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  1. teknonym

    Lynx JC

    Clean little jersey swap here! As a VHL.com gfx, it's high quality. The colour swap is super nice, and fits the Lynx colour palette perfectly. The outline to the right of Bergeron also makes for a nice negative space killer. The only real criticism I have is the weird background. The colours don't really fit nor does the texture in my opinion. Other than that, really nice graphic! 9/10
  2. Review: Overall, I'm think this is a sound graphic. Lots of what has been mentioned before I feel similarly about. I think the logo swap is clean, but the jersey colours are slightly off and you can see that even through the desaturated filter. I like the filter, but I wish you had made the render slightly sharper so that it felt less like you had your glasses taken off. The glitchy effect is super nice though, and I hope you find a way to work that in more. I think you also could have added some other material to make the negative space a little less present. Overall, sound graphic! 7.1/10
  3. The Vasteras Iron Eagles picked up goaltender Tadhg Byrne in the entry draft this past week. This acquisition is one that even Tadhg himself will tell you was a bit of a surprise. To be fair, for as arrogant as the media believes Tadhg to be, Tadhg Byrne was relatively humble in the sense that he didn’t believe any team would draft him ever. As a kid growing up in a country where hockey was an extremely foreign concept, being drafted by any team in the VHL system was a privilege he’d never take for granted. The city of Vasteras seemed to open their arms to the Irish goaltender, preparing to take him in as one of their own. Tadhg had found that cities tended to feel strongly for their goaltenders, the Anaheim Ducks of old and Toronto Maple Leafs being prime examples of this. Both cities treasured their goalies, and Tadhg could only hope that he’d be able to meet the expectations that the city of Vasteras were putting on their new team. With many of the members of the championship team graduating to the VHL, the city watched carefully over the top of the new fledgling Iron Eagles. Tadhg felt the eyes close in on him when he walked around Vasteras. No matter, he thought. It was part of his job description, and he'd do anything to meet his challengers.
  4. 1) Personally, I look forward to just playing in the E and trying my hardest to do everything better than last season. 2) Maybe the time zone lolol. It's a little off-putting as an Australian, but it's certainly manageable. 3) Probably dedication. It's important to find time to do the tasks or even just be a little active in my opinion. 4) The dream is to grab a Shaw trophy in the VHL. 5) I think the key to having a good team is a lot of active players and positions being filled out. Having an active starter, top line, and top pair is the key in my mind. 6) Tadhg likes being a homebody, but he has always wanted to go camping in the Canadian wilderness.
  5. The VHLE draft had come quickly after the headrush that was the VHL draft. It was nowhere near as exciting, but Tadhg would be a liar if he said he wasn’t curious to see where he ended up in Europe. He’d done a little research about all of the teams, and a few teams had even done research on him. He’d gotten more calls from VHLE GMs as time went on, with roughly half the league contacting him. As he sat in the arena, he watched the draft board go up and names get called. It was another VHL situation, he expected to be drafted later, maybe still in the first round this time around. Being the top goaltender in a draft really helps out with your stock, Tadhg had learned. When it got to the fifth pick, Tadhg had the pleasure of hearing his name called by the GM of the Vasteras Iron Eagles. Getting drafted to a cup winner was nothing that Tadhg was going to complain about. Vasteras had multiple VHL graduates on that cup winning team, former first overall pick Xavier Booberry being one of them. Tadhg would be a liar if he said that the shadow of one of the best young goalies in the world didn’t scare him a little. Tadhg would also be a liar if he said that he wasn’t ready to dispel that shadow with the brightness of his own future. He was ready to get to work in the lakeside city, hoping that he can help bring a cup back to his new home of Vasteras.
  6. Draft day had come quicker than expected. Tadhg found himself sat in the draftee section, next to almost 70 other prospects who he’d played against fiercely. His parents and girlfriend sat beside him, his mother looked borderline prepared to cry at the slightest movement and his father looked more nervous than Tadhg had ever seen. Siobhan was also on the verge of tears, she’d come to San Diego with Tadhg and seen everything. It was a big step for both of the young adults, independence and freewill being granted with the VHLM contract that Tadhg had signed what seemed like years ago. The beginning of the rest of his career was coming up next. ‘You two are going to stress me out, calm down.’ Tadhg had joked. He was nervous enough as it was, his girlfriend and mother were being of no help. ‘I can’t help it,’ his mother started, ‘This is one of the most important parts of your career. It’s happening. You’re getting drafted.’ Tadhg felt his mother’s hands grab his own. The smoothness of her skin was in direct contrast to his own calloused skin, worn and battered after years of taking pucks. Siobhan quietly slipped her hand into Tadhg’s, for fear that if she opened her mouth only tears would come. Tadhg interlaced their fingers wordlessly. Quiet washed over the crowd as the first GM came up to the stand. Tadhg knew it wouldn’t be him, so he was content to tune out. Tadhg was relatively certain that he’d go in the middle of the second round, maybe even early in the third. It made no real difference, all of the later rounds were the same at the end of the day. As names got further and further down the draft order, it became a matter of waiting. A few other Marlins alumni had been drafted, Wilk going to Warsaw and Preobrazhensky going to Moscow. As it came to the 16th andfinal pick of the first round, there was talk of New York selecting George Sanderson or Mason Jones. The New York Americans GM stood tall at the microphone, with a smile on his face as he gave an initial speech. He spoke of the trade that had to be made to get the 16th overall pick, and he spoke of being privileged to be at the draft entirely. ‘I’ll get to the pick now,’ the GM laughed softly. ‘With the 16th overall pick in the VHL Entry Draft, the New York Americans are proud to select, from the San Diego Marlins, goaltender Tadhg Byrne.’ Tadhg’s head shot up at the sound of his name leaving the speakers and reverberating through the arena. Before he knew it, his father had his arms around him for a brief embrace. As did his mother afterwards, and then Siobhan. All of them, even his father, were teary eyed. There were words of joy, his mother and Siobhan congratulated the newly-drafted goaltender. His father hugged him again before pointing to the stage. Right, Tadhg thought, Now I have to go on-stage. Auto-pilot had been engaged in Tadhg’s mind. He didn’t remember much about shaking the GM’s hand, nor putting on the jersey and hat. It all became a blur that was vaguely blue coloured. Tadhg Byrne had put in years of work, years of practise, years of training for this exact moment. He stood atop a stage, shoulder to shoulder with a VHL GM who believed in him to protect the goal. It was only when he saw his name on the draft board that it completely sunk in. The Boy from Dublin Town was a VHL goaltender now.
  7. 1) This week's been a big one, started work and Year 12 is running circles around me. Just glad to be able to have some time to do some fun stuff now that it's the weekend! 2) I'm a green/orange type of guy. 3) Betta fish, my brother own some real goofy looking ones and I think they're top stuff. 4) Vancouver, they're looking on fire at the moment. 5) Tough to say, I love the Spider-Man universe but DC has some incredible graphic novels. Both? 6) Is Water Wet? (It is. I have met people who think it isn't. They are very passionate)
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