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  1. Though I have just joined the league, I have to think about what my life will bring after I retire from the VHL. There will be very few career paths that are as impactful on my life as being a player in the VHL, but I have a few ideas of what I want to do. First, I want to pursue a career in performance. I love movies and would love to act for the big screen, or even live on stage. Obviously, it would be great to earn a role that is on the same level as Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, or Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter, but I know I would most likely have to start with smaller roles. I mean, I would have my fans and the platform I create from the VHL which would definitely help me when it comes to casting, but I still think it would take a few years to get a major role that I could be the face of. I also like music, so during this I think I would try to write music, produce songs, and, along with the acting, do some musical theatre. It wouldn’t have to be professional, though I would love that, but I just wanna see what it’s all about. I bet that I could become a pretty solid musical theatre guy. After that, I would want to start my own hockey league in my hometown that offers affordable programs and gear for kids who cannot afford it. Hockey should be for everyone, even people who struggle financially. I do not spend a lot of money anyway, so I know I will save a bunch of money from my VHL, and hopefully acting, contracts. I would probably sell the league after a few years, especially if my league is successful, so I can focus on something else that will cross my path. Finally, I want to travel the world, free of restrictions and rules. I love new cultures and food, so I want to go to every part of the globe; Japan to France, India to Mexico, Brazil to England, and so on and so forth. I want to be able to enjoy months of new experiences in places that I never thought I would ever be able to go. I would probably become quite fat, but I think it would be worth it if I am able to experience a bunch of new foods that may or may not be bad for me. Obviously, I can’t travel forever, but you know damn well that I will try my best. I will do as much travelling as my body can handle before I buy a nice, comfortable house to retire in and have a great time with my beautiful partner who I may or may not meet while travelling, cause who doesn’t love a bit of spontaneous romance? So yea, that is probably my ideal plan. It most likely won't end up exactly like this plan, but a man can surely dream.
  2. 1. There’s some new faces in the locker room lately in Jake Lerner, Charles Williams and Nick Sansone. Do you like the locker room more that we have more players? I love it! Having more people to communicate with is always a good thing. 2. This week is theme week! This season’s theme is what your player will do in retirement. Anything you’re planning on doing yet? I don't have a plan yet, but I have some ideas that I could do. 3. What have you liked most about your VHL experience so far, and what do you hope to achieve in the league? I have had a great time being a part of a team and trying my best to grow as a player. I want to achieve many things, but right now I want to win a championship 4. What should our goal be the rest of the season? I think we should just finish strong and grow as a team. It may be good to collect more draft picks, but I know that we will do well in the future. 5. Hockey season starts in a few days for the NHL! Does your team make the playoffs? How does a player you like do? If you don’t watch hockey too closely, how are things going for another sport you watch? I think my team, Montreal, has a shot at making the playoffs, but only in a wildcard spot. I think that Nick Suzuki will have a great year, earning at least 70 points. 6. Apple juice or orange juice? Apple juice for sure!
  3. 1. We were able to sign a defender (Igor Zubov) and a goaltender (Tadhg Byrne) recently. How do you feel about the additions? I think the additions are great for us. I think that they will help the team with our attempt to climb the standings. 2. What would you say is the best part of your game? I would say my passing. I am lucky enough to have good goal scorers on my line, but I feel as though I have a good passing ability. 3. What stat totals are you shooting for this season? I am looking to be a point per game player with a plus rating. It is definitely not an easy goal, but I think I can achieve it. 4. Best logo in the VHL (can be any league)? I really like Mexico City's logo. I think it looks bad ass. 5. Hobbies you have/things you enjoy doing? I enjoy singing and music a lot. 6. Favorite cheese? Probably have to say cheddar cheese.
  4. 1. We currently sit in 5th place in the West. What can we improve upon most? What have we done well? I think that our defensive play should be a bit better. We tend to have high scoring games, which is not ideal. I do think our scoring has been good though. 2. What player has been our 'MVP' thus far this season? Definitely Robert Wilk. He's not too bad at putting pucks in the net. 3. Any teams you want to go to in the upcoming VHL draft? I would be thrilled to go to any of the VHL teams. 4. Do you want to play in the VHLE (an intermediate league between the VHLM and VHL) at some point in your career? I wouldn't want to rule it out. I think it would be good for my development to play in that league. 5. Favorite genre of music? I like pop and funk. I also am in to musical theatre. 6. Thoughts on the upcoming NHL season? Or any other league? I think that the 2021-2022 NHL season is going to be full of surprises within the standings and player stats. I am also calling it now that there will be at least three blockbuster trades before the deadline.
  5. After the first few games of the VHLM season it is already clear to see what team shines above the rest, and what teams need to get back into the groove. Here is my quick round up of the past few games of the VHLM, along with the standings, and key contributors for each team. Currently, having the same records, the Yukon Rush and the Ottawa Lynx lead their respective divisions, each having an 11-1-0 record. The lynx have won their last seven games, constantly growing a lead over the competition. However, the Houston Bulls in the Western Conference, along with Yukon, are not far behind, having a 10-3-0 record. The VHLM fans should keep an eye on these three teams, as they are currently the favorite to win the league. In the West, Yukon leads with 22 points, followed closely by Houston, who has 20 points. Both the Las Vegas Aces and the Mexico City Kings are not far behind, having 19 points and 18 points respectively. At the bottom of the Western Conference, the San Diego Marlins and the Saskatoon Wild trail quite far behind, San Diego with a 3-9-0 record, giving them 6 points, and Saskatoon having a 1-11-1 record, giving them 3 points. This conference seems to be full of powerhouse teams, but will San Diego and Saskatoon have a chance to make up that ground? Only time will tell. In the East, Ottawa holds a great lead over the competition, having 22 points. The closest team to them is the Minnesota Storm, who currently have a 7-4-0 record, giving them 14 points. It drops off after Minnesota, as third to sixth place is only separated by 6 points, each team having an under .500 record. The Halifax 21st sit with 11 points, with the Mississauga Hounds close behind with 8 points. At the bottom of the conference, the Miami Marauders, with their 3-9-0 record, have 6 points, giving them a slight edge over last place in the conference, the Philadelphia Reapers, who have 5 points with their 2-9-1 record. Stand out players for each team: WESTERN CONFERENCE YUKON RUSH: Zaza Colors. Colors leads their team in points with 33 in 12 games, as well as leads the league in plus minus with a plus 24. The 6’4” right winger has not slowed down and is a large factor to Yukon’s success HOUSTON BULLS: James Glove Dropper. Second in the league in points with 38 in 13 games, Glove dropper is lighting up the league, as well as showing leadership skills and discipline, having zero penalty minutes so far in the season. Hopefully he can keep it up throughout the rest of the season, and his career. LAS VEGAS ACES: Sullivan O Julivan. With 17 points in 13 games, Julivan is 7th among all defenseman in points. Along with his offensive ability, he is also great defensively, having a plus 8 and 24 hits. He is someone you can trust in every situation. MEXICO CITY KINGS: Dookie Headtop. Leading both his team and the league in points with 40 in 13 games as a defenseman, he has carried his team on his back, being the main factor to their wins. With some help up front by Watson Stonebridge and Matt Avens, the league should be afraid of this offensively gifted defenseman. SAN DIEGO MARLINS: Jyuunya Pureya Oneri Desu. Desu has been an assist machine this season, notching 28 assists in only 12 games. Though he only has a plus 3, his offensive ability makes up for any goal he may let in, with his sweet passes to team leading goal scorer, Robert Wilk. SASKATOON WILD: Dekster Jankowski. Jankowski has been a shooting machine, firing 83 shots at the opposing goaltenders. Though he only has 10 goals at this current time, he is bound to earn more with the amount of shooting opportunities he gives himself. EASTERN CONFERENCE OTTAWA LYNX: The Red Menace. The Red Menace has been stellar in goal for his team, having an amazing record of 11-1-0 with a 0.912 save percentage. He has helped his team earn the top spot in the conference and he does not seem to be slowing down. MINNESOTA STORM: Nico Pearce and Nezuko. It is hard to choose who stands out more between these two players as they are tied for first in the league in hat tricks, each having three, and first in the league for goals, each having 17 goals in 11 games. These two players create a dangerous duo that is bound to light up the lights many more times. HALIFAX 21ST: Bryn Yrwy. Along with the two players from Minnesota, Yrwy is tied for first in the league in goals with 17 in 12 games. Along with 18 assists and a plus 14, Yrwy has been a key player for each of Halifax’s wins. Will he be able to sustain his goal scoring pace? We will have to wait and see. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS: Nayt Bedard. Leading his team with 19 points in 11 games, Bedard has given Mississauga many chances to come back into games. With another elite player alongside him, I am sure he would be a much more deadly threat on the ice. MIAMI MARAUDERS: Charlie Frazier. Frazier, a point per game player with 12 points in 12 games, has become one of the more undisciplined players in the league, being second in penalty minutes with 27. He has thrown 30 hits against his opponents, as well as having two powerplay goals, but the time in the box may be affecting his team. If he stays out of the box, I believe his team will shoot up the standings. PHILADELPHIA REAPERS: Mikael Mursu. Mursu leads his team in points with 20 in 12 games played, as well as plus minus with a plus 4. His 13 goals makes him one of the best goal scorers in the league, and he is not afraid to throw the body around. If he had another great passer alongside of him, I wouldn't be surprised to see him lead the league in goals.
  6. What do you think of the city so far and are you happy to be a Marlin? I am thrilled to be a Marlin. The city is great and I can't wait to get started. What do you hope to accomplish this season, as a player and a team? I hope that our team makes a deep run and has a solid chance on winning it all. My personal goal is to be an impactful player during my first year. What do you enjoy doing on discord? Any games you’d like to see added? I just like hanging out and being able to communicate with the others. What can we do to ensure you have a great experience? Just keep doing what you're doing. Do you have a favorite NHL team? If you don’t watch hockey that much, what sports/leagues interest you? My favorite NHL team is the Montreal Canadiens. To get to know you all a bit better, what is the best ice cream flavor? I think the best flavor is a classic French vanilla.
  7. 1. With the Season Wrapping up yesterday How do you think the team? Did your player Play how you wanted him too? I think the team did pretty well. We had some high scoring games, as well as some very good defensive games as well. As for my player, I felt as though he played well for most of the games, but had a few hiccup games along the way. I do like how well he played defensively. 2. This week the Nighthawks won the VHL championship, Meaning the offseason has Started, how excited are you for the upcoming draft on a scale of 1-10? I am a 8 out of 10 on the excited level. This offseason is going to be full of great experiences, and the draft will be the highlight of my VHL career. Its gonna be a fun offseason. 3. How far do you think the steels will make it in the playoffs starting on the next sims? I think they will make it pretty far. The Steel have a solid team and have the potential to win the playoffs. 4. what would you change about the steel after the round robin? I think we need to be a bit more defensive, especially when the score reaches double digits. It would help the sim greatly. 5. the warriors took first do you think we could beat them if we have too in the playoffs? Absolutely. We have the potential to beat any team in the playoffs. 6. After being in the league for a bit what has been the best part so far? The community has been amazing. Everyone seems to be very fun and welcoming.
  8. With the first addition of the S81 class ranking being released recently, I thought that it would be fun to take a look at the current top five ranked players on the board. Though this draft is full of some elite talent, these five currently stand out the most. The five players we will be talking about today are Nico Pearce, Harkat Mulds, Zaza Colors, Cameron Elsby, and Nezuko. Starting off the list we have Nico Pearce, the six foot, 180 pound left winger who is currently ranked number one on the first addition of the draft rankings. Nico Pearce is an elite level prospect who plays brilliant hockey on both ends of the ice. With his elite shot and great defensive play, he is sure to quickly become one of the best left wingers, if not one of the best players, in the entire league. Along with his shot, he is also quite speedy, being able to fly past many defenders. One thing that Pearce could work on is his physicality and strength. If he is easily nudged off of pucks, it will be hard for the player to get quality chances on rushes and puck battles. A very great player, worthy of the number one spot. Next on the class rankings list is Harkat Mulds, a center who comes in at five foot and five inches, weighing 140 pounds. Though small in size, Harkat Mulds is another elite scorer who, when left open on the ice, always finds a way to put a quality shot on the net. Along with his scoring ability, Mulds is great on the faceoff dot, winning a large amount of draws, and has great defensive awareness. He is a player you can always trust to get back and play solid defense for your team. Besides his natural size and strength, Mulds is not known for his passing ability. He is not looking for passes when he has the puck, as he knows that he will be able to provide a quality chance whenever he has the puck. If he were to work on his passing, he could become a great two way center in this league. At the third spot we have Zaza Colors. Zaza Colors, coming in at a whopping six foot 4 inches and weighing 215 pounds, is a large right winger who knows how to put the puck in the net. With his big frame, he is able to charge through defenders and plant himself in the front of the net, creating screens and deflections that lead to quality chances and goals. His big body helps him win many puck battles and lay big body checks, especially since he has some decent skating ability. However, his big body brings some trouble, as he is not the most disciplined of players. He may add a few extra penalty minutes to the score sheet, but you know he will break out of the box and create a strong scoring chance. At the fourth spot, and our first and only defenceman of the top five, we have Cameron Elsby. Cameron Elsby, a huge six foot eight inch beast who comes in at 250 pounds is ready to lay the body in front of the net. Forwards tremble at the sight of this giant, scared he will run them over just like the others. Elsby has great two way play, playing great defensively, taking pucks away and winning a lot of puck battles, as well as being graced with a powerful shot that zooms into the back of the net. However, just like Colors, his big body can cause a lot of penalty trouble. Saying this, his big frame may be too hard to pass on for any of the GMs. Finally, rounding out the top five ranked players is Nezuko, a five foot five inch left winger who weighs 140 pounds, who comes from Japan. Nezuko, though small in stature, has a great shot and plays very well defensively. They can be trusted to take pucks away and always create a solid scoring chance when they are not contested, which, with the speed they possess, will not be too hard to do. However, though Nezuko is a great shooting winger, they do not have a great passing ability. Some of their passes do not hit the target, which could lead to an opposing chance. Saying this, Nezuko is still very young and has a lot of room to go, so expect Nezuko to work on all of the aspects of their game and become a little giant, racking up points in the league. Special shoutout to Wiley Blanchette, the highest ranked goalie on the list. The six foot goalie, weighing only 140 pounds, is ready to prove himself during the summer showcase. He currently sits at the twenty fifth spot on the class rankings. Blanchette has some good rebound control, but definitely has a lot of room to improve all around. Just like every upcoming goalie, he is aiming to become one of the best goalies in the league and hopes to one day lead his future team to a championship win. He is a great person to have in the locker room and he will have an immediate effect on any team that he joins. All five of these players, plus Wiley, have been blessed with amazing talent. You can almost already see them at the top of the scoring charts, being considered some of the top players in the league. I cannot wait to see them show off their abilities in the summer showcase, and eventually in the higher leagues. Since they were ranked this high there will definitely be competitions between them to see who has the better career. Also, congratulations to all of the other players who were put on the first addition of the class rankings. To read the full list of prospects who are coming up this season you can follow this link:
  9. Hello everybody I have your press conference here if you have any questions regarding the press conference you can message me here or on the discord(Minion#9087) or ask me on the forum by clicking on my name and then message button what do you think about being drafted or signed to the steel? Do you like the teams so far? I have had a great time so far as a member of the Steel. Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere in the locker room is amazing. For those of you who are new, what do you think of the VHL so far? And for you older players, what’s you favorite part of the VHL? The VHL has been quite interesting so far. I have enjoyed being able to be creative and just have a fun time. Its great! If you could rename the steel what would you name the team? I think the name is pretty good, but if I had to change it I would change it to Blades. What are you goals for you player in the showcase tournament? I want to show my versatility on both sides of the ice, hopefully impressing the scouts and eventually getting to play in the league. Do you think the steels have what it takes to win the showcase? Of course the do. Sam’s chicken nugget madness has found it way in to the discord. Do you like chicken Nuggets? And what’s the best dip for the chicken Nuggets? Chicken nuggets are great. The best dip may just have to be a classic BBQ sauce.
  10. The Reinhart rookies of Vancouver: The Reinhart brothers, Jerome and Tyler Reinhart, have shown the power of a brotherly connection for the Vancouver Wolves. With a combined 144 points, 73 for Jerome and 71 for Tyler, they led all rookies in points this season by a landslide, with the third best rookie being 20 points behind them. Selected second and third overall in the 79th season of the VHL, these two brothers resemble another pair of elite brotherly talent that came out of another Vancouver team for a different league. With their success in their rookie year, there is no doubt that these two elite players will have outstanding careers. I am sure that these two players will help lead Vancouver to a better position in next year's standings, and hopefully assist them in winning it all! The question is; which brother will have the more productive career? Though it is very early in their career, I have no doubt in my mind that these two players will be having their own brotherly competition throughout their careers. Especially if they continue to play for the same team.
  11. Johnny Xavier; Before the VHL Johnny Xavier, one of the newest additions to the Victory Hockey League, joins the league after going through many career changes. Xavier has always dreamt to be a member of the VHL, but though his dream is not finally becoming a reality, it was not an easy journey for the 21 year old center. At the age of 8, Johnny Xavier played his first game of hockey, immediately falling in love with the sport. He joined various junior leagues, played for his high school, and even planned on applying for universities with the best hockey programs. However, when Xavier was in eleventh grade, his family was unable to financially accommodate the registration prices for any of the local hockey leagues. To assist his family with their financial troubles, Xavier got a part time job at a local convenience store, making enough money to allow his family to become more stable. Also, while having less time on the ice and more time at school, Xavier found a new love for theatrical performance. He joined the high school musical, the choir, and various other school clubs and societies. Without hockey taking up a lot of his time, Xavier could enjoy some of his last moments of high school. After Xavier graduated high school, he went to a university that had both a theatre program and a hockey team. The battle between dreams began to intensify, as Xavier would eventually have to choose one of the paths; get a theatre degree and act professionally, or commit to the hockey program full time and impress scouts. It was not an easy choice for Xavier, as both career paths had their own unique pros and cons. However, after many debates with himself and talking to his friends and family, Johnny Xavier decided to commit to the hockey program. Though he still stayed in the theatre program, he set his sights on one thing and one thing only; the VHL. Now, Johnny Xavier has reached his fourth year of university, representing his university as the assistant captain, and finally earning his chance to achieve his childhood dream of playing for his favorite hockey league. Entering the upcoming draft, Xavier is excited to play and hopes that he has done enough to impress the amazing teams that scouted him. What will he do in his VHL career? Well, it looks like we will just have to wait and see.
  12. PRESS CONFERENCE: Week of September 5th, 2021 (You don't have to answer every single one, just answer 6 for 2 TPE) 1. Here we go! Round one of the playoffs! What team do you think wins each series (MIS vs. SDM, SSK vs. HFX, MIA vs. LVA, MEX vs. PHI)? My team predictions are: MIS over SDM SSK over HFX MIA over LDA PHI over MEX 2. What player do you think will emerge as our MVP during the playoffs? I think the MVP will be Gunnarwolfe Vomacka. 3. Mexico's success depends on their goalie Bastian Greiss, how can we beat them early and often? Immediate pressure of the defense and physicality. 4. How do you think your player faired in the regular season? N/A 5. What is your player's favourite pre-game meal? Roast beef and mashed potatoes. 6. What was your favourite VHLM city to visit this season? Halifax 7. What VHL team are you cheering for in the playoffs? Chicago Phoenix. 8. What's your favourite TV series? I would say Lucifer. 9. Marvel or DC? Marvel all the way.
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