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  1. Immediately I apologize for the Google translator What will I do after I finish my career and retire? Do you think about such a long time ahead? Don't you think what will happen in a week, and then think about the future? Anything can happen, I can twist my leg, I can get into trouble, or even worse, death will happen. There is no need to be afraid of this, this is our life, our future and our destiny. But to be honest. I would open my own hockey school. I would only take there children from "difficult" and "poor" families, as well as children who have no parents, orphans. In our country, without financial opportunities, there is no opportunity to become a good player in any sport. Even if you have talent, even if you are a "genius", without money you are a dummy. And there are a lot of talented kids among the "special" children. They work hard, give their best to achieve their goal. they are so unlucky in life, but they do not give up, they fight. Looking at them, I want everyone around to be like this, it doesn't matter if it's a sport or a simple hard worker. We must be kinder and try our best to achieve our goals. Money should bring joy and happiness not only to oneself, but to everyone around, and then life will be more pleasant. I want the sport to develop not only at the expense of big money, but also talented children. And if it turns out, I will also fight to the end to become a good player and in the future pass on the experience and smarter to all children! But for now I have a long way to go and I will walk it with my head held high! In general, I am a lazy person by nature. After finishing my career, I would just rest. He took his whole family, would have married and already raised his children. So that in old age there would be someone to "serve" a glass of water. Because children are our continuation of the family, our future and our further development. In general, everything we do in life will affect our future generation. I remember a case from my childhood. When I was 8 or 9 years old, my grandfather and I went to the tank range, to look at the tanks, at their shooting range. It was necessary to pass a small field and forest to the landfill, or rather to the permitted zone. In this forest, for the first time in my life, I saw an owl, big and beautiful. I got scared and grabbed my grandfather's hand. My grandfather then laughed and said that they are harmless, they just live here. Time has passed, I have returned to the places of my childhood, and now the field has been built up with houses, this forest has been cut down. It turns out that we have not left our descendants beautiful places. And that's a pity.
  2. I'll start right away with the fact that I'm writing with a Google translator)) And there's nothing much to tell, I've never liked hockey and haven't watched it very often. Since childhood, football has mostly been a priority. He always stood at the gate and defended the "last stronghold". I loved doing it. But winter has come, you can't really play football, and sitting around at home watching TV is not an option. Fortunately, there was an ice rink not far from the house and local older guys played hockey on it. And since there was nothing to do, I decided to go out for a walk at the same time and see how they play. After standing for a while, I already decided to leave, but there was a nuisance, one of the goalkeepers was injured. Many people knew what kind of football player I was and the goalkeeper decided to call me, but I refused, why would I do that? But after persuading me, I tried, took the equipment, it was huge for me, got dressed, pulled on my skates and stood on the ice.... and the first thing I did was just "pecked" my nose on the ice. Of course, I couldn't even stand on skates. The guys helped me and put me in the gate. And then I looked at them and thought, what's there to catch the puck if I almost completely close them. And then the game started.... I didn't even have time to come to my senses as I missed the first puck, then another and another. How, HOW is this even possible? Such a small puck skips past my huge gloves, it was not real. I still remember the moments when the puck flew past me into the goal, how I saw it, but I couldn't do anything. That's when I went to hockey, because I couldn't get that adrenaline and happiness in any game anymore. There were training sessions, long, hard, but still I'm here. And I hope my journey is just beginning! With respect! Yours, Ed Nu.
  3. Player Information Username: npuBeT Player Name: Ed Nu Recruited From: Reddit Age: 16 Position: G Height: 73 in. Weight: 192 lbs. Birthplace: Russia Player Page @VHLM GM
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