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  1. Give Wilinsky his "A" back!
  2. Sorry I took the best Russian name with my first player. For this poll, I went with Orlov.
  3. It's OK. I have a better idea. I think spade should try me at Left Right Out.
  4. I'd recreate to play for the Raccoons.
  5. BOOM™

    Let's talk PDO

    Looks like I'm going to have to change my formula then.
  6. Maybe. Whatever will get me in a better position to support my striker. Possibly a trequartista.
  7. BOOM™

    Let's talk PDO

    Doubtful. I blame that Simon guy!
  8. What do you mean I can't change to Attacking Central Midfielder? Preposterous.
  9. The Pine Line better be one of the changes!
  10. BOOM™

    Let's talk PDO

    I haven't checked, but is Roctrion a better build than Odinsson? I always have higher expectations and talk my players down if they are disappointing to me. I expect better from my fake hockey creation.
  11. BOOM™

    Let's talk PDO

    That's easier to accept than the real reason <---------------
  12. A gif add-on you say? Be careful what you wish for.
  13. And I've told you a million times to stop exaggerating.
  14. The BOOM™ Agency is well known for its tendency to float around the VHL, drifting from team to team and even being labelled a mercenary. It's former players have even flirted with or threatened retirement due to varying degrees of interest. Hell, even Seattle has first hand experience with former player Thor Odinsson who threw a hissy fit and burnt bridges with Bears management after retiring for some ridiculous reason that this writer can't even remember. It's with a heavy heart that I confirm that Vaydar Odinsson will be the final player who will represent the once well respected player agency. No backtracking or change of heart this time around. Odinsson has struggled with both interest and commitment to the VHL so a decision needed to be made. Another announcement will be made when the retirement is confirmed. God bless you all, or say hi to Allah if that's your thing, but a massive thank you to all of you who have made the league into what it is today. I've only been here for 40 seasons and its been a pleasure since S25 to be a part of it. Thanks boys... and the couple of girls who now inhabit the league.
  15. I'll just answer these ones next time.
  16. I still remember pen and paper. I hate being 73.
  17. Firstly, a big thank you for all of your questions. The response was overwhelming. How have you found the move to New York? Well, due to the family history associated with the city, it's been a seamless transition. The locker room has welcomed me with open arms and it's a great city to be in. Rumors have been circulating of a rift in the locker room...true? Ummm, no. That sir, seems like a load of shit. There was a minor disagreement when the leadership group was announced and I was given an "A". Wilinsky was a little miffed, but being the terrific guy he is, I think we have all moved past that. You started the season on fire. What's happened since? Yes, no one was more surprised than myself with the way S65 began. I came out of the blocks on fire and was a point machine. Unfortunately, there's two sides to every coin and reality has brought me back to earth. I suck again. Sorry New York....maybe you can get a refund. The member Gorlab has come back to activity on the site. Opinion? It's great! Gorlab was a much misunderstood member early on here in the VHL. After getting to know him a little more and seeing his contributions to other leagues like the SBA, he's a great guy who is a more than welcome re-addition to the VHL. I'm happy he's back. Last question. Are you disappointed with the lack of responses to this press conference thread? No, I expected it. I've come to learn that if you don't expect anything from anyone, you won't be disappointed. The VHL simply echos reality.