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  1. Interest: Food. To be honest same haha

  2. 1. Keep the players active. 2. I think I'm performing okay, my offensive stats are good, but the +/- could be better. 3 My first impression waw, that this is a super cool idea and that here arw nice people. 4. Fast scoring Winger with a bit of defense. 5. Watch something educational or view just beatiful pictures/videos feom the earth. 6. Yes I follow hockey irl too. My favourite NHL team are the edmonton oilers and my favourite non nhl team is my hometown team.
  3. with the last pick of the VHFL group 3 draft, the Denver Ducks select, from the LA stars goaltender Rara Rasputin
  4. F- Paul Atreides F- Gunnar Odinsson @zepheter
  5. Review: This graphic looks really nice, I especially like the gray city in the background and the text on the left and right. I think the picture with the hockey equipment would look better if it was a bit bigger but it still looks ok. Overall it is great made snd you see the effort.9/10
  6. 1. My goal is to play solid and grow and get TPE. 2. I think the picks were great, but we definitely could use someone with good faceoffs and allround stats as a 1st line center. 3. I will wait until the opening lineup is released, cause I think it's possible that I will play center, then i would put them into FO otherwise probably in strenght or checking. 4. I am pretty new aswell, but I can give the advice to not get mad if you're player doesnt play so good, it's normal. 5. My favourite hobbys are hockey(Goalie) and playing video games. 6. I really like the logo from Geneva(VHLE) and the one from San Diego(VHLM).
  7. Ente2997

    TPA Recall

    Nic McMuffin Penalty shot 50->40 This was my first recall
  8. F- Brenden Telker D- Scotty Kaberle @zepheter
  9. @kelviReinhart is a D-Man but stands in your list as a foward
  10. @McKelvieI have a question. Do the 12 hours time to pick begin after the previous selection was made or after the group GM approves the selection?
  11. With the first pick in the draft the Denver Ducks (My team name) draft Reylynn Reinhart.
  12. I'm ready to see a Dylan (Halifax) HOF
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