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  1. I think he's trying to say Postman. Kevin Costner was in a movie called the Postman, the second one is Death Stranding and 3....is Pat. Postman Pat? Can verify he sent me a message last night but I can't verify the authenticity of his role since several can send messages.
  2. I have also been sentenced to be hanged. I'm still working out the rules to this game but I assume I also need some votes for saving? Help a brother out if you please!
  3. You heard the man ask us some motherfucking questions or I'll shank you motherfuckers in the ribs and send your children to Scientology camp!
  4. Logan was Laichly my favourite player of yours
  5. Jericho

    Two New GMs

    That's funny because I've heard contradictory statements to both of those takes from several well established members. Wonder how ridiculous it really is...
  6. Jericho

    Two New GMs

    So which is preferable for older members? VHLM jobs or VHL jobs? My understanding is that VHL jobs have been weighted toward newer members so we don't see the same people in the league GMing from Season 30, which is a refreshing change, but if you do that you can't keep things exactly as they were in the VHLM or there's nowhere for older members to get jobs ever? Having a blend of both in both leagues would probably make the most sense and that seems like what we've got going right now?
  7. Jericho

    Two New GMs

    Crush him with them thighs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I mean I BELIEVE Caboose is the serial killer based off what happened so far and with what information we have. It could still be you, though I'm not leaning that way currently. But you also have given zero info. Technically you could be a second executioner with me as a target, since you havent wanted to know anyone else's deal despite having multiple people with existing proven contradictions. You could explain why you're so reluctant to give information that isn't helpful to the mafia but might even contradict someone else's story. The mafia knows the Mayor just asked for protec
  9. Your efforts at avoiding giving any info are equally admirable. Correct me if I'm wrong but here's everything you've given us over the span of four days. 1. I am a town protective of some sort. 2. I have protected the same person each night. That's all the things we know. That's basically nothing.
  10. You have missed protecting the right person for 6 kills straight, it would make sense for @NotSoGood88to want to know what your deal is.
  11. You could always pressure him to reveal his previous locations. They don't reveal where he has to go tonight if he's telling the truth
  12. You'd kill a janitor DURING covid? They're on the front lines protecting us all from a virus. Doomsday indeed...