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  1. It's OK London. Toronto has temporary social club memberships available. Come join us for drinks.
  2. I would like to apply for the role, based on my past experience with Red Team. I'm available at hours that are more unusual then North American peak time, and therefore able to respond if other mods are offline etc. I hold no other roles within the VHL/VHLM that would cause any conflict, and have demonstrated in the past that I have been a reasonably well respected member that after taking time away, has returned with a renewed sense of appreciation of both the league itself and it's members. If further information is required, I'm available to answer both here and via discord.
  3. You both agreed that I wasn't worth drafting in the top 10....
  4. If sim manipulation WAS proven, would a permaban be the punishment? It would have to be, right? Not referencing this post, just a general question as to the perceived seriousness of the offense.
  5. I'm glad @OrbitingDeath isn't a simmer then. FFS.