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  1. 1. I lam happy with our picks. Maybe I would have selected some more d-men. 2. I think if we develop our players and pick up some more pieces we can contend. 3. I think of the chicken nugget obsession that I have been infected with. I regret nothing. 4. I think team world already won. 5. My Switch. I would play Mario Galaxy in space. 6. What an experience that would be. That would be a dream to me.
  2. 1. I have been a hockey fan for as long as I can remember. Having a hockey team in the city of my birth is what got me into the sport. 2. I would try to build a team that that balances offensive production with physical defense. I may apply for a VHLM AGM later. I have a lot to learn about being a player first. 3. I love scoring shorthanded, especially when on the road. Sucks the energy right out of the building. 4. I don't have a favorite VHLE team yet. Many interesting logos, but I would like to see how the teams play first. 5. As a first generation player, I feel the need to carve my own path and start learning from there. 6. Junk. You may believe in junk time, but I choose to believe no fight is hopeless.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out. Going to try the first suggestion.
  4. West Virginia News Media Report - Wheeling We now know where a local boy will continue his hockey career. William Groves, the kid who captained his team to a state championship, has been selected 39th overall by the Ottawa Lynx. Will says he is very happy to be heading to the Great North. "The management is very good and we got good teammates in this draft. Can't wait to see what we can do together." When asked why he was drafted by Ottawa, Will said, "It was probably my love for chicken nuggets that got me a role on this team. They love nuggets almost as much as I do. It is good to be with people who truly understand you." Will, who suffers from ADHD, talked his struggles being understood and called this a victory for all with learning disabilities. "Just because people say you can't, know that I am living proof you can." We wish Will the best luck in the VHLM. We of course will be following Will's pro hockey career every step of the way.
  5. I understand that. Just ideas for distance future.
  6. The start of the idea was Aisa. This article will explain everything.
  7. With the VHLE first days forth comming, a light bulb lit up in my head. Places in Aisa deserve VHL teams. From this single wild dream sprung into the thought of an entire league unlike anything before. One that spans three continents and thousands of miles. This is the Victory Hockey League of Development. What is the VHLD The VHLD is a hockey league designed to support the growth of players at different skill levels. It consists of three conferences each set in a different continent. There is the African Coference, the Asian Coference, and the Oceania Coference (made up of teams Australia, New Zealand, and other islands). My initial plans concluded with six teams per conference but two teams per conference would be ready for the inaugural season. It would expand hockey to countries like Japan, India, Kenya, Australia, and other untraditional hockey markets. So many team names were developed in the process of creating this league. Here is a link to a poll where you can vote on your favorite team name and tell me exactly what you think. Who would play in the VHLD The purpose of the VHLD is to develop player skills and to make scouting easier. To achieve this goal, there are four type of players able to play in this league. The first are players sent down from the VHLM. Just like the the relationship between the AHL and ECHL in real life, any player in the not receiving ice time can be sent down to receive more attention in the VHLD. It also helps cash strapped teams The second type of player in the VHLD is free agents in between contracts. Any VHLM player without a contract may choose to join a VHLD team to play while waiting. VHLM GMs can freely sign any VHLD player without a contract. Juniors are the third type of player in VHLD. This allows juniors who join in season to learn, develop, and get noticed much like the JS in the off-season. Also considering having the VHLD playoffs start after the VHLM Draft to futher support scouting efforts. Finally, there are inactive players with contracts. Thus, these players are able to fade away without costing team money. These four different types of hockey player ensure a diverse talent pool for the VHLD. How would the VHLD be different. There are some different that should be explained. There is no draft in VHLD. All player choose their team similar to the Junior Showcase. When at full size, the VHLD Playoffs would consist of the top two teams in each conference with the next two best teams being wildcards. In Conclusion I know there are many smaller rules that make up a league. But this is my ideas for the future of the VHL. I know most of this is unlikely to ever become real, but dreams move the world forward. There are some people I must shout out for helping me develop ideas. Thank you Dil, Banackock, and, most importantly 16z. Your assistance in providing ideas made this article possible. Critical Information Going Foward Will3 here, with some changes that will make future articles make sense. First, a name change. To be honest, I was struggling with a name for my league even as I was writing the article. While VHLD is ok, I believe a better option has been found. The league shall now be called the Victory Hockey League of the World or VHLW for short. This is because what I created takes place over such a wide area, naming it any thing else seems ridiculous. The VHLW will be used in all articles going forward. Secondly, fictional different. While the VHLD focused on development similar to the real world ECHL, the VHLW will be similar to the real world KHL. What that means will be discussed in future articles. Lately, plans for the future. I plan on writing future articles explaining cities that should be considered for VHL teams. I also plan to introduce the team of the VHLW by conference and breaking down the reasons for the team names. And the article explaining the similarities of the VHLW to the KHL is also on its way. Please look forward to it.
  8. When I suggested the VHL create a new league in Aisa, I could not anticipate just how many ideas I would develop. These twenty team names are the fruits of my labor. Now I want to know what the league thinks. If anyone wants to create logos for my created teams, please do so. (I'm an idea guy, not an artist). Also thanks to Dil, 16z, and Banackock for your suggestions. This article explains what all of this is about.
  9. Kuala Lumpur Connectors Singapore Seamen Those two should lead to having six team in each conference.
  10. Bombay Stars Brisbane Brawlers Perth Power 3 Conferences Africa, Asia, and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) Top two teams from each conference plus top two remaining teams compete for the playoffs.
  11. It could operate similarly to the Junior Showcase but in the regular season. Players could play in the VHLAA while waiting for a VHLM contract. Both junior waiting to get noticed and VHLM free agents in between contracts.
  12. Wuhan Warriors It is named so because Wuhan sounds close to Wukong. Sun Wukong is a mythological Chinese warrior best known by his Japanese name Sun Goku. The team is named after mythology and I like alteration in team names.
  13. Mumbai Monsoons There is an actual interesting lore behind that name. Orcs are a major part of The Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings movies were filmed in New Zealand. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Logically it is simular to the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. Both reference art important to the area.
  14. With the VHL's starting a new league in Europe, this is probably a bad time to consider this idea. Still I feel the need to get this thought off my chest. The VHLA would consist of 6 teams. These are the team names for the teams. Beijing Dragons Toko Terrors Hong Kong Howlers Soul Tigers Sidney Singers Wellington Orcs This is not a plan for today. This is a crazy dream of what the VHL could look like in the distant future.
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