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  1. Updated the top post. I'm continuing to update the Season 81 class post-draft, but I figure it'd be best to have two separate visualizers, one for pre-draft and one for career, you can find the full frame-rate version of the up-to-date tracker here: https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/8001988/
  2. I sure can! The only caveat is I can only do up to when the portal was used for updating but any draft class created after that is open for me to use!
  3. Well if anyone outbids me for that, they’ve definitely earned their place on Team Clue! ———————————- As for me, people may have noticed I’ve been doing Draftee TPE Visualizers for the Season 81 and 82 draft classes. For the drive, I’ll be willing to make a visualizer for the winning bidders choice of draft class
  4. So while the GIF is still the old one, the link below it sends you to the version that is actually up to date as of yesterday and it features a certain Miami Defenseman!
  5. Nice podcast! As a heads up, I'm planning to do a "Writing Only" speed run myself at some point, so I'll be making an extra leader-board for "Non-GFX" runs, although if you were to do the run you'd obviously still be eligible for the standard leader-board as well!
  6. Nice work @bobinettus, the logo change in particular looks really good!
  7. Clue Glue: Endorsed by medical professionals! (Professionals may or may not be fictional board game characters called Professor Plum) Terrific work as usual!
  8. Very nice run @Hogan, loved the commentary that went with it as well! I guess we have a new leader in the clubhouse now then!
  9. I don't know if I misinterpreted what you're saying, but I took it as a concern that this would lead to lesser quality VHL Point Tasks? From what I've read, there is a quality threshold for Main Point Tasks already in place (so for example there is stuff in place that makes sure you can't get 6 TPE for a Point Task if it's abundantly clear you haven't done enough to warrant it), so any point task that is found to be under the required quality after the fact would 1) not be eligible for the speedrun because they wouldn't have earned the full 12 TPE and 2) not be in the user's best interests to submit because they would have to make changes anyway after the fact to make it worth 6 TPE.
  10. Really cool to see all the people interested in this, I've added a leaderboard to the top post to keep track of people's best scores, so I look forward to seeing all of your efforts! If there's enough interest, I'm open to adding extra leaderboards (E.g. Job Assisted runs or Non-GFX runs, the latter of which could obviously also count to the main leaderboard) to let more people enter! But the main leaderboard will keep the main rules listed in the top post just to allow anyone to enter.
  11. Unless the demands elsewhere are far lower (not in any affiliates so don’t know) I think provided you actually make the Affiliate PT (E.g If it’s a graphic, you have to make the graphic and claim it on the affiliate, you can’t just claim one that’s already been done) then I would say that is OK!
  12. Welcome aboard #TeamClue @Shindigs, great work and glad you're getting the results you want from the consumption of Clue! Love the disclaimers at the bottom as well!
  13. Good to hear! If we get enough people interested, I'll update the top post with a table keeping track of the best times!
  14. So as I mentioned in my recent VHL.com article, I did a VHL Speedrun! Basically, I tried to get the 12 capped TPE as quickly as possible and this was the footage of it. Unfortunately I fucked up and forgot to check what was being captured when I pressed the record button, but luckily you can capture most of it. This is the time that I finished with: And I know I made a lot of mistakes and that's very beatable, so does anyone fancy a go at beating that? Here are the rules I went with: 1) Starting position is VHL forum page with no apps open (unfortunately you can't see that on my end with the cut-off on the screen, but you do see GIMP loading towards the start as evidence. 2) You can use tools to speed things up (I used ShareX to take screenshots of my graphics to upload for example), but I would say nothing premade (e.g. Everything gotta be done there and then, no copying and pasting in of something you've already done, also cannot use graphics/media/podcasts either posted earlier or as part of a multi-week claim). 3) No JOBS! 4) No use of purchasable goods (E.g. TPE Boost for VHL.com or PT's, etc.) 5) No use of Free Weeks LEADERBOARD 1 - @Hogan - 10:40:67 2 - @jhatty8- 12:40:04 3 - @MubbleFubbles - 17:57:58
  15. So as it turns out, there will be a video showing me typing all this information and everyone will be laughing at my shockingly slow typing speed. What am I talking about you ask? Well, as it stands I am doing what I will refer to as a VHL Speed Run! I'm trying to earn the equivalent of 12 TPE in the quickest possible time and boy does the rushing make you do a lot of mistakes! But that being said, it shows how quickly someone could hit the 12 TPE in this league, and maybe this could be a fun thing for the league to join in on! As it stands, this is the final thing I have to claim for the week and I'm currently at 15 minutes, and I bet I could have done so much better had it not been my absolute obsession with perfect spelling and grammar!
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