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  1. No need to worry. The response to my application would probably be worse.
  2. 1. Are you a Star Wars fan and did you do any binging on May 4th? When I was younger yes, now not so much. As for the day itself, probably not. I'm boring AF. 2. Are you looking forward to anything this off season? We look like we won't be making any moves due to cap, so just the start of next season rolling around. 3. Have you followed the playoffs at all since the Legion were eliminated? Nope. I heard Seattle won again. Congrats. 4. Any plans for the weekend? Camping trip, maybe some fishing? Getting away from the new neighbors bef
  3. 1. Seattle vs. Toronto is a rematch of S74; are you excited? As I'm answering this after the series, I can categorically say no I am not excited. 2. This series is also represented individually! Dawson faces his previous team, and former Legion Frank Funk Jr will be in town. Who do you think performs better between the two? Unfortunately it doesn't matter. We were eliminated and the statisticians will only be interested in the winners. 3. How do you feel about Toronto's 40-25-7 record to end the regular season? The team steadily improved so that's s
  4. I only review these because it means that I can look at it more. The composition of your work is beautiful. Everything flows great, and all the components look and feel like they belong. I like the BG work and text is also top quality. 10/10 no question.
  5. 1. Toronto currently sits In 1st in the NA conference. Did you honestly expect us to be here at this point in the season. In reality no, but I thought we could(and would) surprise some doubters this season. Glad to see we could improve from last season. 2. What was your thoughts on the deadline move the Legion made? It's been great adding Dawson(Toast) to the roster. He's fit in seamlessly and his talent on the ice is evident for all to see. He makes us better. 3. If you could bring over one player from any roster, who and why? L, bec
  6. Mexico City Mariachis coming soon..