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  1. Tourist, yes. Resident, no. You'll be fine. Hope the weather is good for you.
  2. At least post pad with tits. Jesus.
  3. Sydney sucks. Avoid if possible.
  4. I was doing a poo and didn't have anything to read. Thank you for providing me with something to peruse while losing approx 1 lb.
  5. Thanks for the questions, but 1.Yes and 2. No.
  6. 38 reads and not 1 response. Must be being discussed on discord. Not sure about the idea personally, but wanted to say nice work on formulating the idea and putting some effort into your thoughts.
  7. Well Malmo claws a game back this sim, after the debacle against the Bears. Hope it's more of the same next sim.
  8. Oh well. These things happen. Sths is a funny old thing sometimes. Well done Seattle, you win this time.
  9. Quality post. You're bound to win the lottery again. Good luck!