for a U12 league. U12 League. Just after the U12 training camp Nils got signed up by his father while his mother was hesitant but she allowed it. In the first game of the U12 league Nils put up 2 goals and 3 assists. After the first 10 games of the season Nils had 20 points in 10 games! He ended up getting set to the U15 league as it was getting unfair for the other kids. U15 League Nils was moved up from U12 to U15 as he was dominating and it was getting unfair for the others. Nils joined a team that had lost 8 of their 10 games. In the first game of U15 Nils only got 1 assist, it was a bit of a disappointment for Nils but he brushed that game off. In the next 4 games Nils had 10 points 5 goals and 5 assists! That one bad game gave him lots of motivation and he came back and was getting points like crazy. Fast forward 3 years Nils was signed to play in the U18 Juniors for Sweden. U18 Juniors Nils was beyond excited to play in the U18 juniors for Sweden. Nils went to the training camp for team Sweden and his team was very strong and the coaches were sure they would do well. In the first game they were versing Team Canada, they knew it would be a tough battle but they ended up winning 6-5, Nils had 3 points 1 goal 2 assists. Nils continued on and played the rest of round robin and ended up dominating in the Quarter and semi finals, Nils had a astounding 10 points in 3 games! Going into the finals Nils and his team were very excited and ready to verse Team USA in the finals. In the first period Nils got hit from behind causing him to be out for the final 10 minutes of the period. Going into the 2nd period Nils was determined to play again so he chatted with the trainer and Nils convinced him to let him play. Nils came into the 2nd period more focused then ever as he wanted to help his team win gold! Nils ended up making the score 1-0, the rest of the period was kind of slow as there were only 4 shots the rest of the 2nd. The 3rd period started and Team USA scored with their first shot in the 3rd period Nils was furious. Nils came onto the ice with anger and just wanted to score and he did just that as he scored 2 goals in 1 minute which made the score 3-1 and Nils had a hat trick. Team Sweden ended up winning that game with a final score of 3-1! Off season After Nils played in the U18 finals he had some scouts contacting him from the VHL, Liiga, CHL and the WHL. Nils got in contact with all the scouts and there was one offer that stood out more than all the others and that was the VHL. After weeks of talking Nils got a contract offer from the Minnesota storm for the rest of the S79, Nils accepted the offer. he played 32 games with 29 points in the VHLM. 741 words.
  9. Welcome back everyone to the WJC! I am Moon i am the Team Canada GM. Today is the day where i get to announce the roster for Team Canada, before i get started i wanna thank @rjfrymanand @Banackock for hosting this tournament! Ok lets get to what every one is here for. Centers Jonathan Ori - @ROOKIE745 Nathaniel Minion - @Minion Matty Fire - @MattyIce Right Wings AJ Williams - @ajwllmsn Baby Bob - @Baby Boomer Mikey Markov - @JetsFan81 Left Wings Kyle Peace - @Peace Zach Kisslinger II - @Kisslinger Jordan Heavens - @StormJordanYT Defense Poopy PeePants - @JardyB10 Corey Kitson - @Nykonax Cameron Elsby - @Spence King Jyuunya Pureya Oneri Desu - @Guriinwoodo Goalies Anime Protagonist - @Jericho Alex Parise - @Joker_TM Congratulations Everyone!!!! Here is the discord link https://discord.gg/JnxpsrjJ The Captain and assistant captains will be. Captain - Poopy PeePants Assistant 1 - Zach Kisslinger II Assistant 2 - Kyle Peace
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