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  1. Jericho

    [S60] -- (S53) C - Xander Finn

    LET'S GO!
  2. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    You're alright!
  3. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    Well that was about the level of comeback I was expecting. I missed some of you
  4. Jericho

    RW - Edwin Preencarnacion

    Happy Rusev Day!
  5. Jericho

    Pajodcast Media Youtube Channel

    We're still going boys! Yesterday was out one year anniversary! Come check out some of our shit!
  6. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    Yeah I just figured I'd recap for anyone who wasn't around in fucking 2011 You can do the semantics thing back, but I really enjoy letting him spin his wheels and freak the fuck out. If you play his game he always claims he wins even when he doesn't make any good points. If you bring him back to axiomatic arguments he gets confused and scared and acts like a puppy. It's adorable. Yeah we did the same. Proposed in May of last year and the wedding is going to be Sept 2019. Nothing wrong with a longer engagement when you're still dealing with school debt (which I'm sure your country will have you doing until you're 78 :P). Weddings are expensive though, and trying to make enough for regular savings and a retirement/investment account spreads it pretty thin.
  7. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    To be fair, that's kind of a shit representation of my arguments back in the day, I just didn't put weight them the same vs offensive stats as you did. Obvs they were still considered. But you get what I'm saying. Both of us had retentively self-consistent logic, and while we wouldn't agree with each other's conclusions we could say that they were sound in the systems we'd created. I've also never felt someone argues in bad faith quite as much as boubs. He's not interested in finding out what is true, he just wants to win the argument, even when he has to be deceitful to do it. How many times did he strawman people in this thread? Re-frame their statements in a way that completely strips their meaning away. Catching someone on a misused word is not how you argue when you want to find out what someone thinks. You should be defeating the best possible version of their argument. Anytime I've ever argued with someone in the BoG or a GM back in the day it seemed like the other guy was interested in that. With boubs it feels like he tries to play semantics, which is hilarious because his lack of a grasp of the English language makes it work very poorly for him. Obviously I give a lot of leeway to the guys who speak English as a second/third language with the nuances of English, but he chooses to try and play that game with people without having a mastery of it himself. Really poor choices. Also yeah, that shit's the best. Planning a wedding has been a HUGE pain in the ass, but the engagement part is great!
  8. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    I live to serve. All jokes aside though, Boubs is a little lacking in the mental faculties department. He makes the most ham-fisted arguments for players and has no problem showing bias. I dunno if Cornerstone was the better candidate here or not, back back in the BoG voting days he'd change his criteria for how an award should be voted from year to year based on which argument suited the player he wanted to win. I have no issues with someone having a different logic line than I do, and thus reaching a different conclusion, but they need to be consistent. @diamond_ace and I used to disagree on half of the awards back in the day, but both of us had sound logic and we maintained consistency from year to year. People can evolve their opinions over time but Boubs literally goes "Ok, which argument makes it so I can pick my own player/my teammate, that's what matters most this year." And if you vever call him on it, he just fires back with ad-hominem because his debate skills are shit-tier. Also Jason, heard you got engaged recently. Congrats dude!
  9. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    I regret NOTHING!
  10. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    Brah I've been out of this place for weeks. That shit can't hurt me. You definitely have the moral high ground, but you guys let this turd do SOOO much worse than that. Let's see some consistency ya? You really can't let all that hate speech go and then get uppity over some mean spirited trolling.
  11. Jericho

    S59 Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting

    I voted for DeGrath because @boubabi is incredibly intellectually dishonest and I want to fuck with him. Best part is that whether he rejects my logic or not my vote is equal to his. Welcome to democracy bitch! I have the high ground.
  12. Jericho

    [S56] Stockholm Vikings

  13. Jericho

    Pajodcast Media Youtube Channel

    Chris, Ryan and I each do a run on the most recent Hitman Elusive Target. First two episodes are released!
  14. The time I sent a fake banner submission to David of a penis and he opened it in class and everyone thought he was gay. Best ban I've ever gotten.
  15. Jericho

    Call Up - C Peter Quill

    Oh let me get some ice for that burn. Is that the best you have? Can't think of anything with any sort of point or fact to back it up? Just your useless opinion that's founded off nothing? Dope.