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  1. Robert Wilk Reacts to the VHLM Draft During the days coming up before the VHLM Robert Wilk was extremely nervous. He knew some VHLM teams had at least a passing degree of interest in his abilities, as he had spent his time taking part in many an interview with scouts. Despite that though, Wilk knew very well he was far from the best of the prospects available. Many players on the board were stronger, quicker, better skaters, have practiced longer and were very simply better than him. What’s more Robert has made it very clear to GMs all around that he’s a player that needs a fair amount of guidance in order to grow into the stellar player he knows he can become. On draft night, tensions in the Wilk household were high. The entire extended family had gathered together to witness Robert getting drafted into the league. Although everyone around him was sure his long years of training and sacrifices would pay off and that he would obviously find a place on a VHLM team, Wilk was not so sure. His emotions were at a peak in the final minutes before the draft started. This was it. The culmination of his life long training. A singular moment that would judge his worth. As pick after pick were made, Robert’s emotions were wracked. With every passing pick not being him he felt a feeling of dread slowly creeping up the very depths of his soul. He wasn’t good enough. He didn’t do enough. He wouldn’t make it. By the time the first round was over Robert’s forehead was covered in sweat and he felt as if a drum was going off inside his head whenever a pick was made. When the second round came into a close even his family members had stopped reacting strongly to every pick, yelling “this is the one Robert, this one is you” every single time. When the third round finished, nobody was talking anymore. A solemn feeling crept over the entire household. Hope was gone and no one really expected what was to happen. When the forty first overall pick was announced, Robert didn’t even notice. It was only when his family members around him erupted in massive shouts and yells that he looked up and saw his name on the board. Drafted to the San Diego Marlins with the 41st overall pick of the VHLM Draft. He was good enough. His dream would come true. He would play in the VHL. Soon after the phone call from his agent came congratulating him on the pick. Wilk spent the next hours discussing business matter with his agent and the hours after that were consumed on a phone call with the San Diego Marlins GM JB. Within mere hours of being utterly convinced he would never make it in the VHLM, Robert Wilk was on a flight to the USA, where he would start his new life as a professional hockey player. San Diego – you better watch out!
  2. REVIEW Exciting recap of the final game in the series! I really enjoyed your style, it flowed nicely and was overall a great read. I appreciated the formatting greatly - Always nice to have an article easy to read. Great job! 9/10
  3. I really liked this article. Your analisys is clear and informative, easy to follow even for a newbie like myself. The topic is interesting and not something you see every day. Great job on the media spot man, I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work! 10/10
  4. What is something you couldn't live without? I couldn't live without my dogs. I've always been around animals and by now I'm so used to them I can't imagine living alone. What is one thing ritual you do before every game? I call my mom. She's always been my biggest supporter and she's the one that helps me keep my cool. What is your favourite pre-game meal? Something light usually. A salad, or a nice little sandwich. If you had to play another sport what would you play? Basketball for sure. I have friends in the pro basketball league. What is your go to shoe when you're relaxing? Nike Air Force 1. Hella comfy shoe. If you could put a team anywhere in the world where would it be? In my town of Warsaw - but there's already a team there!
  5. Robert Wilk prepares for draft The young right wing Wilk has spent the past few weeks preparing for entering the VHLM draft. Though Robert is not very sure of himself as a top prospect in this exclusive league, he’s been surprised to have received scouting interviews. Despite spending most of his time training for his entrance into the league, Wilk did his best to take the time to answer any and all draft questions VHLM GMs might have towards him with great care. He’s been quoted to say that “he was open to develop in any way his future GM will need him to, as he’s a player that wants to focus on team success.” Wilk has issued an announcement informing other VHLM GMs that he’ll do his best to take part in any more interviews, whenever they would come. Robert remains optimistic on his chances to get drafted, even if it’s in the later rounds.
  6. REVIEW I liked that you went beyond simply listing stats and recapping how your player did - you added those much needed pieces of narrative to the article, with the mentions of being underrated and looking to prove people wrong. I hope your player does that! Your sentences tend to run on a bit though. What I mean is some of the sentences in your article could probably be cut up into 2 or 3 seperate ones to make it flow more smoothly and read better. And we'll, despite adding those narrative fragments most of the article was just listing stats, which while understandable in a recap article just doesn't really read well. Overall good, keep up the grind! 6.5/10
  7. REVIEW I liked the style with which you wrote this! It really does feel like a report that could've been written in a sports paper following your player's and his team's career. However I felt like the part with the games recap is a bit disjointed from the first part and the ending. For next time maybe try and make the whole thing flow a little bit smoother? Overall I liked it. Good job on the article and good luck with your career! 7.5/10
  8. 1. What has been your favorite moment in your VHL career? 2. If you could go back in time and change one thing about your career, what would it be? 3. What position would you recommend for a new player getting into the league?
  9. I'm a member of the SBA and was finally tempted to come over and check this place out! I noticed there is a team from my city of Warsaw, so I'm excited about potentially playing there. Mostly overwhelmed. I thought it'd be easier since it's not my first simleague but it's still a bit much, haha
  10. Robert Wilk readies to enter the VHL Robert Wilk is the newest prospect hailing from the country of Poland that will be looking to make an entrance into the VHL. Scouts would be advised to realize that this player is surprisingly not very knowledgeable at all about the league he’s soon to play in. Robert has spent half his life working out and playing hockey whenever and wherever he could, but by some weird chance, he’s never actually watched an VHL game. Coaches willing to draft him will need to spend a fair amount of time helping Wilk get the hand of the inner workings of this robust league. Robert is however also a player very open to suggestions. Coaches will find him a youngster they can shape into whatever their team will require. Spend some time on Robert Wilk and you could have a valuable team piece, that doesn’t care for glory and is willing to put team success above personal accolades.
  11. I'd like to get the hang of things before signing anywhere
  12. Player Information Username: Tomat0 Player Name: Robert Wilk Recruited From: SisterLeague Age: 23 Position: RW Height: 77 in. Weight: 200 lbs. Birthplace: Poland Player Page @VHLM GM
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