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  1. Nice result, sorry that Odinsson wasn't more useful.
  2. I think people have stopped complaining because this is more where we were expected to be, in terms of results and standings.
  3. So this is what it's like to have a mediocre player? Can't say I like it.
  4. Odinsson you bum. 1 shot? Ewww. Good result, thanks NewYork.
  5. Better lines for New York in effect. Close game.
  6. Americas funniest home videos?
  7. No shame in that. Next sim might be more promising. Let's go Malmo.
  8. Close loss against a very good team. Heads up and carry on.
  9. 1. No, I don't think so. We've obviously performed beyond expectations so far, but I'm always cautious about over confidence. 2. I wasn't happy with the way that Odinsson was performing as a forward and I thought that he may be more needed as a defenseman. I started with Boomchenko as a DEF so it's a good way to go out with Odinsson. 3. Yes, he's the end of the line. It's time and if being honest, I probably shouldn't have even created him. The VHL flame has been dead for a while. 4. I think I've said it before, but for me it's probably Tordahl because of the success, but I really liked Bismarck Koenigs back story. I could have made him better if I'd stuck with him. 5. Well I should have answered this earlier now that I have games to use as research, but I thought we'd be reasonably successful in the first season. I wasn't thinking possible playoffs, but it's a possibility if we can maintain some momentum. As for individuals, I thought that Materazo and Kovalev would be strong contributors but Glover has been outstanding. 6. Well Vaydar is supposed to be said like it's Vader, as in Darth. It should have been made clearer but I didn't care about it at the time.