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  1. This kind of advice is why I am happy to pay your rather large fee. Top notch accounting, would recommend.
  2. How's my Instant Asset Write-off coming along?
  3. I tried searching for "Groovy" and "home" but couldn't find anything. I'm sorry that I couldn't read your article.
  4. BOOM


    I probably should review someone else's work, but I'd rather look at this one to be honest. This comes together really well, from the render choice, coloring, logos and offset type border look. The pixelating is interesting, and I know that if I tried it, it would look shit. You make it cool LOL. Text is good, I like mixing up the fonts every now and then. Overall a very nice sig....as usual. 9/10.
  5. BOOM

    sum new guy

    Well shit. How good does this look? Overall this is an excellent final result, with everything from the coloring, render placements, text/font and lighting all coming together. The double layer on the "TAVISH" works well. I also like the text following the circle in the BG. Easy review 9/10.
  6. 1. Last season we were able to get the early lead an keep it. This season we are in a bit of a dogfight for first in the EU. How well do you think do we stack up to Moscow, and do you see this matchup being an issue in playoffs. I think that Moscow has taken a step forward and perhaps Malmo has taken a step back. I definitely see issues if we meet in the playoffs. 2. Playoffs are about the top five teams in the conference. Which team do you think would be our most favourable to play in the first round of the Playoffs? I prefer not to name specific teams as more "favorable" etc. I think it belittles the opponent and can provide motivation for them to kick our ass. 3. How about we look on the other side of the pond. Which team in the North American conference do you think presents the biggest challenge for us this year? Definitely Vancouver. Whatever fucking steroids they are on, Malmo should look at contacting the distributor. 4. Fall is here.. What do you look forward to more Thanksgiving or Halloween? Neither. They are both weird North American traditions that are overrated. 5. How excited are you for the opening night in NHL next week. Which team do you root for and how well will they do this season? My excitement factor is a 2 to be honest but I supposedly follow the American Rangers of New York City, USA. 6. I spent a lot of time watching shows on the airplane across Canada (Click Bait, Leafs All or Nothing, Squid Game), watch anything good recently? The only good thing I've seen lately is the price of cattle shoot through the roof.
  7. Because I finally learned how to hockey you fool.
  8. Yep, have grabbed it to listen offline in the morning. Good to see you back on the mic.
  9. I don't think I end the season with Malmo, so there should be plenty of cap for retention of young talent. Good read.
  10. I'll just claim the recruitment back pay from this player onwards. Thanks.
  11. Goodnight everybody take care of yourselves 

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