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  1. Would you be inclined to change your opinion if I let you know that I purposefully set the opacity to the white highlight to 69%?
  2. Acquired a food allergy for ice cream about 2 years ago. But prior to that, the cinnamon roll Ben&Jerry's was nice. As was Half-baked. Would usually buy one of each.
  3. I mean Ledge purely because he's my GM. Because those eyes are hilarious.
  4. Beef or beans depending on if I'm feeling vegan that day or not. Soft or with nachos. The spicier the better, if you're not sweating and questioning if you're going to live to see the end of the meal you are probably not trying hard enough. But yeah tacos and its derivatives are kinda overrated. I mean they're good, but if you rolled up and said "You have contracted a lethal case of tacoitis. You are now deathly allergic to tacos" I'd be like "kay" and go on with my taco-free life.
  5. Oh, really? Would you like to say that to this guy's face? He'll be pecking mad, I tell you!
  6. Honestly was really hard to pick one. Had two favourites, but went with my gut reaction for which one to pick. The canvas size does really force a certain layout though, which is made pretty apparent by the fact that every single one went with near identical setups for the presentation of the three teams.
  7. So what you are saying is that we'll be getting a reading of the adventures of donald trump and Mia Khalifa in the Miami locker room? No way that can end poorly.
  8. @bobinettusProbably one of the best logo swaps I've seen. A tip when recolouring to green. When light hits green it ends up looking more yellow than green in the highlight areas. If you're working in photoshop, try using a gradient map going from the green you intend to have to a brighter yellow/green/gray hybrid. That way the highlights end up looking slightly more realistic. With most colours you don't have to bother, but green and blue end up looking "too perfect" when you don't. If you're going for the very saturated look. Like most forum sigs do, then the "too perfect" part can actually be a positive. But for this more realistic/natural looking swap it ends up slightly off. This isn't a review, but it is a review. So let's go with 9^2/10^2 to be a bit different. Almost forgot: Did you try and make the "Aces" reversed colours? It does almost entirely blend into the background, trying out the gray background colour for it might make it pop out of the green a bit more. While also tying the text and the background theme together.
  9. Yeah, but my counterargument would be this: You were going to borrow it from a library yes? I'm not super savvy on how library royalties work/if they even exist. In Sweden I think they don't, but I could be wrong. So basically if you were going to borrow the book. But instead got a non-legal copy of the same book. You never were a paying customer. So they didn't actually lose any income from you not buying it. Because you were never going to buy it, right? That being said, if you really like a book. Even one you were only going to borrow from the library. Depending on their individual setup some authors may have options for crowdfunding sites/etc. Never hurts to show you appreciate good work at a place like that. Back in the days when pirating wasn't actually illegal in Sweden. My rule of thumb was to treat pirated games like demos. If I liked it I bought it. If it was garbage (usually the case) I'd uninstall after what would have been the demo period in the olden days. If you want to support the author but you can't get your hands on a legal copy as easily as a pirated one. So long as what you care about is the moral side, not the legal side. Just get the copy and find a way to make it worth it for the author. Sadly in a lot of cases that just isn't possible, since the industry isn't really up to speed on crowdfunding. At least not usually.
  10. I mean logically you're not doing that. But legally, yeah it's the same. But you're an individual. Not a corporate entity. So what you do to their poor, poor ebooks behind locked doors doesn't actually hurt their ability to protect their IP. Do with that what you will.
  11. From this point on, I'll imagine that every time Vasile Lamb scores. His celly is to do with his arms, what that lamb is doing with its tail.
  12. It's got to do with patent law. Another example that had people up in arms because of the same principle happened on YouTube a while back, with a car guy who was making a Mustang "Eleanor Spec". To car guys it's just a car. But legally it's a movie character from the car movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", which means it's intellectual property. Which means that they have to defend that patent or their inaction will be used in court against them, if they ever have some larger corporate entity try and steal their IP. So they had to impound his car and force him to take down all his videos. Because if they didn't and another studio put a "Eleanor" in their movie. They would have a very real chance of losing that case once the defense turns the case into "You're not protecting your IP. You're protecting your IP from US, specifically". Applying the same principle to books. They are intellectual property. The library owns the right to x amount of those books, and x amounts only. If they start copying it and giving out said copies, they would be forced to destroy those copies and likely forfeit their existing legal copies. Not because the publisher wants them to destroy them etc. But because they have to force them to do so, to protect their future selves legally. Counterpoint being that they should just give libraries more copies. But we all know some industrious soul would find a way to abuse that. Which is likely why they keep # of copies to a minimum. I'm not a patent lawyer, but that is my best understanding of how it works. It's still really stupid, but at least there is a logical explanation.
  13. I mean I'm late to the party here. But wouldn't Beaviss and Buttledge be slightly more glorious?
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