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  1. In our past interviews, we spoke with young Cadmael Ixazaluoh - a boy who was new to hockey and new to the world. We've watched as he has grown, not only on his on-ice skill, but his life outside the arena as well. Though in recent weeks, Cadmael has been rather reclusive. According to his agent, "Cadmael has been focusing for the upcoming playoff run. He has set a goal of making the playoffs and when he sets a goal, he focuses up." We managed to find Cadmael between practices at the arena last night where, he said some rather strange things: Interviewer: Cadmael! Cadmael! Over here! Cadmael: YOU! You, it's you. Listen, we don't have much time. Interviewer: That's right, Cadmael, we've heard that you've been super busy with your practice and ice time and we don't want to take too much time away from you. Tell us, what's got you the most excited about your upcoming games? Cadmael: No, no. You don't understand miss, they will be here. In our last interview you said something about TP- Interviewer: Speaking of interviews, since we published our last interview with you, you've gained almost 50,000 followers on social media, how wild is it to have all of these people observing your life!? Cadmael: That's just it, I don't know any of these people, I don't even know your name - you won't even tell me your name. You say things and it's like no matter what I say you just continue to ask like I answered your question anyways. Then whenever I bring up the TP- Interviewer: HAHAHAHA! Cadmael you've been picking up on your American humor since you've been here. One last question before we let you go here, what are your hopes for this season? Cadmael: A̴h̴,̶ ̶w̴e̶l̶l̵,̸ ̸u̵l̸t̴i̴m̴a̴t̷e̸l̸y̷ ̴I̸ ̸h̵o̶p̵e̷ ̴w̶e̸ ̴j̷u̸s̴t̶ ̵e̶n̴d̷ ̷u̵p̷ ̸d̵o̷i̶n̵g̸ ̵w̷e̷l̷l̵ ̸a̷n̸d̷ ̶b̶e̸i̷n̸g̶ ̸a̴b̵l̷e̵ ̶t̶o̸ ̴s̴a̴y̶ ̶t̶h̴a̵t̸ ̵w̴e̶ ̴p̸u̸t̷ ̴i̴n̴ ̵o̷u̵r̷ ̷b̶e̸s̴t̴ ̷e̸f̸f̴o̸r̶t̷.̷ ̴A̵t̴ ̴t̷h̴e̶ ̴e̸n̶d̸ ̴o̶f̴ ̶t̵h̵e̸ ̷d̷a̵y̶,̸ ̴t̴h̴e̶ ̵t̵e̶a̶m̶ ̵I̷ ̷h̵a̸v̸e̴ ̵i̷s̸ ̶h̶a̴r̸d̵-̴w̸o̷r̶k̶i̷n̵g̸ ̶a̴n̷d̷ ̷a̴l̷w̵a̵y̵s̵ ̶p̵u̸t̸s̵ ̵o̷u̷t̴ ̷m̵a̷x̷i̸m̵u̷m̴ ̶e̵f̵f̷o̷r̵t̴.̷ ̶T̸h̴a̵t̷'̷s̴ ̶a̶l̴l̶ ̷I̸ ̵c̴a̸n̶ ̴a̸s̵k̶ ̴f̴o̷r̶.̸ ̸ Interviewer: Truly inspiring, Cadmael! Ope, and I see your agent is here to take you to your next practice I'm sure, you take care! Cadmael: T̸h̷a̵n̷k̷ ̴y̶o̵u̶,̷ ̶y̷o̶u̶ ̶a̶s̷ ̸w̵e̷l̶l̶.̵ What an eccentric young boy, with unique ideas! A bright future lays ahead for him if he continues to put in the effort. This is i̷̯̬̻̫͊̏̊̍͛n̸̠͎̾̈́̅͋͂t̶͙̀̈́̐̈́̚ë̸͇̬́̚͠͠r̶͇̭̈̌̐̿v̶̪͙͍͗i̷̦͆̋̿̕̕e̸͚͑w̶̡̧͎̰͒̈́̿e̵͉̟̗͂̀r̸͇͊͠, signing off!
  2. I thank you for your questions. I will begin: Quite frankly, no. Our powerplay has been underperforming as compared to my expectation. It's disappointing to put a lot of effort into stopping penalties, but not see the same effort when we have it. I have faith that we will do all we can to make the playoffs. That is our concern. I do not leave the ice. I merely take small 1-2 minute breaks. Anything that bleeds, can be killed. We scored 2 and kept them to 5. Our resolve will see us through. Yes, these Janser boys. An eccentric bunch. Overall, they helped team come together. Need more time, but it seems the longer we get to play together, the better we get. ¡VAMOS GATOS! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sounds like someone forgot to lock their door and dinner got out. In my country, if we someone's chicken get's out, we just pick it up and throw it back over the neighbor's wall.
  3. It's unfortunate that this week's theme is Life after the VHL, since one could draw heavily on past players. I just kept drawing a blank. I wanted to do something funny, but just couldn't think of anything. So then I was like "ok well what about a "famous" player. Well thats too much research for my lazy ass. So instead I present: A GENERIC VHL POSTER I imagine we could find this in the VHL cafeteria right before the cashier. You know what I mean. I'll be the first to admit that this is a stretch to fit theme week, but since I couldn't really think of a specific instance, I just decided on a general "this could be you" type poster.
  4. Yep, this is a good'un. I love the subtle blue-green gradient over the whole graphic. I also love the attention to details with the reflections in the walls. The overall changes you made to the original were not over the top, but enough to make it your own graphic. It's just very well-executed. Well done. 10/10.
  5. I remember seeing this in a flyers promo video a few years back. It's a very funny use of the screenshot from the video. Certainly a decent start with the graphics, I would try to make them blend with the effect/filter you put over the graphic. Definitely practice with the clone stamp tool in paint.net or Photoshop or whatever you use so you can try and get that NHL logo outta there easier. Overall. It's funny as hell and a good start technique wise 6.5/10
  6. Being my first season here and having never experienced trivia: I think it was the part I was looking least forward to. Perhaps an alternative task would be better that could take a similar amount of effort. (Do consider that from what I'm reading, people just end up sharing the answer anyways so trivia didn't have much effort to begin with it seemed.) I can't quite think of an alternative that has not been already presented, but I do think that trivia is ok to sunset.
  7. And having my player on the Reapers has been an absolute blast. So I attempted a little "marketing" graphic that I wanted to put a little spooky pun with. I think the text could use some more work, so I'm probably going to tinker with that more. But I personally am proud of what I did with the skyline and the reaper interaction. Whoof. Well, hopefully some improvement from last time. Enjoy! bonus horny police sig I made for discord
  8. Finding His Form At last check in, recent VHLM waiver pickup from Latin America, Cadmael Ixazaluoh was struggling to adapt to culture abroad and especially to his new environment in the Philadelphia locker room. Many speculated his lack of hockey experience in his youth would play to be factor in his performance, and at the time of his last interview, his statistics were thought to be a fluke and unmaintainable. It seems since that time, Ixazaluoh must have found the missing piece to his equation. Now at 40 points and with 30 assists, Cadmael is finding his form - and fast. As Philadelphia is now pushing hard for a playoffs spot, they have now reached a ceiling where they are contending with the teams at the top. I managed to spend some more time with Cadmael between his many practices: Interviewer: Cadmael! Over here, Cadmael! Cadmael: Ah! It's you! So good to see you again! I did not expect to see you today at the rink! I never did get your name. Interviewer: It's ok, my name doesn't matter. You're only doing this for TPE after all. Speaking of, you've been doing rather well in your last few games, what's changed? Cadmael: TPE...? Uh, yeah, well, I guess I have been much better with understanding how people move on the ice so it's helping me see what they might do. Interviewer: You've been out of your native country for some time now, are you still finding difficulty in adapting? Cadmael: Well, the only thing is that people call me "harsh". I am only honest. I do not wish to see anyone perform under what I think they are capable of, and it pains me to see wasted talent. Interviewer: That sounds extremely passionate. Cadmael, we don't want to keep you for too long, so thank you for your time! Cadmael: Yes, but before you go what was what you said about TP- Cadmael was very busy with practice and we apologize for the abrupt end to our interview. At this point, his agent shuffled him away, muttering something about making his next practice on time. We hope to see more of Cadmael in the coming season!
  9. I thank you for your questions. Let's begin: 1. We are doing well as a team, now that GM has removed players who played like robots. Now new players come in, actually care about game. Put heart into game. Win game. 2. I see that team seeks to, as they say, "not be last". I feel we do that well with new players. Perform like we want to contend. Who knows, maybe we go for shiny cup after all. 3. The one they call George "Senditson" Sanderson ( @spicy_gecko), because all he does is "send it, son". I call ourselves el pollo loco, por que cuando comes el pollo, no esperas que el pollo te muerda. 4. They all are our biggest rival. At this point in time, there is no team that we can say is our friend in this fight. We have a goal to bring honor upon ourselves. Our relationship with other teams is an obstacle to our objective. 6. I feel that I have been at the peak of my performance thus far. Now that I understand how to avoid, what you say dekes, I am less tricked now. Normally I would see them going left, then go right. I too would go right, but then, they would go left at the last moment. I would feel ashamed. Now, I also go left. Now they are the ones who will feel ashamed. 7. That is an easy one:
  10. Which means you're below average in nothing
  11. Love the idea behind the graphic, I feel this would fit will on a like fight tracking site. Overall, the graphic is good but there is some room to improve! Perhaps a drop shadow or incorporating the effects and your text a bit would go a long way. I also love the jersey re-edits, very smooth, though Thornton's name could be readjusted slightly to go with the fabric of the jersey. Love the almost cartoon/video game feel I get from the two of them as well. A great start, keep it up! 7/10
  12. Vice


    Hey there! Awesome render! Very unique pose and I think overall a good choice. The lens flare is very tasteful, though it was also your enemy a bit as the "Warsaw Predators" text gets a little drowned out by it. I really dig the name gradient, maybe a rough texture on the letters would have fit the grainy look of the photo. Overall a great piece, keep it up! 8/10
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesoamerican_ballgame PITZ (peetz)
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