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  1. Jonessee27

    Elite Football League

    HEY EVERYONE! I am currently putting together a special event for the 1 year anniversary of the EFL for next Wednesday. Part of this includes trying to get other players from around our leagues to participate in this event. If you'd like to see your player participate(unfortunately I cant guarantee you would though, but I will try my hardest!), just simply fill out your players name at the link below. Stay tuned! In case you were wondering about joining the EFL, now is the perfect time. We are three sim weeks away from the Season 7 playoffs(1 week real life) and starting Monday we offering a weeks worth of uncapped TPE opportunities in conjunction with the celebration!
  2. Jonessee27

    VHL Monthly Lottery; May Draw - WINNERS HERE

    Give it to someone else then. I have nothing to write about here anymore.
  3. Jonessee27

    VHL Monthly Lottery; May Draw - WINNERS HERE

    Can I double Welfare? @Smarch
  4. Jonessee27

    Welfare / Pension (June 25th - July 1st)

    +6 EFL
  5. Jonessee27

    Welfare / Pension (June 18th - June 24th)

    +6 SCOR
  6. Jonessee27

    Niko Bogdanavic Updates

    +6Welfare 6/11-6/17 +6 Welfare 6/4-6/10 +10 Training Camp +2 ASG TPE: 803+24=827 Banked: 38
  7. Jonessee27

    [TC] S61 Calgary Wranglers

  8. Jonessee27

    Niko Bogdanavic Updates

    +5 welfare TPE: 798+5=893 Banked: 14
  9. Jonessee27

    2018 NHL Playoff Bracket Stanley Cup

    Vegas in 7
  10. Jonessee27

    Niko Bogdanavic Updates

    +6 Welfare TPE: 792+6=798 Banked: 9