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  1. 1. Honestly idk. a lot of players on our team are returning players 2. 50/50 tickets 3. i was nominated for one. also won the founders cup. Could be a twopeat?? 4. Your stcik obviously 5. Add some other TPE earning methods (TRIVIA????) 6. Can touch his nose with his finger
  2. 1.I think the bulls are up and coming they could be one 2.Not really i think its fit way better 3. i think we can make a push for it. as the season goes everyone will get better, i say just wait for now 4.I'd say both. Im ah well rounded player whcih could leave me the possibility to play with a lot of players 5.3 in 3, at the last minute its too risky 6.Its well constructed, best hockey simulation game that isnt tied to the nhl
  3. 1. Great feeling. Absolutly love it 2. Afraid as hell 3. Best thing this season 4. Well im coming back next year. Probably are squad from this year 5. The route too Founders cup 6. train and get ready too help the team out for next year
  4. 1. We are taking out the brooms again. 2. Us and Yukon 3. only eligible for next draft, so it isnt over yet 4. Water and tea 5. my night was really boring 6. Paul Walker. not really historic but still
  5. 1-Halifax is a nice little place but i prefer Ottawa 2-nope, thats fine and original 3-This question is a bit weird, i guess my pink tape job #breastcancerawareness 4-Personnaly im that well in discord. it seems like a complexe thing for me, i think its fine as is. 5-yes its a dog 6-i think goal scoring, in past 17 games i scored 5 goals and 3 assists compared to 0 goals and 5 assists in the first 49 games
  6. 1-I think we can get back to winning games but I don't see us breaking records anymore. 2-My player has certainly got pretty good over last few games, I hope it continues. 3-It does give more opportunity to play around are lines and system. 4-I haven't played any, but heard good things about them. 5-Damm that's a hard question. Probably not caring about the big things. 6-Anything really to do with history. Bringing back to the wood industry with the log riders and all.
  7. Player Information Username: Greg Romain Player Name: Greg Romain Recruited From: YouTube Age: 16 Position: LW Height: 73 in. Weight: 198 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM
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